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Mortia De Luna Draco
2006-02-14, 04:49 AM
Ok, this is my first attempt.
any criticizm would be most welcome.

Mortia De Luna Draco
2006-02-14, 04:49 AM
Mortia De Luna Draco

Cassa’ de Mortia De Luna Draco
(House of Death by the moonlight dragon.)

1 You enter a large, stately, well-kept inn. The main floor is absolutely enormous. This room in and of itself could contain a barn, with room to spare. The black and azure marble tiles are broken up by a mosaic on center of the floor which catches your attention, as does the massive statue resting in the center of the mosaic. The mosaic is of two dragons, one gold, one black, battling, all claws and flames, almost seaming alive. The statue is of a legend, one that you all know very well. Mortia De Luna Draco, the last heir to the house of Draco, and last known survivor of the Bahmu, a people that were wiped of the face of the planet ten years ago. Mortia De Luna Draco had gone in search of a power that could help him defeat his beseeched home. While he was gone, he had found the power, but his home was destroyed. The power he had found was not what he had thought it would be though.
The statue that stands before you is life size of Mortia De Luna Draco. It stands over 12 feet tall, with massive wings thrown out behind as if caught in a rough breeze. In his left clawed hand, he holds a scythe that is longer than he is tall, a visage of a dragon carved intricately into the top, where blade met shaft. His face seems to be that of a young dragon, all planes and angles, like a face carved of stone, and around his short cut hair are ten small horns, circling his head like a crown. The entire pose seems that of agony, and pain.
The rest of the bar floor is equally as resplendent. The walls are made of a brilliant Edonian marble, just on the darker side of white. The dark oak tables scattered around the room are heavily polished, to the point of gleaming, and spaced far enough apart to give off a feeling of privacy, though there are more than a hundred such tables in the room. The chairs around the tables are plush, and heavily padded, with over sized armrests, and high backs. On the walls around the room are padded benches, and large, pillow covered couches, all lit by a resplendently soft magical light. The staff moves like wraiths from kitchen to bar to table, seeming to not even touch the floor. Eloquence and poise seem to radiate from each and every one of them.
You immediately notice that this is not the kind of place where they normally see people of your type. Even the Matro`de that approaches you is dressed in fine blue silk, with an overly elaborate amount of lace at the collar and cuffs. He approaches you, with his nose stuck in the air.
“Are you gentlemen lost?” he says without so much as parting his teeth.
In an answer, you through down a bag of gold, which makes a loud thud as it hits the table near you. The Matro`de arches an eyebrow at you, and casually picks up the bag and inspects the contents. With out even batting an eyelash, and acting as if he had not just insulted you, he asks, “Would you prefer the bar, or a table. Perhaps one of the couches in the corner would interest you.”