View Full Version : 13th level Gestalt optimisation

2008-12-13, 05:38 PM
i am working on a gestalt Crusader 13//Cleric 6/Radiant servant of pelor 7. whats peoples ideas on feats or anything else??

Keld Denar
2008-12-13, 05:48 PM
Don't take RSoP6. Its bad. Empower is much better than Maximize for healing, and none of the abilities that RSoP gets after 5 are worth it. Take Sacred Exorcist instead. It gives full turning and casting and gives you some neato SLAs. Maybe a 1 level dip in Contemplative at 11 for the bonus domain.

Extra Granted Maneuver is great for Crusaders. Take it. Power Attack is very good, take it. Divine Might gives you something to use your extra TU attempts on, use it. You don't really need DMM, although you could take it. Having RM up all day is pretty nice.

If you can, try to keep most of your spells to long term buffs. Make use of Extend Spell, either from the feat or a MM Rod. Keep your in combat casting down to about 1 spell before getting mixed up in melee. A good buff or debuff/crowd control while closing distance, and then some Stone Dragon hits.

A trick for you. Get a Bead of Karma (Strand of Prayer Beads) and the feat Divine Spell Power. Since you are already CL 13, the beads will bump you to CL 17, which means you only need to get about a 17 or so on your TU check to get CL+3 to hit 20. If you consecrate the ground you stand on (+3), use Divine Spell Power (+3), have a 22ish cha (+6), and have 5 ranks in Knowledge:Religion (+2), thats a +14 on TU checks which means you have to roll a 3 or higher to hit that. Another 4 points of cha means you automake it on a 1.

What do you do with CL20? Why, you cast Greater Magic Weapon on yourself, and 2x Magic Vestiments on your armor and Animated shield. This nets you +8 AC ALL DAY. You can also drop a +20 Greater Dispel Magic into a Ring of Greater Counterspells which has a good chance to negate 1 spell per day of your choice. At the same time, drop a Hero's Feast for your party, and a Greater Status. Extended Magic Circles are pretty decent to cast at the time, because they last for 4 hours.

Hope this helps.


1st Extra Granted Maneuver
H Power Attack
3rd Divine Might
6th Extra Turning
9th Divine Spell Power
12th Extend or Quicken Spell
15th Quicken or Extend Spell
18th ???

Lots of good melee power, lots of good casty power, lots of domains, good hp, great will save, ok fort save, poor reflex save.

For gear, a +1 Animated shield, +1 Animated Fullplate, a +1 Devoted Spirit or White Raven greatsword, possibly with Wounding or Collision as well depending on cash, Boots of Speed, a +6 con/+6 wis neck, a Belt of Battle with +6 str, a +6 cha cloak with +4-5 resistance.

Oh, and one other trick. There is a new spell in Complete Champion, called Turn Anathema. It allows you to turn outsider with a subtype opposite your alignment. As a NG cleric, you can then turn all [Evil] creatures. Its only 2nd level, so its easy to quicken it with either the feat (6th level spell) or a Lesser Metamagic Rod. Then you can cast it, and turn undead in the same round, causing outsiders to flee and/or cower. Unfortunately, you can't destroy them with Greater Turnings, because that would be awesome, but being turned still sucks for them. If you invest a little cash (Phylactery of Undead Turning and an Ephod of Authority), you'd get +5 effective levels, which means at 13, you'd turn 18 HD outsiders on an even roll, and up to 22 HD on a good roll. Balors only have 20 HD, so you could make them flee in terror easily. Really, it adds a LOT of diversity to a pretty one-dimensional class ability.