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2005-09-05, 12:55 PM
On our plane, we take creatures from the wild that have some trait that we deem valuable to us. We then domesticate and breed for that trait, eventually obtaining a domestic creature perfect for the task it was breed for. Sometimes we do this to deal with some inconvieniance caused by some other creature we name a pest.
Now, through many others travels through the planes, I have scarcely heard of any intelligent outsider doing the same on thier plane. Upon further research I relized that adventures are idiots that wander through the plane hacking their weapons into the faces of others and looting thier bodies, caring nothing for thier culture, history, the wisdom they could share, or an alternate solution to the ogres moto*. So I went is search for my own answers and found what I was looking for quite easily. There are an abundance of pets tamed by outsiders on thier planes, and an abundance of *Large black blot with a small clear wing* pest to hover over your pages and try sucking the ink out of them. Here is the collection of pets and annoying flying pest I have collected during my travels.
*"Smash first, Smash later. Ask qustions if want get smashed into pieces smaller than goblins manhood.

(CRs 1 to 4)
Diminuative Outsider(Air)
HD- 2d8+1 (9 hp)
Initiative- +2 (Dex)
Speed- Crawl 5 / Fly (Average) 10
AC- 16 (+4 size, +2 Dex)
Attacks- Gore, -5
Damage- Gore, 1
Face/Reach- 1 x '6/ 2
Special Attacks- Spray, Implant
Special Quailities- Darkvision
Saves- Fort:+3, Ref:+4, Will: -1
Abilities: Str: 6, Dex: 15, Con: 12, Int: 3, Wis: 4, Cha: 3
Skills: Spot +4, Listen +4
Feats- Hover
Cliamte/Terrain- Any
CR- 1
Orginization- Solo (1), Brood (4-8), Swarm (10-15)
Alignment- Always Nuetral
Treasure- None
Advancement- None

The Knogh is on the level of a house fly to the Djinn in that it is small and flies around annoyingly. It sprays costic fluid on books which disolves the ink and paper which it then drinks up with it straw-like sucker. It has a worm-like body with yellow-green wings.
It can speak Auran, but on the same level an ogre speaks common. Almost reminds me of an orc I once traveled with.

If attacked, it will usually use its spray and then run to eat another day. However, it may decide to lay its eggs inside its aggressor after goring it in the kneck with its sucker.

It opens up a small flap on its underside that sprays costic fluid from its stomach in a 5 foot line. It will deal 2d8 acid damage. On a failed reflex save (DC12) the saver takes full damage and her armor take half. If the save is succesfull, the saver takes half damage and the armor is dealt none.

On a succesfull attack, the Knogh may lay its eggs inside the attacked creaure. The eggs hatch in 1d4 days and begin to dissolve the creaturea insides. A remove desiese spell or a heal check (DC 16) destroys the eggs and the maggots inside them. If the check fails, the healer may try again, but evertime it fails he deals 1d4 damage to the patient.

Whale fish
Meduim Outsider(Air)
HD- 3d8 (12 hp)
Initiative- +1 (Dex)
Speed- Swim 15/ Fly(good) 15
AC- 16 (+1 Dex, +5 Natural)
Face/Reach- 5x5/10
Attacks- Slam +6
Damage- 1d6+3 (6)
Special Attacks- Swallow Whole, Spell-Like abilities
Special Qualities- Darkvision
Saves- Fort- +2, Ref- +4, Will- +3
Abilities- Str-16, Dex-12, Con-8, Int-7, Wisdom- 10, Cha-6
Skills- +4 spot, +3 move silently
Feats- Improved Grab
Climate/Terrian- Any
Orginization- Solo (1), Mates (2) ,School (5-10)
Alignment- Usually Lawful Nuetral
Treasure- Sometime, Gems only
Advancement- Medium 4-6, Large 7-9, Huge 10-12

The name Whale Fish is actually a deteriorartion of the the Aruan 'Waelphish', which means 'Big Mouthed', which is defenently true of this creature. It's mouth is so wide, it could defenently swallow the humble gnome whose words you read before you.
It is 5 feet long and 3 feet wide. It posseses the body of a fish and the wings of a bird and weighs up to 200lbs. It's born with light blue scales that darken as it ages. The Djinn owners will sometime decorate thier pet with gems in its scales, marking that it is owned.
They are used as pets by Dijinn on the plane of air to get rid of pesky Knoghs eating thier books. A Whale Fish will eat up to forty Knoghs a day. Thats up to five gnomes!

A Whale Fish will fly as high as it can and swoop in on its prey, swallowing it and then flying away, or if it cant fly very high it will try to Hold Animal and grab it while its stuned. It will rarely stay to fight, but if it must it will sweat emmensly to create a fog in which it will fly away in.

Spell-Like Abilities
Spells cast as second level cleric
2/day- Cure light wounds
1/day- Obscuring Mist, Hold Animal

Swallow whole- A Whale Fish, upon a succesfull grapple check, may swallow an opponent of small size or smaller. Once swallowed, the victim takes 2d4+6 crushing damage plus 1d6 acid damage. On a succesfull grapple check, the creature may attempt to climb out, expelling him from the Fish. He may also try to cut himself out with a Small or smaller slashing or piercing weapon, cutting open the Fish and freeing him (Hp 10, AC 12). The Whale Fish may, within a one hour period, Swallow one Small, two Tiny, Four diminuative, or eight Fine or smaller creatures at a time.

Aeganaun Plant
Large plant, Outsider(Evil)
HD- 4d8+10 (26 hp)
Initiative- +0 (-4 int, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed- 0
Ac 19 (-1 size, +10 Natural)
Face/Reach- 10x10/20 (5x10/15)
Attacks- Slap +6,+4,+2,+0
Damage- Slap 1d8+1 (5)
Special Attacks- Entrap, Improved Grab, Spell-Like Abilities
Special Qualities- Fast Healing/3
Saves- Fort- +9, Ref- None, Will- +0
Abilities- Str- 12, Dex ---, Con 20, Int- 2, Wis- 3, Cha- 4
Skills- Spot +8, Hide +8*
Feats- Improved Initiative, Multi-Attack
Climate/Terrain- Any
Orginization- Solo (1)
CR- 4
Alighnment- Always Nuetral Evil
Treasure- Standard
Advancement- Large 5-6, Huge 7-10, Gargantuan 11-14

This creature, or plant rather, is native to the plane of shadows. The various intelligent creatures on the plane often pick a few Aeganaun and plant them in thier homes so as to protect from would-be thieves or simply to provide some eye candy on a walk around thier estate.
An average Aeganaun plant is capable of swallowing a full grown orc and digesting it in two minutes and forty-two seconds.

Those where possibly the most enjoyable three minutes of my life....

While it is open and waiting for food, It would appear, as far as this damn gray scale will allow me to see, as a darkish grey lilly with four leaves and a sum of tresure in the center. When it srikes it turns jet black and its leaves trasform into vines it wields as tentecles.

The Aeganaun Plant will wait until its prey steps onto its sticky lilly or gets close enough for it to push it on itself. It lures others in with shiney object from its previous prey or those that it conjures up to fool others. Once the prey is on the lilly, the Aeganaun Plant closes shut with lightning speed and procedes to excret digestive fluid onto its food.

The lilly of The Aeganaun Plant is sticky. If a creature touches it, the victem must make a reflex save (DC 19) or be unable to move. If the save succedes, they step back and are not traped. If the save fails, tehn the plant closes shut and deals 1d8 crushing damage and 3d6 acid damage. To escape then, the victim must succede the saving throw and deal five damage with a slashing weapon.
The Aeganaun Plant may digest two medium, four large or eight tiny creatures at a time. After digesting a creature, it will usually not attack anything for an hour unless othewise provoked.

Spell-Like Abilities
At will- Silent Image, Dancing Lights, Acid Splash
Once a day- Invisibility
Spells are cast as a 3rd level Sorcerer.

Immune to Mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, and polymarphing. Not subject to Critical hits.

2005-09-05, 03:20 PM
Small Outsider
HD- 4d8+3 (19hp)
Initiative- +5 (Dex)
Speed- 30ft
AC- 22 (+1 size, +5 Dex, +5 Natural)
Face/Reach- 5x5/5
Attacks- 2 Claws, +4; Bite +1
Damage- Claw 1d4+5; Bite 1d6+5
Special Attacks- Blood Drain, Frightfull Presence
Special Qualities- Darkvision, Scent, Camoflauge
Saves- Fort: +4, Ref: +8, Will: +3
Abilities- Str:15, Dex:21, Con:12, Int:8, Wis:10, Cha:14
Skills: Jump: +10*, Spot: +6, Listen: +2, Search: +2, Move Silently: +8, Hide: +12*, Survival: +3
Feats: Weapon Finnese, Track
Climate/Terrain- Any
Orginization- Solitary (1), Mates (2), Pack (4-8 )
Treasure- None
Alignment- Usually Lawful Nuetral
Advancement- None

The Itoacksy, as they have been named, are small, lizardlike creatures. They have wide, usually black or red eyes, a hunched posture upon two powerfull back legs it hops on, and colorfull quills lining its back in an upside-down 'Y'.
It is 3 to 4 feet high on average and four feet long from head to tail. Its darkgreen scales can change color at its will, either to display its mood, or hide itself according to surrounding colors. It can weigh up to eighty pounds.

Itoacksy, if they have to at all, prefer to hide and let anything threatening just walk past them. If it is discovered it will jump to an incredible hieght and lenght and run.
If it is hungry though, it will hide among any higher surface and pounce down upon unsuspecting prey. If its prey is in a group, it will make a strike on what it thinks is the weakest and then run. It will then double back and use the same tactic over again until all its prey is dead. If its prey is solo, however, it will simply go into an all out flurry and try sucking the blood out of it while it is still alive.

Blood Drain
On a succesfull Bite Attack, The Itoucksy may instead of dealing damage, may make a Grapple Check to drain its targets blood. If it is succesfull then it deals 1d4+1 Constitution Damage to its target and gains temporarilly (1 hour) as much Hp as it drains Constitution.

Frightfull Presence
When it chooses, The Itoucksy may attempt to instill fear upon its target. Any creature within a 30ft range must make a Will save (DC 14) or be shaken for 5d6 rounds. An opponent who succedes the saving throw is immune to the creature frightfull presence for one day.

The Itoucksy gains a racial +2 to jump and +4 to hide when camoflauged.
Small Construct
HD- 2d10+2
Initiative- +2
Speed- 20ft
AC- 15 (+2 Dex, +1 Size, +2 Natural)
Face/Reach- 5x5/5
Attacks- Slam +2
Damage- Slam 1d6
Special Attacks- Debilitating Harmonics, Spontanious Combustion
Special Qualities- Construct
Saves- Fort: +2, Ref: +4, Will: +0
Abilities- Str: 10, Dex: 15, Con: -, Int: 1, Wis: 2, Cha: 14
Feats: Weapon Finnese
Climate/Terrain- Any
Orginization- Solo (1), Pair (2), Horde (6-20)
CR- 2
Treasure- None
Alignment- Lawfull Nuetral
Advancement- None

Upon my further travel through the planes, I came across the most intresting little fuzzball. As a planer native explained it to me, the creature was called a Obar, and it was an organic construct made to be the perfect pet.
But unfortunatly for them, it was not quite the perfect pet they expected.
The Obars would vibrate at times in the same way as a cat would. This vibration would cause anxiety and chest pains. It was incredibly stupid, and could not understand even the simplist commands. So stupid infact, that should it think too much, its 'brain' will heat up to incredible temperatures and set its hair on fire.
The Obar is about the size of a pikiniese dog, and looks as much as a mop as a constuct. On the ground it looks like a half-spherical ball of brown hair roughly 6 inches in diamiter. If searched, it would appear as though all of its hair is attached to a small ball of goo at its center.
The Obars where truely an undesireable pet, so much that, after the Obar incident, the planer inhabitants quickly moved to ban the constuction of any more under penalty of imprisonment for ten years and a twenty-thousand florin(Gold) fine.

The Obars are stupid. That has already been said, but it cannot be stressed enough. Often an Obar will begin bumping into and hurting anything it feels is around it then shuffle away as if nothing happened, and if attacked it will dodge blows and pretend as though it was not being attacked. If it attains awareness that it is attacking and is being attacked, it will try to fight back. That is, however, until its brain burns out from the combat.

Debilitating Harmonics
An Obar will begins its grating purr whenever something catches its notice. This low frequency sonic attack is in-audible, and will cause anxiety and minor discomfort to the chest, affecting concentration. This Sonic mind-affecting attack causes a -2 penalty on any action to all those who fail a Will saving throw (DC 13).

Spontanious Combustion
After 1d4+1 rounds of any continuos mental strain, such as combat or a simple math problem, its brain will attain a high temperature, setting its hair on fire. It will burn for 1d3 rounds, setting on fire any creature it passes a space through. Once the time expires, it is nothing but a ball of dead, burnt sap.

A construct is immune to mind influenceing effects (charms, compulsions, phantasims, patterns and moral effects) and to poison, sleep, paralysis, stuning, desiese, death effects, and necromatic effects.
Constructs are not suubject to critical hits, sub-dual damage,ability damage, ability drain, or energy drain. It is immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless it also affects objects). A construct is not at risk for massive damage.
An Obar requires 200gp to be constructed. This cost includes all the cost of the materialsand spell components that are consumed by or become a part of the creation.
Components include the sap of a tree, a penny wistle, and a clump of hair. Combining them correctly requires a Craft (Sculpture, Masonry) check (DC 14).
After it is sculpted, animation requires a 7th level character wiht the Craft Wondouros Item feat. The character must work for a total of twenty hours on it. He do anything else during the creation, so long as 20 hours of work are put into it.
Completing it requires casting Daze, Burning Hands,and Shatter.

The Creatures listed below, if desired by an Arcane Caster, may be used as a familiar, so long as he has the Improved Familiar Feat. The Required Caster Level for the familiars are as follows.

Familiar ---------------------- Arcane Level Required
Itoucksy -------------------- 7th
Knough --------------------- 3th
Whalefish ------------------- 5th

2005-09-05, 10:17 PM
Nice work, but one thing I noticed. I'm no expert but isn't there a lack of colour on the plane of shadows. My understanding was that everything was black, white or a shade of grey. This means that your Aeganaun Plant would not appear to be a purple lilly.

Just my five cents.

2005-09-06, 08:37 AM
Hmmmm, yes, Your right there I think. I forgot the plane of shadows was black and white. Thanks for reminding me.

2005-09-08, 09:46 PM
I'm not sure, but I think "acid" has come to be used as the catch-all damage type, for all manner of corrosives, solvents and other attacks that chemically denature the victim without burning him.

2005-09-16, 08:43 AM
Yes, Acid does seem to be the universal damage type. I was just wondering if there was a slight difference between wathcing acid eat through someones arm or turning the arm into a pile of disssolved flesh.

Apparently not.