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2006-02-12, 04:08 PM
A sign appears over a two story building's doorway. The sign reads "Wukei's Kicking the Dead Horse Tavern."

Odd name, really.

But it has to be a place to get great information. After all, that's what 'kicking a dead horse' means, isn't it?

Base Description of the Tavern: Travelling down the darker side of town, you come across Stomping Street. At the third building down you will notice a sign that has a boot over a horse's head that reads "Wukei's Kicking the Dead Horse Tavern and Inn." As you enter you notice a female that seems to be of foreign descent cleaning the bar. Alcohol bottles litter the bar and line the wall behind the bartender. The staircase's railing is solid, and has been etched to form several horses running in a heard on a grassy plain as it's motiff. The head of the staircase banister is a horse's head as well. Other than that, the bar seems fairly normal, though large.

DC 10 for Knowledge of the Tavern.

The Dead Horse Inn, as it is informally known as, is a breeding place for information. The owner, Wukei, is known as the Spy from the East, and can get any kind of information required, for the right price. It is said that she can produce information on a piece of paper with a snap of her fingers to hand over to the person who requires information. The Dead Horse Inn was built by Wukei, who paid several different artists to perfect the mural on the western wall, where the stairs are located. It's said that that mural might even be hiding a secret door. But to what, who knows.

Even due to it's bad location the Dead Horse Inn has thrived. The popular story of the motiff coming to life or their being a secret room in the building, or even stories of the building being haunted by those that the Shugenja proprietor killed. Bards from all over that know anything about the Dead Horse (and a lot do) come to perform on the stage in front of the Wall, as the staircase's art has been called.

Wukei: Samurai of the Scorpion (5)/Shugenja of the Scorpion (7)
Wukei dresses in dark robes of black and blood red that are foreign to any knowledge of the area. (Either in gi or kimono.) Her black hair is pulled back in a low ponytail and her hazel eyes immediately flash to view any new patrons with knowing eyes.

For DM use: On Wukei's right hand is a Glove of Storing that normally holds the paper with information that a client requires. To retrieve the information all she has to do is snap. On her left hand is a similar glove that stores a Merciful Katana, should clients of the Inn get too rambunctious.

Signature Item: Moonfruit Juice. Transported from the homelands of the wily Shugenja, this "juice" is actually a very potent alcohol, though the unfirmented kind can be ordered as well. Two mugs of the juice has been known to knock a dwarf back to the floor.

A Night in the Dead Horse:
It is about three in the morning when you hear a loud rumbling downstairs. It seems, however, that all the other patrons of the establishment seem unaware of the hubbub. Going downstairs to investigate you notice that the mural is missing all of its horses. In their stead is a large ornate door with unknown lettering on it. (The equivalent to katakana in the Oriental Adventures.) The door pushes open easily and leads down into a basement. A dungeon of sorts.

If one can find their way through the catacombs, treasure can be found. However, danger lurks nearby. The owner of the establishment will not let her treasures go so easily.

(Other monsters might be entered in to improve the battle sequences in the game.)

2006-02-13, 01:24 AM
Wukei with the base of the staircase.

1. front desk (for those who want to get a room only)
2. The bar
3. The staircase
4. The stage (in front of the Wall)

2006-02-13, 01:52 AM
People are free to post comments early, if they like...I won't use more than the three posts I've already taken up.

2006-02-13, 04:08 AM
I think the idea is great, and can't wait to see how it turns out, but I have to ask, why the name? I mean, I know the "Horse" part makes sense, but the "Kicking the Dead" part is kind of weird, did you make it just as an unusual name?

2006-02-13, 10:42 AM
"Kicking the Dead Horse" means to talk about something when it has gone way past the time to stop.

As an inn that deals in information, it fits.

2006-02-13, 11:29 AM
Aaahhh, ok, just never heard that before.

2006-02-13, 02:20 PM
Even without reading the full description, this one makes me smile. I love the name!

2006-02-16, 07:37 AM
Cool Tavern. Think i'll spend my gold here.....

2006-02-18, 11:55 PM
I think it's done except for a couple of maps...any suggestions?

2006-02-19, 12:08 AM
Hmm, I like it. Maybe some history of the tavern?

2006-02-22, 07:11 AM
So is your current avatar Wukei the inn-owner? If so, does this mean Wukei is drow?

The name rules! :D

2006-02-22, 10:26 AM
Actually, there's a picture of Wukei on the second post, but I have a Veeratar of me...