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2008-12-12, 06:07 PM
Since I almost never get to use any of the things I make for D&D I figured I would see how much people here like them. All of the PRC's I put here were made for flavore so they arent all blanced and many of them are missing bits of information that one might need.

Spell breaker this is the first PRC I ever made and my favorit.

HD 1d6 Requisets: spell craft 13, Knowledge arcane 8, ability to cast 1st level spells, iron will, will 5. must be lawful

BaB: average, Will/Ref good, Fort: poor

Skills: 4+int mod use monk and wizards skill list.

lvl Ref
1. Improved counter spell,


3. +1will/ref

4. Spell absorb


6. +2 will/ref

7. Spell mirror


9. +3 will/ref


Improved counter spell: same as counter spell, but allows you to use any spell against any other of the same lvl or lower.

Spell absorb: Allows the spell breaker to absorb an incoming spellís energies into himself restoring one of his used spells of same lvl or store the absorbed spell for later use. For this to work the spell breaker must make a will save equal to the spellís already existing save (if the spell has no save then make the save DC 10+ spell lvl + the casterís modifier).

Note: spell absorb may only be used on spells targeted on you or whose area of effect you are in, also can't absorb epic spells.

Spell mirror: On a successful spellcraft check to identify a spell the spell breaker may use one of his spells of equal lvl to rebound the effects of an enemy spell back on the caster. (May use spell mirror 1 time per day equal to half spell breaker lvl + wisdom mod)

Note: On a successful scry check a spell breaker may use spell mirror to reflect divinations back on there user, giving the caster images or info on him self instead of the spell breaker.

Spell Break: This ability allows the Spell breaker to shatter the weave of magic in the air around anyone casting a spell. As an attack of opportunity the spell breaker may make a reflex save DC 10 + spell lvl + the casterís modifier, if this save is successful the spell breaker and caster make an opposed will save, if the caster fails then his spell is broken and every one within 15 feet takes 1d10 damage for every 2 caster lvls of the spell breaker, in addition for every 5 points that the caster fails his save by, break one more spell of equal lvl to the first (add 1 damage for each lvl of spell that is broken past the first)
Everyone within the area of effect gets a reflex save for half damage DC 10+ (total spell lvl broken divide by 2 rounded up)

Note: Spell break may only be used on spells whose lvl you have access to, spell break may be used to break epic spells but in turn you must us one of your own epic spell slots for the day.

Breaking epic spells: if you break and epic spell you must make a will save DC 10+caster lvl %2
if successful the epic spell is broken and you treat it as though you broke any other spell with the exception that the area of effect and damage double, if you fail the save, add 100d10 to total damage area effect becomes 1500 feet everything with in range makes a fort save DC 35, if you make this save you are dropped down to 0 hp and are comatose for 1d4 weeks (if you would other wise have lived from this attack then on a successful fort save take half damage) objects that fail there save are destroyed this does not pertain to magical objects.)

Levels past 10: there is little to no reson to take more then 10 levels of spell breaker, most of there abilitys are based off of there primary caster class and not there acuall spell breaker level. the only thing a spell breaker gains past 10 is at level 12 and every 3 levels after they gain +1 to will and ref saves and extra uses of spell mirror.

2008-12-12, 06:13 PM
Husk this is the most resent PRC I have made.

A husk is one of the most lothsom and feared people one can meet. Making a deal with a powerfull shadowland oni the husk gains great power but slowly gives up what makes them who they are. First there flesh then there mineds and eventualy there souls, a husk with a stong will can stave off this change but intime the fight for control will be lost.

BaB: avareg
Saves:will bad/fort,refl good
Skills: 2+int

able to speak: abyssle or infernal.
Must have enough exp to take a level in Husk and be near death or in a hopless situation.
Must have at least two vile feats.
any chaotic.
BAB: 5+

1 Live and kill, Dark arm, eaten alive.

2 Like a god

3 +1d6

4 Like a god (masaquisme)

5 +5' range, Canabalism

6 Like a god (sadisme)

7 +1d6, Lizards escape

8 Devoering insides

9 +5' range

10 Let go, Age less

Eaten alive: such is the fate of all husks that the very thing to save them will eventualy devoer them. once per day the husk must make a fort save to keep the Oni from spreading over more of his body this will go on untill the oni covers the whole body (can fail one roll for each point of base con the character has) when there is no more of the husks old body left the oni begins to eat away at his mined slowly replaceing your thoughts with its own(will roll/wis) last the oni will eat your soul. (only one fail needed)

Live and kill: on taking a level in this class the charicter manifests the full power of the Oni inside escaping or destroying what ever caused the player to call the oni in the first place. The Husk also gains an extra stabilazation roll when droped below 0 HP.

Dark Arm: the players right(or left) arm is replaced by the oni taking the shape of a twisted clawed arm covered with scales, fur, and long wavie wisker like hairs. when a player attack with this arm they count as hvaing the imp unarmed feat and deal 1d6 slashing damage. at levels 3 and 7 the dark arm gain +1d6 to its damig and at levels 5 and 9 +5' to its range.

Like a god: Lets the Husk rage once per day for every 3 levels of husk they have after 2nd+ con mod. At level 4 the husk gains masachism as a bonus feat when raged and at 6th level also gains sadisme.

Canablisme: the husk can eat the flesh of any once liveing (non undead/ incorporial) thing it can fined gaining regen +2 for each level/HD it had. lost limbes can be healed in this way, this regeniration last a number of rounds equil to half the players husk levels. This ability is the manifestation of the oni's own enddless apatite, a Husk at this level of coruption must eat 1 lbs of flesh from an intelagent creature once every 2 days and gains -1 to all stats for every day after that he dos not eat.

Lizards escape: part of an arm or leg you can make a clone of your self to trick foes. Clones made by this ability only last a short time (1d4+1 rounds) and have half your HP and damage. When this ability is used you may make a hide cheack at a +5 bounes.

Devoering insides: the Husks stomach splits open turning into a large mouth with a long barbed snake like tounge. this toung may make one attack per round at your highst attack bones with a damage of 2d6 slashing. Enemys must make a spot cheack DC? lose there dex mod to AC aginst this attack.

Let go: When a husk is cornered or in danger they learn to give into the monster inside of them to become somthing terable and wonderful at the same time. Treat this ability as the Form of Doom power and can be used 1/day and last as long as rage.

Age less: the Husk does not age... see every other ability like this :P

2008-12-12, 06:23 PM
The Dragon Knight I origanly made this for 2e just befor 3e came out and converted it some years later. And yes it is very unbalanced.

HD: d8 Skills points: level 1 5+int mod x4 every level after 5+int mod. Alignment: that of dragon lord

BaB: good, Fort: good, Will/ref: poor

Level Special
1 Dragon smithed armor

2 bonus feat, master of arms or Dragon mage


4 Dragon Magics

5 bonus feat

6 Dragons breath


8 Master of arms 2 or Dragon Mage 2


10 bonus feat


12 Call of the sky, scaled toung



15 bonus feat

16 Master of arms 3 or Dragon Mage 3


18 Soul bond


20 bonus feat, Call plainar dragon.

Dragon Smithed armor: Dragon smithed armor is the first of many gifts a Dragon Knight will gain while inservice to there dragon lord starting as eather a master work full plate or master work Scale mail with 5/4 ac, the armor will grow in power as the knight grows in power. A dragon knight may add one enhancement to his armor at level 4 and once agin every 3 levels after and one last time at level 20.

Dragon Magics: at 4th level a dragon knight learns to cast arcane spells as though he was a 1st level sorcerer (caster level 1+cha modifier) a dragon knight suffers all the same effects from wearing armor as a sorcerer in any armor other then his dragon smithed armor. a dragon knight may cast spells equil to his cha modifier up to 6th level unless you took the path of the dragon mage. dragon knights do not pray or memarize spells instead they must spend at least 1 hour a day chaneling arcane energy through a scale given to them by there dragon lord.

Dragons Breath: Gain a breath attack of the same type as your dragon lord this ability starts at 2d8 damig and goes up by 2d every 2 levels after 6. The Dc for this attack is 14+cha modifier this also goes up by 2 every 2 levels after 6. A dragon knight can use this power once per 3 levels of dragon knight +1 (range is equil to that of there master dragons breath weapon of the same dice level 2d, 4d... ect.)

Master of arms: at secound level a Dragon knight may choos to follow the path of the master of arms on this path a dragon knight can sellect bonus feats from the fighter bounes feat chart and gains damig reduction 2/-

Master of arms 2: at level 8 a dragon knight on the path of arms gains a bounes to there damig reduction bringing it to 3/- they also learn to better slay the foes of there master, a 8th level dragon knight on the path of arms gains smite good/evil based on there Dragon lords alighnment.

Master of arms 3: at level 16 a Dragon Knight gains a bounes to there damig reduction bringing it to 6/-, a dragon knight also learns to chanel the power of there master to make them a vertual avatar in battle, while active treat the dragon knight as though under the effects of a holy/unholy aura spell the knight will also gain a strength bonus equil to there class level + there cha modifier and grow 2 size catagories larger(armor and weapons grow to fit), all effects last for 1round/level this power may be used once perday. (suppernatural in nature)

Dragon mage: a dragon knight that takes the path of Dragon mage at level 2 gains bounes feats from the mage bounes feat list, also they are able gain dragon magics and are able to gain spells up to 9th level (replace Dragon magics with a bonus feat at level 4) This path is not with out cost a dragon knight that takes this path replaces there BAB with that of a cleric of the same level.

Dragon mage 2: At level 8 a dragon knight on the path of the dragon mage gains +1 to his caster level and may pick one spell of 4th level or lower that is always cast as though under the effects of a metamagic feat you posses, once picked this spell will alwasy be under this effect but will be cast at the same spell level it would normaly be cast at.

Dragon mage 3: at level 16 a dragon knight on the path of the dragon mage may pick one spell of 8th level or lower that spell is cast as though under the effect of a metamagic feat you posses, once picked this spell will alwasy be under this effect but will be cast at the same spell level it would normaly be cast at also once per day a dragon knight of the dragon mage path may cast a spell as though under the effect of the double spell metamagic feat.

Call of the sky: 3 times per day a dragon knight can call a pair of ethireal dragon wings alowing him to fly at double his land speed and skill equil to that of a dragon of his masters type these wings last for 1 hour, when call of the sky ends the dragon knight will fall to the ground as though under the effect of feather fall spell (call of the sky and the feather fall effect are arcane in nature and are effected by anti magic effects)

Scaled toung: a dragon knight may speak to any reptilian creater with intelligence of 4 or higher regardles of languges known.

Call plainer dragon: At 20th level a dragon knight may call a dragon with celestial/fiendish templet this dragon counts as an extraplainer creater and is equil instrength to a mature dragon(add a number of age catagorys equil to the dragon knights cha modifier) of there lord dragons type with the celestial/fiendish templait this dragon may be summoned once perday for 5 hours+ cha modifier, a dragon summoned in this way will serve as mount and aid in fighting if the dragon and dragon knigth should become more then 1 mile apart then the dragon returns to its home plain. (summoned dragons are extraplainer creatures and are effected by spells as such)

Soul Bond: At 18th level there is no going back for a dragon knight his soul bonds to that of his master should his master be in danger the dragon knight can sense it should the dragon knight be indanger his master may also warn him of it, this bond also means that should the dragon knights master ever die so to will the dragon knight unless his master were to releas him from service befor his death. (1 perday any roll that would result in the dragon knights hp droping bellow zero is rerolled at a -5)

weapon profisionsy: Dragon Knights train in only a small aray of weapons normaly thoughs best suted for fighting there dragon lords evil/good counter parts these are most often long swords, bows/cross bows, axes, and nearly any form of spear or pole arm, though less comon for them to accualy use in battle dragon knights are also profisiont in all simple weapons.

armor profisionsy: Dragons knighs are profisiont in all types of armor but are normaly only seen in medum or heavy armors.

sheild profisionsy: Dragon knights are able to use all forms of sheilds including tower sheilds

Skill list: Alchemy, climb, consentration, craft, knowledge, handle animal, jump, listen, ride, scry, spellcraft, spot, swim.

Spells per day for dragon knight with out Dragon mage

Spell lvl
1 2 3 4 5 6
4 1 1
6 2 2 1
8 2 2 2 1
10 3 3 2 1 1
12 3 3 3 2 1
14 3 3 3 3 2 1
16 4 4 3 3 2 1
18 4 4 4 3 2 2
20 5 5 4 3 2 2

Spells perday Dragon mage
Spell lvl
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2 1 1
4 2 2 1
6 2 2 2 1
8 3 3 2 1 1
10 3 3 3 2 1
12 3 3 3 3 2 1
14 4 4 3 3 2 1 1
16 4 4 4 3 2 2 1
18 5 5 4 4 3 2 2 1
20 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1

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Owch. I'm sorry, but typos and misspellings just make it very painful for me to even try to read these. Maybe fix them up when you get time, and it will make people more likely to review them?