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2005-12-18, 04:48 PM
Druzar Stalek sits atop the eves of a tavern, his eyes burn with immortal hatred for the living as he slowly glances about. His cloak whips about in the freezing winter wind, along with his stringy black hair. The wind had picked up a few hours earlier, about the time that a plump little merchant had walled into the tavern. The merchantsí laughter could be heard from within, along with several other patrons. Druzar had crouched upon that roof all day, waiting for the feeble mortal to walk inside. His ghoulish flesh had begun to freeze in the frigid air.

The merchant staggers outside of the bar, several of his friends following him. Their mirth echoes off of the buildings as Druzar silently stands. A shortbow is taken out of its case and strung as the mortals stumble about. The wind carries their words up to Druzar, along with the scent of supple man-flesh. Druzar draws back the bow, his arms straining as it silently comes back, until the fletching touches his gaunt, wasted face. Another few moments pass as Druzar savers the moment, his eyes gleam with his need to kill. Not only was this his first job in weeks, but this was his first meal in days as well. The arrow flies, and catching the merchant right above his collarbone. Two more arrows fly in quick succession, taking out both of the merchantsí friends. They all collapse onto the snow covered street, not a one made a sound before their deaths.

Druzars lithe form drops to the street a few meters away. His quick stride takes him to the merchantsí body, which he quickly searches. He stands up, several documents in his hands. These he puts into a small pouch on his belt as he stoops back down. He opens his mouth, and a loving sigh comes out as he takes his first mouthful.

Biblio: At the age of 27, Druzar was backstabed by his brothers when they were on a mission to kill an opposing armies general. Later reanimated as a ghoul by said brothers, Druzar had become an advanced form of ghoul (Gravetouched Ghoul). He broke free of his bonds, and slew one of his two brothers. The other ran off before Druzar could catch him. Druzar has since wandered around, taking assassination jobs and what not. His greatist desire is to find his other brother and kill him as revenge for animating him as an undead.

Age: 262
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 162lb
Hair: Black, wiry and greasy looking.
Eyes: Red, akin to embers.
Skin: As a normal ghouls. Wasted, pale, ect..
Personality overview: Vengeful. Due to the acts that have been committed against Druzar in the past, his need to prove himself has progressed to an almost insane level. If slighted, Druzar will attempt to get back at the perpetrator, by any means necessary. While Druzar has an evil alignment, he can still see the sense in working with others. Druzars main goal in life right now is to survive. He is not stupid, and does have several strong allies who he will call upon if the need arises. He prefers to come up with a plan and scout things out before engaging in battle, and prefers most to avoid battle whenever he can.

Name: Druzar Stalek (CR 14)
Race; Class; Level: Evolved-Undead Gravetouched-Ghoul (Human base); Rogue 5/Assassin 7; 15
Alignment; Size; Type: Neutral Evil; Medium; Augmented Undead
Init: +13
Senses: darkvision 60ft, Listen +11, Spot +11
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Infernal


AC 30, Touch 21, Flat-footed 21
hp 78 (12d12 HD)
Immune: Druzar is an undead.
Resist -
SR -
DR -
Fort +3, Ref +18, Will +6
Weakness: Druzar is an Undead.


Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee: 2 claws+19 (1d4+5+Paralysis/x2) and Bite+17 (1d6+4+Ghoul Fever+Paralysis) or
Ranged: +2 Seeking Frost Shortbow +19/+14 (1d6+5+1d6 Cold/x3)

Base Atk +8; Grp +11
Attack Options: Sneak Attack +7d6, Death Attack*,Paralysis*,Ghoul Fever*
Special Actions: See above. I have gotten confused on which goes where, so I just put them under Attack Options.
Combat Gear: Shadow Veil: Armor, grants +2 Deflection Bonus to AC and concealment unless the onlooker has vision that doesnt require light (Darkvision, blindsigh, ect), Ring of Invisability, Boots of Speed

Spells/Powers Known: CL 7, Per day (1st/2nd/3rd): 4/4/3

3rd: Save DC 16
Deeper Darkness
Deep Slumber

2nd: Save DC 15
Pass Without Trace
Spider Climb

1st: Save DC 14
True Strike
Feather Fall
Obscuring Mist
Disguise Self

Spell-Like/Power-Like Abilities: 1/day Cone of Cold (Caster Level 12, 12d6 Cold damage in 60ft cone, Ref 1/2 DC 21)


Abilities: (30 point buy) Str 16, Dex 29, Con -, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 22
Special Qualities: Evasion, Improved Uncanny Dodge,Trapfinding, Trap Sence +1, Poisen Use, +3 SAves vs. Poson, +2 Turn Resistence, Fast Healing 3, Diet Dependent upon Flesh (Must feed every 3 days or begin going crazy from hunger)
Feats: Gravetouch Ghoul B: Multi-Attack, Human B: Improved Inititive, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse, Improved Paralysis (Adds 4 to the DC), Point Blank Shot.
Skills: Bluff +21, Diplomasy +19, Disable Devise +18, Disguise +21 (+23 to be in character), Hide +24, Intimidate +19, Move Silently +24, Search +18, Tumble +24.
Possessions combat gear plus Bracers of Armor +6, Gloves of Dexterity +6, Cloak of Charisma +4, Amulet of Mighty Fists +2, Efficiant Quiver, Bag of Holding 4, Travelers Outfit, Spell Components Pouch, Masterwork Thieves Tools.

*Death Attack: 3 rounds of study and then sneak attack with a melee weapon within 3 rounds. As normal sneak attack but with an extra effect (choose one):
1: Death, Fort save DC 20 or die.
2: Paralysis, Fort save DC 20 or helpless for 1d6+7 rounds
*Paralysis (Ex): Victims that are hit by the ghouls bite or claw attacks must make a succsessful fort save (DC 26), or be paralized for 1d4+1 rounds
*Ghoul Fever (Su): Disease-Bite, Fort DC 22, Incubation period 1 day, damage 1d3 Dex and 1d3 Con. An afflicted humanoid that dies from this rises as a ghoul, or ghast if it has 4+ HD

General Tactics: Hide, using the terrain to advantage. Use the assassins death attack ability if possible, then activate the boots of haste and the ring of invisability. Charge in with spring attack, and try to to out a dangerous target. Avoid melee combat when possibal, use the bow to pick off targets froma distance. Use of the cone of cold should be used to damage high armored fighters and such.
Sources Used: SRD, Libris Mortis.

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And now here is the picture of Druzar Stalek.