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2008-12-07, 03:19 PM
Has anyone run into some home brewed Psionics meant for Paizo's Pathfinder? I'd like to try and bring Psionics into the system but the Pathfinder base classes are powered up compared to core.

Most non core classes can be modified along the lines that they changed the base classes but theirs no real base line to use for the Psionic classes. SO at the moment the only option is to homebrew or play them like they are and just go underpowered.

2008-12-07, 09:48 PM
I think the best thing to do for the psionic classes is find their non-psionic equivalents, and re-balance from there.
Psion= Wizard
Suggested changes: change HD to d6s, and add a minor at will power for each subtype. (i.e. Kineticists would get something much like the evoker SLA)

Wilder= Sorcerer
Hmm... maybe create a few reflavored bloodlines (or whatever that sorcerer special is called) and then list out whih ones a wilder may use? Bump HD is pathfinder sorcerer HD got a bump.

Psychic Warrior= No really good equivalent I can think of.
Perhaps bump his HD to d10s, and but other than that its probably fine. It has half casting, 3/4s BAB, and bonus feats like a 3.5 fighter, so it may be fine where it is.

Soulknife= ???
I'll be blunt, this class needs such an overhaul you might as well completely rebuild it.

I find with the HD bump psionics is about on par with the rest of pathfinder and runs just fine. But I'm rather new at homebrewing so don't take my advice too seriously.

Good luck. :)

2008-12-08, 03:32 PM
You're also ignoring how, in Pathfinder, Hit Dice are pretty strictly determined by BAB. So Pathfinder wouldn't allow, for example, giving the PsiWarrior a d10 Hit Die, because he has a Medium BAB.

2008-12-08, 04:47 PM

Wilder "bloodlines" should be emotions. Like what the green lanterns have been doing with the other corps. To an extent.

And I've been fiddling. I've been grabbing Ultimate D&D ideas for Pathfinder classes. The Pathfinder rules I've put into my 3.5 games though. I'd love to see peoples homebrews though.

2008-12-08, 07:17 PM
Along my own thinking balance wise only think I am really looking for is a psionic answer to arcanes new ability to cast their zero level spells at will.

My basic idea is to either give them one more 1st level power that they can manifest 1 point into without burning a point from their reserve as long as they're psionically focused. If that makes sense.

So take far hand. You can manifest 1 point into far hand as long as you're focused. This point s not taken from your reseve so you can essentially manifest 1 point at will. It still counts though as spending a point on the power for the purposes of manifest level and such, you just don't take the point from your pool. It's a free point. And you have to have your focus in order to do it. You can still use the power as normal as your level goes up by putting more points into it. Just the first point you put in doesn't count. And only this one power gets this ability.

I feel this is roughly equivalent to the arcane classes ability to cast all their zero level spells at will. It's actually probably even a little underpowered in comparison but it is something at least.

2008-12-09, 12:56 AM
I've been playing with a psychic warrior PC recently, and I can tell you they don't need a boost. Sorry, didn't know about the hD vs. BAB thing.

Oh, and the one power point focused reserve power looks good.

2009-10-23, 08:52 PM
I've always considered the psychic warrior a sort of psionic bard. Feats instead of music, but otherwise similar.

2009-10-24, 05:37 PM
Psions are pretty underpowered compared to their core equivilents (though I see it as Psion-Wizard, Wilder-Sorcerer, Psychic Warrior-Cleric (at least in terms of mechanics), Soulknife-Paladin (since the paladin is the cloest to a "magical warrior" in core).

Psions will need a boost, something similer to what wizards got, only a little more. One thing I was considering was making some abiliites similar to what the wizard has, onlly upping the power a little (such as say, in the case of a Telepath, grant a few mind-linking-esc abilities permately with no power point cost, but only to a "bound" creature or some such).

Wilders need a bit of a boost as well. Their main weakness is their lack of powers (having less than a Psychic Warrior), my advice would be to change it to two powers at 1st level and 1 power per level after, granting 10 more powres by 20th level. Maybe some abiltiies based on emotions (ala the sorcerer bloodlines) could be a nice touch as well.

Psychic Warrior might need just a little push to be on par. Soulknife will need a substantially bigger one. Theres quite a fwe ways you can do this though, and the most commonly sugrested way is to just give the Psychic warrior the soulknife progression (maybe even still upping the progression a little). Another is generally things like giving the soul-knife full BAB etc (which fits, since under PF they'll need either more BAB, or a reduction in HD since they're D10).

Currently, I've tried given the soulknife a better BAB and afew more options with psychic strike (such as doing things like draining power points instead etc). They don't seem underpowering now, but I still feel they need a bit of omph (I'd strongly consider upping the soul-knife progression though, those weapon bonuses don't seem to mean much compared to most found weapons, even in PF adventure paths).

2009-10-26, 05:52 AM
How about giving the Wilder the ability to enter an emotional focus? This would grant extra powers and a skill bonus or similar, and it would last as long as the wilder has a psionic focus going, and there's a couple of different ones to chose from themed according to emotion. The Wilder can only use a single of those at any time, but may refocus at any time and chose a new one (taking the same time as focusing would in the first place).

Would give them a little extra thematic boost, while making them a bit more unique than "psionic sorcerer". It would also make them more versatile than the specialized psions.