View Full Version : Awesome Wondrous Item for Low Level Parties

2008-12-06, 06:57 AM
Pole of Non-encumbrance

This item appears as a large well crafted toothpick. Once the command phrase is uttered "A ten foot pole would come in handy right now" it grows into a ten foot pole. Upon the second command phrase "This is too bulky for us to carry around" it reverts back.

Now adventurers can have the benefits of a ten foot pole without the realism issues of always having a ten foot pole when you need it yet never having it in the way.

Now to figure out what the prereqs for making it and it's cost should be. Obviously Craft Wondrous Item. I'm thinking Enlarge Person since it's vaguely along the lines of what is need and is nice and low level and 1,000 gp tops.

2008-12-06, 08:43 AM
If someone else learns the command word while you are picking your teeth with your toothpick you lose 2d4d teeth before you can spit it out.

I think shrink item would be a better basis than enlarge person.

The toothpick would have the same properties as the pole in terms of harness, AC and hit points. This makes a tough toothpick and not one that can easily be broken (a clue that it is not a normal toothpick).