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2006-02-12, 06:49 PM
There's a little place on the edge of the southern corner of Liabeth, where the music's good and the stories are better. Though the founders long since left the bar to a mutual friend and returned to their adventures, they come back regularly--in fact, everyone knows the best time to come is the new moon, when, no matter where they are or what they're doing, Ravyn and Phelan come back.

The outside isn't much; in fact, it seems like it was designed to be the kind of place you have to look for or just trip over. As a result, the only noticeable sign is on the door; above the green text is a circle, with a stylized wolf at its bottom right, a flying raven upper left, and a complicated Celtic knot connecting the two. The building itself is wooden and two-story, with an enormous tree growing beside it.

As you step in, the first thing you see is what appears to be a quartz crystal dangling from the ceiling, filled with a swarm of lights that swirl around each other. On the left is a corner with a large, round table, splotched with color, splattered with ink, and scorched with the marks of years of backfired spells, usually with at least two young spellcasters debating the merits of schools of magic, or sorcery vs. wizardry, or trading, researching and inventing spells. The rest of the tables, fortunately, are in far better order, and even clean, though the clientele is a bit unusual, testament to the fact that the Wolf and Ravyn caters to everyone. (And by a bit unusual, we mean... well, there was that doppelganger the other night, and last week some crazy earth elemental came in and tried to drink the bar dry...)

Behind the bar sits the current proprietor, a human woman who goes by the name Lovisa; behind her is a wall of bottles and the kitchen door. The kitchen itself is well-stocked but pretty much off-limits; rumor has it the chef is... well, rumor isn't quite sure what the chef is, except that he's really short, came in wearing a cloak far too large for him and his face is a bit too shiny for just the heat to account for it. To the right as you walk in are the stairs; though the Wolf and Ravyn's rooms are limited, they are available for a gold piece, and they're well-appointed and well worth staying in. Especially since they have been known to switch out the beds for those who don't fit in what's normally available. It doesn't even cost that much extra.

2006-02-14, 03:30 AM
Gather information--depends on what you want and who you're asking:

If you're new in town looking for a place to eat...
9-14: Well, there's that tavern down in the southside, good for a meal and drink--look for the wolf on the sign.
15-19: You want the Wolf and Ravyn (complete with explanation on how to find it). Keep clear of the magic-students and you'll be fine.
20-25: Not only do you get detailed instructions, you learn that it's the only tavern in town that caters not only to some of the odder town visitors, but also to familiars, animal companions, and the like. And that they give discounts for a good story or two.

If you've heard the name before and are asking about it in particular:
6-9: It's a tavern, and the food's good.
10-14: What? Oh, there--yes, good place for visitors, great place to pick up information, even better place to eat. (Basic explanation of how to get there if you don't already know).
15-19: Oh, yes, Rav and Phe's place! Sure, right this way, (insert directions)--they'll love to see you. What, other adventurers? Of course, you'll find everyone! Did you know, every now and then there's a pixie serving drinks?
20-25: All of the above, plus enthusiastic outpouring on the menu.

If you're looking for one of the founders--see "The NPCs"

Note: Several conditions get you slightly different results. If you are clearly a user of magic, a roll higher than a ten will result in hearing about the mage's table; if you're wandering around with a familiar/animal companion/mount/what-have-you, +2 bonus, and anything higher than a fifteen gets you not only the explanation of the "Caster's Other Half" menu. In addition, coming within three days of the new moon results in an outpouring of enthusiasm about the founders' return; add 5 to gather information rolls because the streets are generally abuzz.


The management knows full well how important the critters people walk around with are; hence, the "Caster's Other Half" menu, specifically catering to all of the common animal associates and many of the less common--buy for yourself, get your "Other Half"'s meal free. Items include Kamali's Surprise (pheasant and raisins, particularly popular among ferrets), Rustled Grub (for the insectivore--comes in well done, medium, and still crawling), and the Seedy Deal (seedcakes, for the small and hungry)--in addition, all nonalcoholic beverages are offered in companion-size. (People have been known to order extra-large portions of dishes from this menu instead of the usual offerings, though rare is the humanoid who goes for the grubs).

Come the new moon, things get interesting. The tavern is festooned with decorations, the food is even better than usual, and at the corner table, or at the mage's table, or sometimes on the raised platform that serves as a stage, the visitor will see three (two and a half?) new figures (if said visitor is lucky, she may even see the three of them appear, usually around sunset).

The NPCs:

Phelan (Half-elf Rog 7 Sor 3): A young man with vaguely elven features, long black hair in a ponytail, a black jacket, and a permanent mischievous expression. Tells some of the best stories in town, though whether they're true or not nobody can say. Tends to be the first to laugh, the last to anger, and the most likely to branch into a tale or just say something philosophical but completely random. When performing, usually plays a hand-drum or a zither or sings; his voice is a smooth tenor.

Ravyn (Elf Rog 3/Wiz 5/Arcane Trickster 2): A short, lightly built elf girl with jet black hair, green eyes, and a penchant for singing and juggling. Wanders over to the mage's table every so often--but when she does, something's bound to happen elsewhere.... wait a minute, the mage's table? But she's up on stage with Phelan! Also known for her whistle-playing and storytelling.

Kamali (ferret...ummm... Fam 7?) Beneficiary of a wish gone right, Kamali is a tiny black ferret who can generally be found on Ravyn's shoulder, chewing on her hair. Her nose is constantly atwitch, though she seems far more interested in the mage's table than the food... unless you offer her a raisin.

2006-02-14, 03:31 AM
Plot hooks:

Unwelcome visitors: Well, not everybody's going to come in with the best of intentions, and the founders are tolerant but not stupid. So when the fellow with the (insert appropriate magic item/actions) comes in, whether they're there or not, something gets done--but this time the characters are the only ones (unless the founders are visiting, and sometimes even then it still requires the characters) to do it.

Curiosity--there's definitely something odd about some of what Ravyn's doing. After all, how the heck can she possibly be performing onstage and discussing magic at the trainees' table at the same time? Or Kamali; when that one guy started pickpocketing with a glove of storing, how was the first one to sniff him out the ferret? Asking them (asking Ravyn, unless you happen to be a gnome), depending on how much you impress them in general, gets you anything from "It's a secret" through "I'll tell you if you do (insert quest) for me" to "Well, you see, there was this solar (or equivalent wishgranter) who lives on the great volcano, and..."

Message: Good for anytime--if it's not a new moon, someone's trying to get ahold of the founders, and if they're already there, they're trying to get ahold of someone else entirely.

All right, hit me with everything you've got. I'm new enough here that I could use all the help I can get, so let the comments begin!

2006-02-24, 12:16 AM
Looks nice. Exactly the kind of place myself and Kelvar (The little fox over in my avatar) would want to eat in. Needless to say, I like the "Caster's other half" menu.

Only thing I can think of to comment on is: Maybe include and exact floor plan? (Exact size, number of rooms, stuff like that.)

Don't take me for much though, this is only my second contest...

2006-02-24, 06:56 PM
The caster's other half menu is a really cool idea. :)