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2008-12-07, 12:00 AM
I'm building a buffing cleric, and I need some help with spell lists. Figure a single class, level 9 cleric, with glory and sun domains. Books able to be used are the Complete Series, Spell Compendium, and PHB. I"m looking for the most buffs possible. This character is a support character, and will usually be buffing a warblade specializing in Iron Heart and Diamond Mind. Any ideas?

2008-12-07, 12:58 AM
Basics like Bear's Endurance for the concentration, Bull's strength for attacks and damage. Those are a good start.

2008-12-07, 01:22 AM
Basics like Bear's Endurance for the concentration, Bull's strength for attacks and damage. Those are a good start.

I would disagree. Stat bonuses can be obtained via items, and these spells do not have a very long duration, unless you use DMM Persist cheeze, which I do not suggest.

I suggest you protect your comrade from Save or Loose effects. At your level, that would be Freedom of Movement (obtainable through a ring, but too expensive for anyone of your level to get if your GM is sticking to WBL guidelines) and Death Ward (seriously, negative levels suck, and you're just high enough level to get sorcerers flinging Enervations at you, or certain incorporeal undead which also drain levels).

Shield of Faith gives a Deflection bonus to AC, which is difficult to get outside of a Ring of Protection and stacks with other forms of AC.

I'd keep a Restoration, Lesser memorized just in case someone in your party gets hit with stat damage.

Greater Magic Weapon and Magic Vestments. The former grants enhancement bonus to a weapon, which means he only needs to buy a +1 of xyz and you can buff it up to (at level 20) a +5 of xyz. This generally gives better returns than +4 to strength, and has duration of Hours/level. Magic Vestments is the same, but for armor and shields. These are two of your most powerful buffs for a tank, use them daily. At level 9, they both last for 9 hours, which can be a typical adventuring day if you want to take it easy. Hell, you can even Extend them for +1 LA (a 4th slot and a 5th slot) to make them last 18 hours, which is certainly a full adventuring day.

Protection from Energy can be useful... IF you know what energy you're going to face ahead of time.

Protection from Evil. Because most things parties face are... drumroll please... EVIL. Gee... who would have guessed?

Keld Denar
2008-12-07, 01:36 AM
From the Spell Compendium, Conviction and Mass Conviction are nice choices. Mass Conviction is a 3rd level spell and lasts 10min/lv. 3rd level means it fits neatly under a Lesser Rod of Extend, giving you 20min/levle, or 1 hour/3 levels, which at level 9 is 3 hours. Memorize 2 of them and that SHOULD be the bulk of your adventuring day.

If you want to be the BEST buffer you can be, I highly suggest dropping a goodly portion of your cash on this:

Link (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/wondrousItems.htm#strandofPrayerBeads)

Just get the Bead of Karma, if you can. Its 19,400 by itself. Yea, this is really really steep, but boosting your CL by 4 when you cast the bulk of your buffs is AMAZING. This gets you an extra +1 from both Magic Vestiments and Greater Magic Weapon. It usually gets you an extra +1 with Conviction or Shield of Faith. It adds 4 hours to your hours spells, and just over an hour to your extended 10 min/level spells. It also adds 4 levels to the DC of the CL check needed to dispel your buffage. Plus, you can combine it with the Divine Spell Power feat to get up to a +8 CL with a decent roll. You hit CL 17!!!! Thats a DC28 Dispel Check, which is a 15% chance for a 10th+ level caster to dispel you with Dispel Magic. Later when you get an Orange IWIN stone, you'll be over CL20 when you buff, even far before level 20. This means you are passing out +5 GMWs and +5 MVs. If your Warblade friend has +1 armor and a +1 animated shield, he'll get a +8 bonus to his AC all day long. Thats awesome.

Best buffing item ever.

2008-12-07, 09:43 AM
You might consider getting the Courage domain instead (Complete Warrior). Almost the entire spell list are buffs, some of them quite useful.

If you are allowed to use Dragon Compendium, consider the Ability Enhancer feat. It increases the enhancement bonuses given by your spells by +2, giving you an edge over the standard ability enhancement bonuses for quite a whiles.

2008-12-07, 10:50 AM
9th level Cleric (5th level spells)?

Buffs from Spell compendruim:
1) Virtue: 1 temp hp if worth it sometimes
2) Guidance: +1 bonus to attack, etc. Very useful.
1) Foundation of Stone: affects 1 target/level, every round te spell checks whether the targets have moved.
If they haven't +2 unnamed bonus to AC (and trip/bull rush resist).
1) Divine protection: Allies within 20 ft burst area, gain +1 morale AC and saves.
2) Protection from Negative Energy: Ignore 10 of it.
1) Aid, Mass: Everyone gets Aid effect.
2) Grace: +2 unnamed Dex bonus.
3) Reist Energy, Mass: Always useful for whole party.
4) Weapon of Energy: make his weapon Flaming, etc.
1) Recitation: Alies get Luck bonus +2 AC, attack, and saves if they worship your diety.
2) Resistance, Greater
3) Undead Bane Weapon: Makes weapom Undead bane.
1) Divine Agility: Subject gains +10 Dex for 1 rd/level.
2) Life's Grace: Mucho buffs versus undead/Death ward effects as well.

Keld Denar
2008-12-07, 11:19 AM
1) Recitation: Alies get Luck bonus +2 AC, attack, and saves if they worship your diety.

Recitation always gives a +2, regardless of worship. IF they do worship your god too, the get another +1 on top of that, for a net total of +3.

2008-12-07, 11:27 AM
Grab a way of getting Chain Spell cheap and a Rod of Reach. Saves you a lot of slots in the long run.