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2008-12-02, 09:02 PM
Blessed of Afroakuma
“There is no debating this. You have a head. And then I will cut your head off. And then you will no longer have a head, and the floor will have an additional head”


Prerequisites: Any Divine

You are the one chosen by Afroakuma, the God of size 5, and bold letters. You have studied his teachings, and learned from them. You too can create new content for existing systems, an art known to many as “homebrew”. You can even yell so loudly that peoples heads will fall off. Eventually, you may master the blue italic bold underline power, and Disco Shun Goku Satsu.

Blessed of Afroakuma Path Features
Loud Voice (11th level): Add your Constitution modifier to your Intimidate checks
Screaming Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra attack action, you may make an intimidate check as a free action
Terrifying Presence (16th level): You can make as many intimidate checks to make an enemy surrender as you want, but no more than one per enemy, per encounter.

Blessed of Afroakuma Powers
Trap in a Room Blessed of Afroakuma Attack 11
“Much like Afroakuma was once trapped in a room, so is your foe. Your foe however, does not possess his great wisdom, and hurts itself trying to break down the door with brute force.“
Encounter * Divine, Implement
Standard Action Melee
Attack: Cha vs. Will
Hit: The target is teleported to a remote but harmless demiplane until the end of it's next turn. When it returns, the target takes damage equal to your Charisma modifier, and it is placed in the square where it originally was. If that square is occupied, place it in the nearest safe square.

Yelling Really Loudly Utility 12
“You let loose a scream so terrifying that it stirs the dead”
Encounter * Divine
Free Action
Trigger: You succeed on an intimidate check to make an enemy surrender
Effect: An ally can spend a healing surge

No! Blessed of Afroakuma Attack 20
“Your No! is final and absolute.”
Daily * Divine, Implement
Standard Action Burst 3
Targets: All enemies in burst
Attack: Cha vs. Will
Hit: 2[W] + Cha modifier damage and the target is weakened until the end of its next turn.

PEACH. This is mostly a joke, but I'd still like it to be balanced.

2008-12-02, 10:25 PM
Start with removing the (Save Ends) clause from the encounter power. Few encounter powers do this, and those that do are for fiddly silly stuff like ongoing damage, not for an effect powerful and long lasting like removing an enemy from combat entirely. Instead have it end at the end of your next turn, with perhaps a damaging effect when the target comes back (maybe the room wasn't so harmless after all...)

2008-12-02, 10:27 PM
You forgot

Your head cut off.
Your head.
He will cut it.

2008-12-02, 10:39 PM
I'm... honored?

You left out some of the more important abilities I bequeath to all my followers, such as You Doubt My Blue Italic Bold Underline Power?, Disco Shun Goku Satsu...

2008-12-02, 11:37 PM
"Terrifying Presence" is a bit confusing. Are you saying that, once per encounter, you may single out one bloodied enemy and repeatedly spam Intimidate attempts against him and him alone?

Also, it's a bit odd that this PP has a feature keyed off Con, an encounter power keyed off Wis, and a daily power keyed off Cha. Characters generally aren't expected to focus on three different stats, particularly not when two of those stats apply to the same defense.

2008-12-03, 01:28 AM
The level 16 Featuer is essentially useless, because you can only attempt to intimidate an enemy once per encounter. And it works for every enemy that you can see, IIRC.

2008-12-04, 08:30 AM
I misintepreted the rules, and I thought a creature could only make one intimidate check per encounter. I'll replace the level 16 feature with a different one as soon as I have the time.

I'm also pleased to announce that I will soon be posting an Exarch of Shadow Elf PP eventually.