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2006-03-07, 04:47 PM
I had this idea for a while, used it earlier, but realized it was too massive. This is a newer adapted version, I do warn that what it suggests ould be inappropriate, should the function of it be pursued further in roleplay: PG-13 definitely.

Blue Baths of the Wizard:

Deep on the fringes of the astral plane, near a rarely known point of entry to a multitude of Prime material planes, exists the Akashek Vaults. A library of a deep wealth of knowlege, is kept within it's god-guarded halls. A variety of arcanists and diviners seek out this little know spot to aid in their quests.

One particularly endeavorous young, but good, epic archmage settled here and started an Inn to house the many travellers who came. His age was indecipherable, but this human had achieved a wealth of power in a rapid period, and had allies in many planes.

Dressed in blue, with silver trim, his dedication to an old, lost arcane draconic god of his homeland. He decorated the Inn with these impressive themes of the dragon, and as it became profitable, the decor became more lavish. Soon another certain clientele was expected, and catered to.

Yes, this is when the Wizard opened what is known today as Blue Baths of the Wizard.

Imported stone was brought to this floating citadel of knowledge, and built into white marbled steam baths, with magical man-made streams of water. Surrounding, the now built-up white stone walls of the new Inn, are a variety of flora and fauna all blue. Even the birds have a even a hint a blue. Several monkeys with blue color on their rears hang from trees. Several high level rangers are employed to maintain this growing magically-man made 'wildland'. The blue 'forests' are now a major sight outside the Vault's tall metal halls. It is only a bit of the allure that attracts visitors to this astral rest stop.

Once a traveler of any alignment (as long as no ill will is meant to employee or guest, no ill will will come; some how the BlueWizard is always prepared should guest become unruly) passes through the blue painted trees, and obviously dyed blue horses. Great expense was made to find a purple hued gorilla that sat near the entrance, under the gaze of a watchful ranger.

The entry way is magical blue marble, swirled with silver. The hall has a variety of tables, and drinking bars, and many gambling stands. On a busy night the stone halls can house 300 people, and more employees come to work always convientently. The backwall displays a stage, which usually has some show. During late hours adult shows are done with the new brothel staff.

This brings us to the blue paradise's true attraction. With many temples to the gods and goddesses of love, the blue wizard has found a way to blend their art with that of his blue silver gods. So, Isis, Aphrodite, Cupid, Freya, and the rest all are hued in silver and blue. The ceiling houses a blue sky with a glittering representation in silver of the whole night sky (magically tuned to the guest). The constellations can be seen.... from where ever your home land is.

As you make your way through the temple altars, all with gorgeous men and women draping them, waiting for offerings, you will then come to the famed Baths.

The back of the great columned hall is connected with the surrounding plant life of the grounds. Several pools, many private, and some for groups decorate a landscape of nooks and crannies of magically made nature where one can partake in more adult affairs.
There are streams, and even warm waterfalls. One could get lost in this ever growing world. The wizard has now aged some, and is seen forever expanding his blue garden.
He no longer deals with the affairs of his profitable business and has left it to several well-paid celestial immortals. (Hey, they need to get by somehow, I pay them! )

Among the many games, and drink available from almost any world, (and games will be made up if not available) the feature of the bath is the variety of the women and men in the brothel.
Mostly catering to men, the blue wizard has brought into his employ a variety of sexual, sentient beings, from mermaids, feys, elves, tritons, dwarves, halflings, even celeatials to half-orcs and half-giants to 'gasp' good fiends? WHAT?. These beings act as waiters, cooks, performers, masseurs, and prostitutes. For a price any could be yours for a night, including the priests and priestess of the love gods who seek sexual healing.