View Full Version : Question - Kobolds and Draconic Goodies

2008-12-07, 02:30 AM
On page 100 of Races of the Dragon, the Dragonwrought Kobold feat states that "your type is dragon rather than humanoid, and you lose the dragonblood subtype." However, the Dragon Wings feat states that it has the Dragonblood subtype, Dragon Wings feat, and 6 HD as prerequisites.

1. Is it possible for Dragonwrought Kobolds to take the Dragon Wings feat even though they lose their Dragonblood subtype?

2. Is it possible for a Kobold to take the Dragon Wings feat even without taking Dragonwrought? Technically, normal Kobolds have the Dragonblood subtype, but if they can just take it regularly, why take Dragonwrought?

2008-12-07, 02:47 AM
Dragons can take any feat that has Dragonblood as a pre-req. I'm not sure where it says that, but it does somewhere in Races of the Dragon, I think.

2008-12-07, 03:03 AM

Special: Unlike most feats, this feat must be taken at 1st
level, during character creation. Having this feat allows
you to take the Dragon Wings feat at 3rd level.
So Dragonwrought Kobolds have no trouble take the feat.

2. Dragonwrought gives some nice benefits in itself, and is created so you can get both it and wings.

Though I suppose you are refering to Improved Dragon Wings.
And yes, Dragons count as being Dragonblooded. Its on page 4 of RoD