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As you enter the city you notice the entire landscape is slightly tilted to the north, looking that way causes your eyes to wonder over a wonderous colosseum. Built half into the cliff that shadows the city, great crowds of people loiter around it's great halls, placing bets and yelling trades. In what appears to be the middle of the city stands a huge statue of a battle hardened minotaur.

Proper Name: The Trade City of Derednic
Ruler: Currently Markus Pegrian [CN male human]
Government: City is lead under the rule of the most current champion of the colosseum. Advised by seven elected advisors and two appointed (by the champion) grand visiers.
Population: (Large City, 24,051) Minotaur 37% Human 20% Orc 18% Dwarf 10% Gnome 7% Halfling 5% Half-Orc 2% Other 1%
GP Limit: 6,7000
Climate: Tropical
Law: Varies With Leader
Allies: None
Enemies: None

Backround Information:

Physical Description:

The city is nestled under the shadow of a huge cliff, and on the opposite side begins the ocean. From the ocean to the cliff runs from sand to tiled ground then rock at the base of the cliff. The entire city is set at a nine degree slant towards the cliff. The City is divided up into three districts. On the southmost side of the city lays the harbour and markets. Traders and wonderers sail into the harbour and buy and sell wares. The middlemost district of the city consists of housing and residential areas as well as guild halls, and gardens. The northernmost part of the city is occupied by the colosseum, the forges, the slave pens, and the barracks. This part of city is almost always active in dealing slaves, arms, and gamblings.

Arts and Culture:

Being a city founded on the passion of battle and the joy of free trade, the two ways of life greatly influence the residents of the city. The peoples constantly take part in watching the colosseum and haggle with newcomers over goods. Not belonging to a residential guild is rare as they provide the people with support and welfare in return for outstanding street power. Most residents wear the symbol of their guild on a ribbon wrapped around their arm. Guild brawls happen almost daily, keeping the guard busy to calm the people as well as deal with thieves in the harbour district. Every month of the Mead moon (around June) the people gather to watch the manditory tournament for the throne. Attendance is manditory to all residents, but not to visitors or high ranking guild personel. Many daring and adventurous residents train for this tournament as the winner faces the current leader of the city and battles over city control. Loosers end up dieing in battle. Thus most sensible residents don't participate.


Taxes in the city include a colosseum funding tax, a guard tax, a property tax and a water tax. Added up they amount to around eight to eleven copper pieces a day. Thats 8-11% of a commoner's daily wages, depending on the size of land and amounts of water consumed.


Mostly all religions are accepted by the residents of Derednic, except for gods of thievery and deciet, as they are frowned upon for dishonor and shame.


Lead by the current champion of the colossuem, which cycles once a year unless undefeated, and seven advisors, which are elected annually by the residents. Also, two grand visiers help rule, who are appointed by the champion of the colossuem. The city is neither allied nor hostile with other cities of the world, the city is to self focused to care about whats going on in the outside world. Laws are carried out by guards under the command of the advisors who set the laws via vote and permission of the champion.


The cities crime is fairly high as the city is based on battle and trade. Patrons find it as a perfect city to retreat to if you do not want to be found, theives see the harbour district as a haven for spoils, warriors come from all around to test their might, guilds are constantly warring against eachother in broad daylight, and slave freedom movements constantly harass slave drivers and scheme to release batches of slaves at the opportune time. Criminals are immediatly thrown into the colosseum battles unless they belong to a guild, in which case they are jailed until their guild can bail them out.

The Monument:

A huge dark iron minotaur named "Koriganthy" stands tall in the middle of the residential district of Derednic. The monument immortalizes the first champion of the colosseum standing over sixty feet tall. Weilding a massive battle axe at his side, leaning up against his hip. Both of his hands raised as fists on each side, way up into the air. His mouth fully open in a battle cry. The base of the monument reads "I Have Won My Freedom, And The Throne, To Finally Liberate The Might Of My People, The Minotaurs." as Koriganthy once said in his first speech to the residents of the city.

Power Struggles:

The city is almost a warzone for the guilds who are constantly testing their might against eachother. Always fighting for street power and respect over the residents. The fighters guilds being the most brutal have swallowed up all the other guilds. Two guilds cause the most havoc: "The Order of the Red Eagle" and "The Brotherhood of the Raging Wolf." Both guilds have fairly even amounts of members, and both are well financed.

Adventure Hooks:
The PCs hear of the battle of the colosseum and try to stake their claim on the throne.

The PCs hear of the slave freedom movement and try to assist them in escape.

The PCs hear rumors of the Champion poisoning his upcomming opponent and try to uncover the truth

The PCs try to find passage southward, after overhearing rumours of treasure on various islands, but boats are found completely destroyed in the morning.

The PCs hear of slaves selling for very cheap, but as they enter they become framed and thrown into the colosseum

The PCs might become interested in joining a side in the guild wars.

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nice idea, could provide the party of a possibility to become rulers :)

2005-07-03, 10:51 AM
yeah, thats why i didnt put stats on the current leader because it's up to the DM wheter he wants them to become the leaders or not

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perhaps a sample leader NPC would be a nice addition? I'm doing the same on my city. It would make it a bit more play-ready.

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yeah but thats the problem, depending on the level of the characters, the npc would change in skill :P, also what adventure hook the dm is trying to use

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cool idea:
a thieves guild or other criminal sidicite is being oppressed so they seek out a champion(s) to help them claim rulership via the arena
the pcs would get to rule the city and make friends with a crime sindicate

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yep, i designed it based on a book by Richard Knaak (spl?) "The Minotaurs" a chapter in "The Lost Histories" withing the Dragonlance series, like core core core based on it