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2005-07-30, 06:39 PM
Dragon's Nest

Introduction: When first a traveller spots the city in the horizon it appears like any other city in the region. As the traveler enters the city he finds small halfling children play over the street happily and everyone carrying peacefully their own lives. But as he enters the marketplace (the main square in the center) his blood frozes in his veins. There stands a suprisingly realistic stone statue of a red dragon in real size. Market sellers offer their goods at the legs of the stone dragon, children (especially halflings) are playing in the back of the statue, the bravest one even climbing up to its head.

Stats: Dragon's Nest (Small Town) Conventional, AL Neutral, 1500 GP limit; Population 3000 (Halfling 44%, Human 32%, Gnome 19% Other 5%)

History: Gragon's Nest had a long history, but over a millenia nothing exceptional happened to the town. But one day came a red dragon from a nearby mountain and started terrorizing the city. The leaders of the city asked a well-known nearby wizards (the Bluecloaks) to save their lives. The battle was fought in the centre of the city and the wizards managed to overcome the dragon with a spell that turned the dragon into stone. By the time only 20% of the original human population was alive. As a payment for the Bluacloacks they gived the wizards their own city. By that time the Bluecloak wizards rule the city. It happened about 200 years before. The destroyed city with the Dragon still there was frightening, only the careless halflings emigrated to the city. They named it Dragon's Nest because the city was originally called Eagle's Nest, and they found it a good joke.

Physical Description: In the centre of the city ther stands the petrified dragon in the market square. This is the main place of the city life. Halfling merchants offer their goods with a loud sound, tourist come to see the Statue of the dragon. Right next to the marketplace there are housings inhabited by the middle class. This place is called Eaglemound. The poor live in the slums where are still houses from the ages of the great battle, old and filthy, with mostly humans and halflings live there. In the top of the mound there is the wizard quarter, where the Bluecloak wizards live. They are mostly gnomes and humans, and they are the elite class in the city.

The Monument: The monunemnt is the dragon itself. Altough supposed to be turned into stone, the dragon still lives. It does move very slowly. Someone cant see its movements, only can notice: "It was looking at the other way a week before." The red dragon was called Rrazerk, as the old locals happily telling the whole story to every newcomer. Careless halfling children like to play climbing the dragon. Closer inspectation shows that the two rear legs of the dragon are in som kind of menacles.

Religion: Halflings prey to Yondalla, while Buecloaks rever Boccob, but nearly every deity has followers here, it's a diverse city.

Crime: With so many halflings around you never know... There were some reports that travellers who were pickpocketed by halfling kids (its a habit there) and when they mentioned it to the townsfolk they got badly beaten up by the halfling mob, which is very strong in town. Also the Bluecloaks don't really care anything as long as it's out of their interest.

Economy: The view of the dragon statue makes a good tourism, but the citys wealth is based up on the dragons hoard. Also halfling do eat much less then the cities former inhabitants so they have a lot to trade away from fine wine and oil. Theres a special local food, the "dragons meal" which can be made on very hot summer middays when the statue is so hot that you can bake on the dragons "skin". It's a fair city, but luxury is only known by the Bluecloaks.

Government: The Bluecloak mages control the city and collect the taxes. The leader of the wizards is Bimpo Fhizzlethumb (LN gnome wizard lvl10 ) They think that the city is theirs, since that was in the contarct 200 years ago. There are no local militia or police units, the rest of the city is governed by the halfling mafia led by Johnathan Strongfellow (LN halfling rogue lvl8 ) Hopefully the are is quite peaceful so the lack of organized militia is not a missing thing.

Power Struggles: The main power struggles are between the gnome wizards of the Bluecloak order and the halfling mafia. The humans whos ancestors were live in here for hundreds of years form a small but dangerous organization for reclaiming their lost city. They are known as the Eaglespawns.

Adventure Hooks:
- The adventurers can find themselves robbed by the halfling mafia or otherwis conflicted with one of the city mobs.
- The local kobold and lizardmen tribes recently received an emphatic call from the captured dragon and now trying to free it.
- Suddenly the dragon's move seems faster and faster (moving his head in just 6 hours) and it is feared that it will come to live. Adbenturers need to go and investigate the Bluecloak mages whats going on.
- For high-level parties: suddenly Rrazerk comes to life : )