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The Minx
2008-12-05, 08:02 PM
Here's a thread for discussing which magic items you would pick at various levels. It is primarily intended for Wizards, though other classes may play too.

The levels would be Low (5th), Mid (10th) and High (20th).

Of course, there are the usual suspects such as a Metamagic Rod, Headband of Intellect, Bracers of Armour, Blessed Book and Ring of Wizardry (unless you have a really cunning plan). But what other items would you choose and why?

Assume the "appropriate" level of wealth for given character levels, e.g. 740k for 20th level, etc.

2008-12-05, 08:03 PM
Decanter of Endless Water: Because it's Awesome

Feather Token, Tree: Instant Cover

2008-12-05, 08:22 PM
Level 1:
"MacGuffin Item". The item that I know is important enough for me to find a way to take. Plot importance is important, usually coming with "magic"... actual effect is not. The power level here is rather harsh on the wizard as they can't actively keep moving for very long, so, anything plot driven tends to be the safest mode of survival.

Level 5:
"That Item". Any item I can so declare as mine and can fathom a plan in order to take for my own. Whether be to organize a party, slip in with invisibility, snatch, and run or other more unglamorous moves. Given the power of this level, it's best to work for simple singular goals, such as to get "That Item".

Level 10:
"Those Items". Multiple items that I can see, or possibly, just know about. Preparation becomes a lot more significant and possible by this level. Significant spell driven effects and such barrier breakers as Teleport tend to make it possible to aim for a significant number of different goals to be accomplished simultaneously, as long as you know how to properly prepare.

Level 15:
"Each Item". Anything that you can reasonably take, take. Power level starts placing more emphasis on personal preparation at this point rather than just specific situation preparation. Researching certain items and their defenders is still important, however, for most items you can simply be "inherently" prepared, as, your spells can cover a much more broad range of situations.

Level 20:
"All Items". Everything is yours, by this point, or will be. Getting a hold of any given item is only a matter of a simple extension of your already elaborate preparation for everything. Any given situation and item tends to result much more in a thought exercise given your abilities rather than a power struggle. The broad range of spells available to you tends to make most any situation possible to plan for, some just more than others. So, all items are yours, it's just a matter of if you have physically gotten them yet or not.

A slightly more serious post may follow.

Keld Denar
2008-12-05, 08:22 PM
Mid - Circlet of Rapid Casting (MIC) with +int on it according to the MIC rules for augementing Magic Items with basic stats. 15,000g base, +4,000 to +36,000 depending on +int bonus desired. Circlet functions similar to a Lesser Rod of Quicken, but doesn't need to be held and CAN work with up to 4th level spells. Pretty much awesome for action advantage.

Any - Anklets of Translocation (MIC). Unless you are a specialist Conjourer with the Abrupt Jaunt ACF from PHBII, these puppies are lifesavers. Swift action teleport 10' twice a day are great for getting out of grapples, away from baddies so you can cast big spells, behind cover when sniping with spells, and any other solid reason to ever want to move 10' as a swift action. With a price tag of 1,400g IIRC, you can easily afford a couple of these at low-mid levels, just swap em out between encounters if you use them.