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2006-03-05, 02:09 PM
Exterior:This...unusual building is on a slant. it has 3 stories, all of which are painted blue. it has a huge pair of dice sticking out of one wall on the third story.
Interior:The first floor is built in an odd fashion. The bar is positioned in the middle of the roomand the tales form a twistng maze. The second floor is individual chambers, some of which have fireplaces. the third floor appears to be a casino. with unusual creatuers managing it.

Each square is 5ft by 5ft.

The shakester Inn is a tavern/casino that is popular among gnomes. this is the reason it is run by gnomes.
Accomodations: good
Barkeep: gnome Wiz7
Casino Attendants: unseen servants wearing hats.

Specialty drink:Coffee Strongbody: this drink is technically strong alchohol, but tastes like coffee. the drinker must make a DC 17 Fort save or lose the ability to cast spells, and take a -4 on all skills that require patience, silence, or concentration for 1 hour.

Gather Information or Knowledge (local)
DC 10: Have you heard about The Shakester? They make a great pick me up drink!
DC 15: They say the shakester actually mixes urine into their pick me up drinks!
DC 20: Listen here! Tey say that a famous paladin went into the shakester and never came out!

Lombar Coppertooth(N)Gnome Wiz7