View Full Version : jedi hyperdrive malfunction into 4e

Darth Stabber
2008-12-10, 04:34 PM
So I am considering putting putting a jedi into a 4e game and I am looking for fix to put the jedi into a 4e game from Starwars Saga Edition. Problem is SWSE is stuck halfway between 3.5 and 4 with a few screwballs thrown in. As far as class, path, destiny- that is solvable by Jedi/Jedi Knight/Jedi Master.
A) as far as combat options go in swse, it works like 3.5, there is still a bab, and the only things that really count as manuvers are force powers and random dailies.
B) Knight and Master are both prestige classes, and Master is only a 5 lvl prestige. Luckily there are no dead lvls in swse.
C)there is no ac, stuff that normally hits ac hits reflex defence. Simple solution everything goes against ref, but that hardly seems fair.

So would I be better off trying to make a few force powersourced classes or would I be better off going with my current Idea of shoehorning them into 4e or am I better of try to find a 3.5 game to shoehorn him into?

Mercenary Pen
2008-12-10, 04:53 PM
IMO, you'd probably be best off creating force power-sourced classes specifically for 4e if you intend to do this... Though this would be much easier to achieve if 4e psionics were published.

My advice for you, until such time as 4e psionics hit, is to use something arcane as your basis (probably the swordmage for your standard jedi knight) and try to get the flavour of the powers right.