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2005-07-04, 04:58 PM
I'll be doing the extensive city of Reto that I have already designed before this contest started. After I ran my group through it they were amazed enough to make it there home base.

Intoduction: As you walk towards the city of Reto you pass by a farming community. Wheat crops are in season as well as carrots and the occasional apple orchard. The various smells waft to your nose. The apples, the hay for the many animals in the area, and a slight tint of animal waste. You look ahead and see the stone walls of Reto. A few towers and peaked roofs peer over the edge of the wall.
You approach the western gate and 4 guards stand outside of it. A sign is posted to the right of the open portcullis. It reads, "Enjoy your time in Reto! City of Prosperity. One silver for entry." You look up past the sign to see several more guards sitting on the top of the wall looking down at you from the crenelations. You present a silver coin to a guard who steps forward and head on through the walls.
Directly to your left as you walk in is a building labeled as, Sheriff's Office. From the barred windows on the second floor you guess it is also the jail of Reto. You decide to not spend your time there and instead you head onto ahead where you heard the tavern was. The floppy sign in front of the inn door reads, "Roar Inn."
You step in and see a contest of sorts going on at the bar counter. The barkeeper is apparently asking everybody some challenging riddles. Eventually a halfling with a lute on his back answers with, "Water." The rest of the inn claps for him and then asks the halfling to play them a victory song. He takes the insturment off his back and complies.

Stats:Large City
18356 People
Gp Limit: 15,000
Power Centers: Crime Boss, Lawful Evil. Sheriff, Lawful Good. Pelor Temple, Neutral Good.
Police Force: Peter the Sheriff, 5th level Fighter. 200 1st level Warriors.
Other NPCS: Nabba, crime boss. Captain Lothar, gang leader. Nemia, gang leader. Breinar, magic shop operator
Demographics: 80% Humans, 8% Halflings, 5% Elves, 4% Dwarves, 2% Gnomes, 2% Other.

Backround Information:

Physical Description:







The Monument: Pelor's Temple. You can see it even from outside the city due to the spire extending out of it's center. You easily pick it out in your tour and walk over to take a closer look.
As you approach the entrance you can feel the divine magnifcence shining out from the golden sun embeded over the double doors leading inside. The outside walls have a magical yellow shine to them and have many different professional carvings of what the sunshine can do. You can pick out plants growing out of the ground, a man eatting an apple, or a blizzard going away from the land.
Two statues twice the size of a human are on each side of the door. The four of them are praying on their feet and looking in towards the door.
A ring of little blueberry bushes surronds the temple. On your way out you pick a few to eat. They taste excellent, obviously blessed by the sun god himself.

Power Struggles:

Adventure Hooks:

Character Statistics:

Other Statistics:

Maps: Outer Reto: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a163/Anxe/Reto.jpg
Inner Reto: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a163/Anxe/InnerReto.jpg
Blue Basher Warehouses: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a163/Anxe/BlueBasherWarehouses.jpg
Red Reaver Hangout:
Green Gangster Cave:
Nabba's Mansion:
Theif House:
Ogre Den:

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Booyah! I'm getting the best map award so far.

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not really-http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=Contests;action=display;num=11203650 06

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Booyah! I'm getting the best map award so far.

You used... MS Paint... To draw a bunch of circles and squares, powdered water and scribbles...
Double-yu tee eff, M8?


This also beats you. The scribbles are smoother.
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Well I did say so far... I guess that time perioid is over now.

And all I've got is MS Paint. I can't afford any fancy pantsed etch-a-sketch programs.