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2008-12-08, 05:29 PM
First of all, I've forgotten how to make tables, so a quick link or instruction would be most helpful. Second, this is a prestige class made for my player who took the high road in a game and DIDN'T kill first and ask later. To reward his efforts, I am creating a divine blood-themed prestige class that he will gain access to.

The Blood Priest

Blood Priests are those of a religious mind who have devoted themselves to that precious red liquid. Some worship bloody gods, some see it as a powerful substance from which to draw great powers, others respect it for what it does for many living creatures. Whatever their reasons, they have gained some ability to manipulate the substance and use blood to spill more blood to use to spill to use to spill to...

Hit Die: d6

Skills: Knowledge (religion) 8 ranks
Feats: Blood Disciple (see below.)
Spellcasting: Ability to cast divine spells.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Reflex Save|Will Save|Special|Spellcasting|
1st|0|2|0|2| Create Blood, Cure/Inflict Versatility, Turn/ Rebuke Undead ||
2nd|1|3|0|3|Bloodied Weapon (+1), Bathe int he Blood Red Armor| +1 Divine|
3rd|2|3|1|3| Detect Blood | |
4th|3|4|1|4|Bloodied Weapon(+2) |+1 Divine|
5th|3|4|1|4|Damage Reduction 5/magic | |
6th|4|5|2|5|Bloodied Weapon(+3) | +1 Divine|
7th|5|5|2|5|Immune to Disease| |
8th|6/1|6|2|6|Bloodied Weapon(+4)|+1 Divine|
9th|6/1|6|3|6| |
10th|7/2|7|3|7|Bloodied Weapon (+5), Damage Reduction 10/magic, Meat 'Splosion |+1 Divine|


Create Blood: As "Create Water", but produces blood instead of water. Usable 1/day/wis. modifier. Caster Level equal to Class Level.

Cure/Cause Wounds Versatility: If you have levels in cleric, you may spontaneously cast cure and inflict wounds spells instead of one or the other.

Bloodied Weapon: Starting at 2nd level, whenever you deal piercing or slashing damage to the enemy with a melee weapon, the blood spilled by your enemy coats the weapon and hardens into dangerous edges and spikes. This results in a bonus to all attack and damage rolls made with that weapon equal to 1/5 your Class Level (rounded down.) This bonus remains for 1 min./ Class level. Can only be used on enemies with blood and/or constitution scores.

Bathe in the Red Armor: Anytime you or an ally kills an enemy, you may spend two rounds (one spent cutting, the other spent covering yourself in gore) to cover yourself in the enemy's blood. Your control over blood allows you to shape this blood in a sort of armor which grants you a bonus to your armor class equal to the constitution modifier of the enemy (minimum one and maximum of your Class Level.) This bonus remains for one minute/class level. This ability can only be used if the corpse of the enemy contains blood (or a similar substance.)

Detect Blood: You are so attuned to the forces of blood, you can sense when another creature possessing it is nearby. Treat this as detect undead except that it detects creatures who possess blood. This is usable at-will, caster level equal to class level.

Damage Reduction: Your own blood has started to coagulate instantaneously when you are wounded, allowing you to ignore damage and heal faster.

Immune to Disease: Your blood has developed a supernaturally strong immune system that makes you immune to all forms of disease except supernatural ones (such as lyncanthropy and mummy rot.)

Bloody Spell: You may suffuse your spells with your own blood, making them more devestating than before. When using Cure or Inflict spells, you may take any number of points of Constitution damage to increase the Hit points lost or restored by the Constitution damage times 10.

Meat Explosion: Once/day as part of a melee attack that deals 10 or more points of piercing or slashing damage through base weapon damage and your strength modifier (in other words, ignoring magical enhancements to the weapon's damage), you may choose to force the harmed enemy to roll a Fortitude Save (DC= 10+ Class level + Cha modifier) or die in a horrible, bloody, explosion of meat. This explosion does no actual damage (except to the targeted creature), but covers all adjacent creatures in blood and gore, forcing them to make a DC 15 will save or be nauseated for ten rounds. Blood Priests are immune to nauseation from this source, and may use their Bloodied Weapon and Bathe in the Red Armor abilities once covered in blood in this way (bonus to AC= to slain creature's CON modifier.) This ability may be used as a coup de grace an unlimited number of times each day, but as part of a normal melee attack only once each day.

You have studied the lore and rites involving blood magic. Creatures who have a connection to this precious substance look upon you with respect.

You gain a +5 bonus to all diplomacy checks made to sway creatures composed mostly or entirely of blood (such as blood amniotes) and creatures with a blood dependence (such as vampires) (Libris Mortis, they think you might feed them.)

2008-12-08, 06:15 PM
This (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1183222&postcount=1) has the table formats for PrCs in it... admittedly you have to scroll down a good bit, but that should be what you are looking for.

P.S. I just want to point out the delicilious Irony of this class that gains its power from slaughter being a reward for NOT engaging in indescriminate killing... nothing wrong with that pairing of cause and effect, just ironic.

2008-12-09, 05:55 PM
Table udated...

2008-12-09, 07:29 PM
Meat Explosion damage threshold definition (including the part in parentheses) is contradictory because it ignores the existence of power attack, weapon focus, shock trooper, and extraordinary martial manuvers... you need to decide if any of these count, and perhaps bump up the damage threshold. Belt of strength +4 and a 2 handed weapon puts you 3 points closer than you would be with just the 2-hander... and power attack for 4 in order to get a save-or-die on a hit? Yes please!