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Introduction: After what seems like hours of wandering on the endless wasteland of the polar ice cap, you stumble upon a cave that seems to lead straight down. Although it's difficult to see in the blizzard, you can tell that steps have been carved into the icy wall of the cavern. You follow them down until the ground levels out into a dimly-lit tunnel that was clearly carved by humanoid hands. The ground is covered with tiles of black stone sunk into the solid ice. As you continue down the tunnel, the light brightens slightly, taking on a shimmering quality similar to an aurora. Suddenly, the tunnel opens into a vast, cave-like chamber. Stone buildings hang down from the ice of the chamber's roof, with crystalline walkways connecting them at different levels. Below you, more walkways converge to form a central plaza of sorts, in the middle of which stands a massive ice statue of an elf woman holding a sword above her head that seems to be the source of the city's glittering light. A massive iceberg pierces the plaza near the statue, and the holy symbol above a door suggests that it has been hollowed out for use as a temple. The walkways continue downwards, covered with houses, shops, and street vendors until they stop at the cavern's icy floor. A large section has been cut out, exposing the ocean below.
Stats: Small City
Permanent Population 5,780
GP limit 15,000
Demographics: 68% drow, 15% human, 8% half-drow, 3% half-orc, 2% halfling, 2% genasi, 1% other planetouched, 1% other
Government: Magocracy
Alignment: CN
Religion: Eilistraee in the Forgotton Realms, otherwise see Religion section for homebrew deity.
Climate: Polar
Background Information: The City in the Ice was founded by a drow archmage named Nilryapuura after a succubus who was one of her house's founders. After blaspheming against Lolth, the mage fled her city rather than suffer the consequences. She found, however, that the drow are relentless when tracking down renegades, and nowhere she could flee to was far enough. Lost in a snowstorm one night, she desperately cried out to any god who would listen to grant her refuge. She then fell unconcious and was buried in snow, but was brought back from the brink of death by a woman who appeared to be a drow sculpted from ice. Knowing this was the divine aid she requested, Nilryapuura fell to her knees and began fearfully praising the ice-drow. The woman just smiled and told Nilryapuura to create a city where anyone could take refuge. With the goddess's help, Nilryapuura recruited a small group of outcasts, and together they sailed to the world's icy pole and dug out a city using magic and brute force. At the end of construction, Nilryapuura created a giant ice sculpture to honor the goddess who had saved her life. At the statue's feet, she built a portal to the area she was lost in, so the city could take in more refugees. Her life's work completed, Nilryapuura retired to her house in the city and hasn't come out since. In her place, a council of the city's best warrior, priest, and mage was set up to represent the people of the city. Together, they decided to name the city after its founder, shortening her name to remove the demonic association. Although the council still consults Nilryapuura about important matters via Sending spells, the archmage has not been seen in decades.

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