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You shiver as you walk through the cool night air, scouting the village. A battered old sign appears, dancing in the wind, depicting some sort of sentient ball of thread, with the words "THE SNEAKY SNARL" written on it in peeling black paint. The building itself appears to be very old and repaired many times. You raise your eyebrows at the name and the shabby appearance of the outside, but decide to take your chances. It is the only inn in town, and you are tired and hungry after a long day of travel. You walk up to the inn, a tantalizing smell drifting over to you through a crack in the door, and push the door open.


The outside of the inn is battered and old, a big square of dark, rough wood. The sign in the front of the inn reads "THE SNEAKY SNARL," with a crudely drawn picture of what appears to be a colorful sentient ball of thread, complete with glowing red eyes and white claws on what appears to serve as arms for the, well, the thing. The door is plain and worn from use. A soft warm glow comes from the few windows on the outside of the inn, and an enticing smell drifts from a crack in the door of the tavern.


There are a few dark oak tables scattered across the dimly lit room, with a few customers sitting quietly and nursing their drinks. You see the stairs leading to the rooms upstairs in the back. Immediately a door at the back, behind the bar catches your eye—it has a bright red KEEP OUT sign painted on it, with another crude drawing of the same sentient ball of thread. The innkeeper seems to glance at the door worriedly from time to time, but no one else seems to notice. The innkeeper himself is a plump man with a greasy apron and a curly mustache, with a habit of constantly wiping the sparkling clean top of the bar with the dirty cloth in his hand, just making it dirtier if anything. There are a few barmaids scurrying around quickly, and sounds of laughter come from the closed door to the kitchen, a bright glow and smells of good cooking drifting through with it. There is a bard on a small raised podium, strumming softly and singing a bit, but none of the patrons seem to be paying any attention to him. The only people of any interest in this tavern are a group of adventurers seated in the corner, a group of four in all. One young looking man is in armor with a sword at his hip, standing next to another older elf wearing a robe and wrinkling his face with his nose deep in some thick tome. A grinning young halfling lady is sitting in a chair with a sparkle in her eye, glancing constantly at the money pouches of the various patrons, conversing with a young human girl who appears to be a cleric, constantly fingering the holy symbol around her neck. The innkeeper notices you looking at them, and leans in conspiratorially. "They come every week, a new group." He motions to the door behind the bar with the keep out sign. "They never come out." He grimaces. "So young. They should just mind their own business, stop trying to help where they ain't needed and gettin' 'emselfs killed." He sighs. You wonder what he's talking about, and eye the door behind the bar with a shudder. You hear him go on. "I used to be an adventurer once. I was a fighter, carryin' a big sword and a bigger head. But those were days long ago, and now I know that I was foolish back then. Young and foolish. All adventurers are." He goes on for quite a while, but you are no longer paying attention.


Snarl Spaghetti
Snarl Blood Wine
Hammersman Ale

Snarl Spaghetti
A steaming mass of spaghetti noodles on a plate, this dish is very odd, and doesn't look very appetizing. The noodles are very colorful, purple and pink and blue. There are two bright red mushrooms in the center. You wonder if they are safe to eat. There is some tomato sauce splattered across the plate, with a light sprinkling of cheese on top. At least those appear to be normal colored. There are also some white mushrooms scattered on one side. Stepping back, you realize it all looks vaguely like the drawing on the inn sign and on the door in the back. Despite its unappealing look, it smells delicious, and you decide to try a little. Picking up a bit of noodle along with a mushroom, you chew as it explodes in flavor. Delicious.

Snarl Blood Wine
This dark red wine in an elegant crystal-clear wine glass would seem at home in any fancy hotel, but it definitely doesn't fit in here. However, Mattias (the innkeeper) needs something to give to the few better-off patrons who come to the inn and the snobs who refuse to drink the ale. You raise it to your lips, the liquid slowly dripping down your parched throat. Mmm, mmm, good.

Hammersman Ale
This dark brown ale, mostly invisible because of the wooden tankard and overflowing foam at the top, is well-known to all in the area. Named after the infamous founder of the town, it is often called a hammer, and for good reason too: this ale certainly packs a punch. Most can handle it, though. Some say it is an acquired taste, but most of the travelers and adventurers seem to like it well enough. In fact, a few of the more rowdy ones had to be kicked out and dumped unceremoniously outside in the mud and pouring rain after a few too many. You eye the drink carefully, having heard far too many stories about the ale than is good for you. Cautiously, you pick it up, as a large glob of foam drips onto the oaken table. You bring it to your lips and tilt your head back, letting it slide down your throat. "Bartender, another Hammersman please!"

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"Why is that door closed off?" you ask the inkeeper, curious. He grimaces, and motions for you to follow. "Come on, boy, I'll show ya. This inn is called The Sneaky Snarl for a reason, y'know." He leads you through the door, the red KEEP OUT swinging as the door opens and closes. You enter a dimly lit storeroom, littered with crates and barrels. There is a locked door at the end of the room. The innkeeper produces a key from his pocket and leads you on, locking the door behind him. You enter a bare, empty room, devoid of any furniture or objects. There is just a small cage in the back, with a jagged pink hole in the air, a void, seemingly leading into nothing. He beckons for you to follow, and you stop at the edge of the cage and stare at the void. The innkeeper grimaces again and shakes his head. "That there, that's why the inn was named. It is said there is something that lives in there, something from the dawn of time, something that embodies all evil in the world. Legend has it that it's a snarl from the threads of the world, but I dunno. I dunno if it's true or not, but I don't ask questions. It's been there since before old Ben, since even before John Hammersman built the inn. It is said that there used to stand a castle here, where a wizard lived. He had a gate to guard this thing, rift or whatnot, and powerful magics and wards. Then, he disappeared, and a lich moved in with a bunch a goblins and nasty creatures. Some foolhardy adventurers supposedly came and defeated him, but they destroyed the gate and most of the castle besides. That was bad. This void is dangerous, and needed to be guarded, and I hear they were taken to some Blue City or somethin' to have a trial. Dunno what ever happened to 'em after that, but that's not important. Anyway, sometime later a bunch of people came here looking to settle somewhere, and they built this here village. John Hammersman was with 'em, and he built this inn with his own hands, along with some other men. Now, while he was building the inn, a few of his workmen wandered over here and saw this. One of 'em walked up to it, and some claw came straight outta that rift right through his heart. He died, and after some o' his friends came over to investigate, they died too. Old John Hammersman found out about it, and forbid his men to set foot near it. Sneaky little bugger, eh? Tha's why it be the sneaky Snarl. Well, that and because John Hammersman was called Sneak while he was in his prime. A right little rogue, if I understand correctly. Anyway, 'e built this cage, and this room to keep it. But word got out about the evil rift and the snarl, and soon adventurers were pourin' in here, one group after another. Said they were gonna defeat the snarl and seal the hole, but everyone one of 'em died." He frowned. "Remember that group you saw back in the common room? They're gonna come in here too. Die probably. They come year after year, and they all die. I s'pose one of 'em is gonna beat it, eventually, come out victorious, but it hasn't happened yet and I don't expect it to happen in my life. But it's possible, just possible, that that group you saw could do it. I don't know. I hope they do. In fact, I was born here in this village. I dreamed of glory, and left home as a swordsman to be an adventurer. After a few adventures I came back and almost went in here to try to beat it, but I never worked up the courage, and it's a good thing I didn't, or I'd probably be sitting with a few feet of cold earth above my face." He sighed again. "I went out again, and came back when I retired. Got this here inn, and owned it ever since. Anyway, it's gettin' late and you should probably go to bed if you want to make it out to travel by morning." He started for the door, then turned back as he saw you lingering. "Come on, man, if you want to have an early start tomorrow. Best not to dwell on these things." He turned around again, and you followed him back out to the common room, still thinking of the strange rift.

Adventurers can come searching for the rift to try to seal it or vanquish the Snarl, or just to sleep in the inn or get some food and drink, or maybe even to meet someone. It is the only inn in town, after all.

There are rumors of an evil dragon dwelling in the surrounding countryside, and there have been some strange disappearances and thefts. However, the innkeeper believes it's just a bunch of bandits. But even so, Mattias is well-past his prime, and he could use someone to help out. A good place to start investigating may be the woods near the town...



Knowledge (Local) DC 8

1-5 You learn that it's the only inn in town.
6-10 You learn that it's a pretty good inn for the price, but not fancy at all. You also learn that adventurers flock to it from miles around for some reason.
11-19 You learn that it's the only inn in town, not very fancy but still pretty good for what you pay and what you get. Adventurers flock to it from all around because...well, the innkeeper has a little problem in the back. The service is good and the food is spectacular, especially the specialty dish the snarl spaghetti. You should definitely try it. The innkeeper is very gracious, and if you want to know anything he should be able to tell you.
20-25 You learn that it's the only inn in town, very old and not very fancy but still good and cheap. The innkeeper is gracious and polite and the cook is great. The specialty dish, snarl spaghetti, is wonderful. If you want any more local information, you can ask the innkeeper, Mattias. Adventurers come to the inn all the time, because Mattias has a problem in a room in the back. It's a void or a rift in existence or something, and supposedly the embodiment of all evil lives in there. You can ask him about it if you want.

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As you tread up the wooden stairs to the hallway, you try to clear your thoughts of the pink...thing. You sigh as you walk through the hallway past the other rooms to room seven. Room one...two...three...four...five...six...ah, here we are. You open the door with the key the innkeeper gave you, and look around you. You see a small chest and an armoire to store your belongings. The only other furniture in the room is the bed with the lumpy mattress and the rough coverlet, but it is what you came here for. Stowing what little belongs you have, you crawl into the scratchy bed, and try to ignore the lumpiness of the mattress and the itching of the cover. You slowly drift off to sleep.



Mattias Waynolt, Innkeeper
Human Fighter 9 Expert 5
Matt, the innkeeper, is a plump man with graying brown hair, a long curly mustache, and smiling brown eyes wearing a greasy apron. He speaks with in a rough accent, his deep voices booming out, and always wears a smile on his face. A former adventurer, he is an experienced swordsman, but he left all that behind when he bought the inn. However, if need be, he can still put his skills to use, as he keeps a rusty old longsword behind the counter.

Jinne Bayle, Cook
Human Expert 12
Jinne Bayle, the stern middle-aged cook with bright red curls and bright sparkling green eyes, is a bit plump, and although she is a bit old, she shows no apparent signs of aging. She speaks with a lilting voice and laughs easily, gossiping all day with the various barmaids. She rarely comes out of her kitchen, but she cooks well, especially the specialty dish, the snarl spaghetti.



Comments welcome! Please, criticism!

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Why is the kitchen empty? Just kidding, it's good. I like the incorporation of the OOTs comics, very well done. :D

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Revamped the box text this morning. And...about the kitchens...hehe...heh. Fixed that. It now contains various vaguely-kitchenesque looking silver boxes. Oh, and thanks, glad you like it.

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Yeah, it just seemed kind of weird that three people in an empty room could make pasta...

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Yeah, it just seemed kind of weird that three people in an empty room could make pasta...

You know not the secrets of the pasta-fu, youngling. Pasta is not a food. Pasta is a way of life, a mindset.

Or maybe they're wizards. They just added in the cooking equipment so it wouldn't seem suspicious...

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EDIT: Hmmm...I want more tavern things to draw! :D Can't think of anything though...can anyone else think of something new for me to draw?

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EDIT: Hmmm...I want more tavern things to draw! :D Can't think of anything though...can anyone else think of something new for me to draw?

Ninjas dude. Ninjas.

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You know not the secrets of the pasta-fu, youngling. Pasta is not a food. Pasta is a way of life, a mindset.

Or maybe they're wizards. They just added in the cooking equipment so it wouldn't seem suspicious...

Pastamancer anyone?

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If you want more things to draw, I think the people at the bar might appreciate some drinks to serve, and maybe drink. An empty bar doesn't seem too appealing for ones thirst. (You DID say you wanted something to draw)

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Hmmm, good idea Vaynor. Maybe I can make a specialty ale as well...

And Agnleas...I'm REALLY tempted to make the cook a pastamancer.........must.........resist........... temptation............

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The staircase confuses me. Are some of the upsairs rooms hanging outside the main building? If so, are the supported by pillars. Finally can I tweak the Images and text so they fit in my campain?

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Well, the point is, the map is a little misleading. The upstairs rooms aren't actually over to the side, they're just put there because I obviously couldn't put the pic of the upper floor on top of the pic of the upper floor.

And yes, feel free to tweak/mangle/destroy/eat/think anything you want to to make it fit in your campaign.

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Thank you, I will. I think you misunderstand my question.
You see, the stairs leading up to the Upstairs Rooms are on the lower left-most (is that one word or two?) corner of the ground floor. The stairs leading down to the Common Room are on the lower right-most corner. On top of that some of the rooms stick out of the left of the Upstairs Rooms. However I imagine (imagine is a funny lookin' word) that this could be fixed if you were to to place the staircase verticaly in the middle of the lower left wall. You, however, would also have to rotate the Upstairs Rooms 90* to the right and ditch or move what was the lowest bedroom.

On a diffrent note, I liked how you showed the walls of the room. I will try that on my next map.

Finally, how did you post the image on YaBBC?

Thank you.

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Hmm. OK, I'll try to fix that.

Oh, and to post an image just do {img}insert url here{/img}. Only replace { and } with [ and ].

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Just an idea, but you could do a more detailed drawing of one of the inn's rooms like you did with the front of the inn. But it is prize-worthy even without it!!! Best one I've seen yet!

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You could also add some descriptions of the some of the people who are at the bar when the PCs come in, stats are even possible.

Example: there is a half-orc sitting at the far north-west table, drinking multiple beers at the same time.

Krel - Barbarian 6

EDIT: I have noticed that you already have some NPCs described, so congrats to you!!!! But there is always room for more (and stats)!!!! Makes it more playable for a DM.

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Hmm, maybe I will do that. Although I think I'll just include the stats and stuff for a few generic adventurers that might be visiting the tavern, because all the other patrons will just be local nondescript commoners ( ::))

Oh, and redmind, I think I understand what you were saying, but I'm not sure. Therefore, I can't guarantee that I will fix it, but I can try.

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