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In keeping with what I do most of the time, I'm going to give a brief overview here.

Renloth is a secluded inn that is modeled after the carcass of a great dragon. It is partially built on the bones of a massive dragon slain by the inn's namesake, a paladin who specialized in slaying dragons and fell dealing a mortal blow to the great drake.

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Approaching the Inn:
"The road before you wanders into obscuring mists of twilight. You trudge on, ten miles from nowhere, hopeing for a hospitable place to rest for the night, though nothing presents itself. As you round one last bend, you spy a fine trail of smoke wafting above the trees. Hoping against hope for the warm glow of a camp-fire, the last few minutes pass quickly. As you come closer, a path off the road becomes apparent, but what lies at the end causes you to stop.
It is the form of a great dragon lounging in the hills, resting against a small cliff. Its head lies atop a small rise, with thin curls of smoke rising from its nostrils. A closer inspection reveals it to be a building of some kind, made to look as a drake, with windows under scales and a little stable in the curve of its tail."

Entering the Inn:
"The paving stones of the path lead to a simple wooden door set into the belly of the beast. A well made wood carving above the door identifies it as the "Renloth", with a little carving of a fox that looks like it is breathing fire above it.
Inside, you find a small bar. It has a low roof, though looks like it might be big enough to host thirty people, though only about seven seem evident at the moment. Tables and chairs are scattered about, most of wood, some with a bit of bone or decorated, but all unmatching. Around the walls are support beams that gleam white, though periodically re-enforced with wood. A number of decorations relating to dragons lie about the room: Some swords and other weapons, scales, pictures, and a smattering of carved dragons. Off to the left is a small hearth, with a merry fire roaring in it, and to your right is a stair-case to the second story.
Across from the door is a bar, with a man who could only be the barkeep behind it. He is somewhat thinner than your average inn-keeper, but possesses the same warm smile that cheers the travel-burdened heart."

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The Renloth is divided into four distinct sections.

These are:

The Bar (First Floor)
The Inn (Second Floor)
The Storage Caves
The Stable

Description by Area:

The Bar:
The bar is a large open room with a number of tables and chairs about. (See entering the Inn) It is roughly a rectangle of forty by thirty feet, though it bulges along its long sides, mimicking a dragon's size. At the western edge of the room is a small fireplace that is normally lit. The smoke from the fire travels a relatively large passage further west, and then out into the open air. This is concealed from the outside by the faux dragon's neck and head. The passage is big enough for a small character to pass through easily, or for a medium one to travel through with a bit of discomfort.
The exterior walls of the structure are held up by long ribs of dragon bone, though they are shored up in a number of places with wood. The walls themselves are either fine wood carved in the likeness of dragon scales, or treated dragon hide. Both alike are covered with various dragon related trinkets and items. Most of the inner structure is made of wood, and the ceiling is fairly low, with the beams just over-head.
On the eastern side of the inn, opposite each other in the long sides, are the main entrance door and the bar proper. The main door is fairly plain, consisting only of thick wood. The bar is of average size, with dragon carvings chasing around the outer edge. Behind it lie two floor-to-ceiling, open cabinets filled with bottles in various states of fullness. Between them is a door covered by an ornate golden dragon, which is the most obviously valuable thing in the room. On the wall beside the bar is a picture of the nine remaining members of the old adventuring party.
On the eastern edge of the room are the stairs up to the second story.

The Inn:
The second story contains an inn consisting of eight rooms and the hallway that connects them. The hallway runs from the tail of the dragon to the neck, with a back-bone arcing above its length, and four rooms lie on either side.
The rooms themselves are small but functional, having two beds, a wash cabinet with a mirror, and a window cover that can be propped open for fresh air. (These windows and covers look like scales from the outside, and are seamless when not open.) The ceiling of the room slopes downward from the hallway, and slowly meets the floor at the other end of the room.

The Storage Caves:
The door behind the bar leads into a rock carved hallway. Upon entrance a short, obviously stone-worked, path leads to the right. At its end is the store room, with the various provisions and liquids to suit the tastes of the customers.
About thirty feet after this in the main hallway another, more natural, path slopes gently upward to the left. This leads to Jamison's (The Inn-keeper's) room. It is relatively small, with only a bed, wardrobe, and a wash mirror.
The most interesting thing in the room is a small display,
which includes a large sword and seven other useful items and adventuring objects. (The sword is really the only thing of consequence, so the other items can be changed to fit the other party members. More on that later.) Alec's room is off the same passage and contains about the same things as Jamison's, minus the display of course.
At the end of the passage is a highly fortified door, both magically and physically. Beyond it lays the treasure room, where Jamison keeps the last bit of his dragon treasure, and the profits from the inn, in large chests. A large part of the ceiling seems have been expertly stone worked closed.

The Stable:
The stable is a relatively small building that rests in the bend of the dragon's tail, out of sight of the main road. It contains enough space for about seven or eight horse-sized creatures. An attached side shed contains enough feed to supply all the occupants and a few more besides.

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The history of the Renloth begins with its name-sake. Renloth Felhight was a paladin, though he was a rarity among them, being one of those few that didn't seem to have a stick up there arse. He enjoyed drinking wit his comrades, and often berated other paladins for the extremes they took in their code. On one count though, he could be almost described as a walking cliché. His goal in life was to slay evil dragons, and prevent them from harming the innocent. He met a guardsman named Jamison Silversen when he first began to adventure, and the two struck up a good friendship. Over time, a number of other people were inducted into the group, a relative array of fighters, magic users, and anyone in between. The group eventually came to a total of nine, including its two founding members.
They were told of a rumor that a great red dragon lived in the area where the inn now stands, and set out to slay it. The beast almost proved too much for them but the group, though battered, fought on. When the party stood at the brink of defeat, Renloth drove his blade into the dragon's heart but suffered death in payment.

Jamison officially gave up adventuring at the death of his friend and, after his burial, set out to build the inn as it now stands in his memory. With the help of the remaining members of his party, he setup the clean ribs as support, carved the caves, and found the dragon's horde. Each living person gave a personal item to stock in the inn in remembrance.
Jamison now operates the inn in the wilderness for far flung travelers, or just those that want a taste of Dragon's Breath. Much of his money has been sunk into building the place, paying to carve it's many intricate features, and to stock it. Regardless, he finds it a labor of love.

Though they disbanded shortly after the inn was finished, the group agreed to remain friends. Therefore every year the group reunites at the inn for, at worst, a day of recalling times past and telling of tales. However, if travelers are about it is a day of games, selling of wares, and the breaking out of the personal mementos to display and remember.

Information DC's:
Relevant checks are Knowledge(Local) and Bardic Knowledge.

DC 7:
1-5 - Tales tell of a dragon that has slept in the hills since time immemorial. OR Long ago, a group slew a dragon in the wilds, nine left and only eight came back.

6-10 - Travelers on forgotten roads speak of what they call the dragon inn.

11-15 - A steady trade in dragon skin moves to a nearby grove, where it seems a building is being repaired. OR Some say a tavern nearby has such strong ale that you can breathe fire afterwards!

20+ - In the wilds there is a place called the Renloth. Also known as the dragon inn, it serves as an oasis in an otherwise deserted area. It seems to have some of the strangest ale in the world.

Major NPC's:

Jamison Silversen - Human - Fighter 15
Abilities: Str 16 Dex 10 Con 20 Int 11 Wis 14 Cha 13

Jamison is a thin man, with dark blue eyes, and truly does not meet the standards of jolly pudginess that most innkeepers seem to have, though he seems to have offset that somewhat by growing a large bushy red beard. His personality, however, reflects his profession, as he has a generally happy outlook on life, maintaining the strange place he runs with a cheery smile, a smug sense of honor, and a welcoming attitude.

Alec Silversen Formerly Alec Kelen - Human - Fighter 3
Abilities: Str 12 Dex 16 Con 13 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 10

Alec is Jamison's adopted son. He was left in Jamison's care by his parents. They were hunters that stumbled upon the inn while in search of a dangerous quarry. They never returned. If they are dead or not no one can say.
Alec is has a build more befitting an Innkeeper, with somewhat long brown hair, brown eyes, but is somewhat more likely to shy away from people. Jamison has raised him like his own, and has thereby entertained him with many a tale of his own adventures. Alec was particularly taken with Renloth, and hopes (Sometimes too eagerly) to follow in his foot-steps. While not much of a surprise (Surrounded by Dragons and their tales as he is.) Jamison worries he may run off to find his fortune, and find a little more than he can handle. He has concented to teach him the finer points of sword play however.

Other Members of the Party:
(These stats reflect them as they are now)

Doulen - Dwarf - Cleric 14
Abilities: Str 12 Dex 10 Con 16 Int 11 Wis 19 Cha 14

Doulen is a shorter dwarf than is typical, with a thick brown beard, bushy eyebrows, and nearly black eyes.
Doulen was the first to join with Renloth and Jamison, taken with their knowledge of the drink at the time.
For if there is one weakness that he has, despite his fitness and wisdom, Doulen can't hold a drink, and passes out after only a few. Despite this, he can't get enough of it, and never seems to remember the next day when his friends tell him about it. He hasn't ever mention who he is a cleric of, but he has perchant for healing and good.
After the party disbanded, Doulen left adventuring and settled down in a small town. He returns to the Renloth intermitantly, but more often than not only on Rememberance day.

Eddie Bellow - Halfling - Bard 12
Abilities: Str 10 Dex 16 Con 11 Int 13 Wis 13 Char 17

Eddie was an overly charismatic halfling with big green eyes, and curly brown hair that the group encountered after a particularly devestating battle, in which they were soundly defeated and only escaped with their lives. When Eddie discovered renloth's paladin-ship, he made it his goal in life (Eleven minutes at a time!) to get him to loosen up. He therefore joined as an (Unwelcome) member of the party. His presence grew on them though, and eventually found him nice to have around, at least when his mouth wasn't open.
Despite his his nature, Eddie is the member of the group, that doesn't live in the area, that returns the most frequently. When he is around, he can be found in the bar, playing his fiddle quite well for the patrons. (Though Jamison might sometimes have to knock him over the ears for trying to use his powers of suggestion to garner money from the crowd.)

Lilana Greyeye - Half-Elf - Druid 14
Abilities: Str 11 Dex 14 Con 13 Int 12 Wis 15 Cha 13

Lilana is a thin half-elf with pitch-black hair, piercing light blue eyes, and a scar down the right side of her face. She was shuned by her extended family after the death of her parents, and was living alone when the rest of the party happened upon her and welcomed her kindly. Being treated with respect was something very new to her, and she set out to help them however she could. She brought with her the strength of the woods, and her small companion Keverec.
After disbanding, Lilana settled down very close to the Inn, and drops by very often. She now takes care of Keverec, assisting him as best she can with his experiments to return to his normal state, and gives a home to Urthan's wolf. At the inn, she can be found makeing sure that the best use is being made of the dragon's skin, and tending to the animals that happen to be around.

Keverec - Awakened-Fox - Sorcerer 7 / Dragon Disciple 6
Abilities: Str 10 (6) Dex 15 Con 15 (13) Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 14

Keverec began life as a normal red fox, though this changed when he was called to accompany Lilana. Changes began when the group invaded a red dragon's lair and the curious fox got a little too close to a particularly powerful-looking magical item. The blast knocked him out, and when he recovered, he found that he possessed human-like intelligence. He kept his newfound prowess a secret for a few days, before it was found out while they were encamped.
It was found that Keverec had inhereted some dragon-like powers as well, and he continued to adventure to hone his new skills. As time passed, it became apparent that intellegence and power were not the only things he had been gifted with: He was slowly turning into a dragon. Over the years, he has grown more dragon-like features, from slight scales, to claws, to a gradual reddening in tone.
Keverec enjoyed a good friendship with Renloth, and now lives with Lilana, trying halt the transformation that has befallen him. He secretly both hopes for and fears a cure: He hopes for it because he knows he will eventually become one of the same monsters that his friends set out to slay, and fears it because a cure might completely reverse the change, striping him of everything.
Keverec frequents the Inn with Lilana, and has become something of the inn's mascot. He also uses his visits to ply for information about dragons, either in person or with Lilana's help, as the inn tends to draw those that know a little about dragons.

Note: The Dragon Disciple class levels represent Keverec's transformation. He possess the Eschew Materials, Silent Spell, and Still Spell feats.

Urthan - Half-Orc - Ranger - Dead

Urthan was a half-orc hunter that wanted to track a bit larger game. He joined up with the group simply because they were the most renowned dragon hunters he could find.
After renloth's death, he departed to continue his hunt. He was killed in a bar fight over nothing more than his race, but managed to take three of his attackers with him. His wolf, Tarus, has since sought out, and become the companion of, Lilana.

Gereth Telen - Elf - Sorcerer 14 / Archmage 2
Abilities: Str 10 Dex 13 Con 11 Int 15 Wis 14 Cha 18

Gereth Telen is an elf with silvery hair and green eyes. He is not particularly graceful, but a vast and dark air of arrogance and ego seems to surround him.
Gereth and his daughter Ryla had been hunting dragons for some time before joining up with the by then impressive group lead by Renloth. He disguised his hunt under the guise of avenging the death of his wife, though he actually simply has an insatiable thirst to obtain more information about his draconic ancestry. He would go to any number of lengths to further his study. In fact, he has gone farther than most might, and some wonder if he might be more than a little mad.
Of the group Gereth returns the most infrequently, only returning every other year at best and even then only on Remembrance Day.

Ryla Telen - Half-Elf - Rogue 7 / Shadowdancer 5
Abilities: Str 12 Dex 16 Con 11 Int 17 Wis 13 Cha 12
Ryla is the only daughter of Gereth. Ryla is a half-elf, but she more closely follows her mother's race, her other heritage only betrayed through the strands of silver in her otherwise blond hair and her dark green eyes.
She has spent her life following in the footsteps of her father, trying to win his admiration. He, however, hates the fact that she did not gain the magic he wields, and tends to ignore her. She has journied and joined the group to truly avenge the death of her mother, and as such truely appriciated company other than her father.
Since the time of Renloth's death, still seeking to impress her father, she has learned to emulate some of the minor tricks he creates, and has tapped into a little magic of her own. This has not had much measurable effect on her relationship with her father.
She returns to the inn as often as she can in her father's stead, and may well come to live there if anything worse happens between her and Gereth.

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Major Items:

The seven items left behind in memory.

The Icicle - +2 Icy-Burst, Holy Long-sword
The Icicle was the sword that Renloth Felhight recived as commendation by his church for Dragon slaying. It was chosen because it would serve him best in his vendetta against red dragons. The sword began as a sword given of ice, but after years of faithful service, and finally his sacrifice, the sword was imbuned with some of the holy power granted him. Jamison keeps it hidden away in his room along with the rest of the mementos entrusted to his keeping.
It is relatively plain in appearence, with only a simple carving of a snowflake on its hilt to betray its nature.

Endless Cask -
The endless cask was created at Doulen's request after an encounter with an Endless Decanter of Water. It provided him with some enjoyment, but he eventually gave it as a strong reminder of the times that they shared. (And because he had a second one.)
It looks like a normal cask and, as the name implys, continually refills itself with (Somewhat low-grade) ale.

Fiddle of Joy -
A merry little instriment that Eddie left behind as he, for once, couldn't bring himself to play. The fiddle is small, and made of a stiff wood, strung with unknown strands. Any tune played on it trys to sound happy, which can cause a problem if it is used to play more solemn music.
When played, it fills its listeners with a need to dance, and in the hands of a Bard, may add one (+1) to the following: The bonuses from Inspire Heroics, Courage, and Competence, and to the Will Save DC for his Suggestion and Fascinate Bardic Abilities.

Keverec -
Keverec, with his fire breath and dragon-like features, is a living memento for both himself and Lilana. He has become something of a mascot for the inn, as evidenced by his likeness on the sign above the door.

Bow of the Serpent - +2 Longbow of Dragon's Bane
Urthan's gift, which he relinquished because he no longer felt the need to hunt dragons, having seen a another die before such a beast.
The bow has twin snakes encircleing its length, carved of a light wood.

Learner's Sash
As her father declined to leave something behind, Ryla left her sash for both of them. More than simply to give something to remember the day, it also somewhat divorced her from Gereth. He had created it out of shame at her lack of his abilities, and at the time, she finally had the courage to step onto her own path.
The Sash is made of a soft black fabric, and feels as though it is moving slightly when gripped. When worn, it gives the user the ability to cast spells as a level 2 Sorcerer, though they must still meet the requisite ability scores in order to do so.

Jamison's Armor - Acid and Fire Resistant Brestplate
Jamison gave his rather mottled armor over to the pool of items. While it looks more than a little ragged, with missing and blackened patches of metal, looks can be deciving. The armor has absorbed enough fire and acid over the years of dragon fighting as to have become highly resistant to them.

Adventure Hooks:

- Rumors tell of a dragon that wants to destroy the Renloth to avenge the mockery of its kin. Jamison hires the party to protect it.

- A shadowy group is transporting Dragon Hide to the Renloth to shore it up. The PC's are hired as guards.

- Jamison is ever on the look out for artifacts of Dragons. He might have heard any number of rumors, and would be willing to pay them handsomely for their retrieval.

- The yearly gathering is a good place to find a number of wares. Besides, if some of the memento items are stolen and then retrieved by the party, they might be willing to part with one to such a worthy person.

- While the party stays at the inn, a group trys to break into the treasure room, either to steal, or for some other sinister purpose. The party must stop them.

Character Specific:

- Alec, seeking to emulate Renloth, might have stolen away with the Icicle and set out into the world. A distrought Jamison would gladly pay the PC's to find him before something, or someone, befalls him in search of the blade.

- Kidnappers have come for Keverec, being the oddity that he is, and the party must help Lilana defend him from attack.

- Ryla has finally left her father to stay at the inn. For whatever reason, likely his own ego, he has chosen to pursue her, with a reletivly large force. The party must uncover the reasons for her leaving, and why Gereth wants her back, while defending the inn along with the rest of the guests (if any).

Signature Item: Dragon's Breath

The thing the Renloth is most famous for, besides its curious nature, is its signature drink: The Dragon's Breath.
A mix of various fine (and not so fine) ales, the drink comes in three varieties: Fire, Ice, and Acid.
Fire- Fire is a warm and hearty drink, that fills and causes tingling of the fingers and toes. Claims that it possesses the flammability of a flask of oil (However true they might be!) are largely ignored by the management.
Ice- Ice is a (go figure) chilled drink. It goes down very cold and settles as a bit of a lump in the stomach, but the shocking cold travels quickly, awakening and energizing the drinker. For a minute or two after downing a mug, the drinker can see his own breath.
Acid- Acid is not truly acidic, though it might as well be, as it has enough spirits in it to knock out a horse. The drink is somewhat thin and vapid, and burns a bit going down, but makes for the ultimate drinking contest. Besides, after a few drinks, people don't seem to notice the burning so much.

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The fire sounds tasty. I like the idea of a dragon shaped inn filled with dragon memorabilia, it's like the D&D equivalent of Planet Hollywood but way cooler because it's DRAGONS.

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