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Falling Out
2008-12-16, 12:41 PM
Hi All

I am running a sit down game of Fallout PnP soon and would really like to have a music track running in the background for theme. Please help me form a list of good songs from the 40's and 50's for Fallout, or anything that fits the theme well. I am hoping for a few, recent hard/dark songs (maybe metal) for Raider fights etc.

Starting with the obvious:

1) "I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire" is a 1941 song by The Ink Spots

2) "Maybe", another song by The Ink Spots

and my addition for kicks

3) It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood! by Mr. Rogers

2008-12-16, 12:55 PM
Swing, bebop jazz, anything by The Rat Pack (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_Pack), Al Jolson, generic 30s-50s crooners.

Basically MOR/mainstream music from before rock 'n' roll hit.


You know, I've just had an idea for a British 'cozy catastrophe' "Fallout" game one-off soundtracked by British musicians of the same period.

Opening song? Vera Lynn "There'll be Bluebirds Over (The White Cliffs of Dover)"
Preparation montage? Jack Buchanan "Let's Put Some People to Work"
Exploration theme? Noel Coward "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"
Resource quest theme? Jack Buchanan "Everything Stops for Tea"
Fight song? Jack Buchanan "I'm in a Dancing Mood"
Cannibal anthem? Getrude Lawrence "A Cup of Tea, a Sandwich, and You"
Fade out? Edith Piaf "Non, je ne regret rien"

2008-12-16, 03:05 PM
Well, you can check the songs they put into Fallout 3. Search on Youtube :smallbiggrin:.

2008-12-16, 03:18 PM
"We'll meet again" sung by Vera Lynn, argued as being one of the best post apocalyptic songs not actually made about the apocalypse.

Here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHcunREYzNY) is the version on youtube.

2008-12-16, 03:33 PM
I am hoping for a few, recent hard/dark songs (maybe metal) for Raider fights etc.

None of these are death metal, but they're nice and fast.
"Black and White" By Sonata Arctica
"Violate" by Iced Earth
"The Fall" by Darkseed. (it fits well with the overall theme, as well.)
"Ultimate Darkness" or "Next to Nothing" by Darkseed (all three off the same album)

"The Scythe" (Album as a whole, really.) by Elvenking.
anything by Iron Savior. esp "Iron Savior" and "Dark Assault" albums.

That should cover you. Most aren't too hard to find.

2008-12-16, 04:49 PM
-Mister Crowley by Ozzy Ozbourne and Randy Rhoads
-What I've Done by Linkin Park
-The Fire Within (?) by Disturbed
-Back on Earth by Ozzy Ozbourne (or Black Sabbath?)

What does PnP stand for?

Falling Out
2008-12-16, 05:23 PM
Great list going so far, thanks.

PnP=Pen and Paper. Basically a sit down, face to face game.

Mark Hall
2008-12-16, 05:38 PM
The first thing that comes to mind for me is "Would you like to Swing on a Star".

It has the Fallout feel to me... light and bouncy 40s/50s music that seems totally out of place in a blasted landscape.

2008-12-16, 06:33 PM
Exploration theme? Noel Coward "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"

[Manic Piano Playing.]

In Calcutta town where the bombs rained down,
When the mushroom clouds had ceased.
The English garb of the English sahib seemed only a bit more creased.
While in Bangkok, at twelve o'clock, they mutate and die or run,
But only mad dogs and Englishmen set forth from vault one oh one.

[/Manic Piano Playing.]

As for mine own suggestion.

Somewhere over the Rainbow - As covered by The Blanks.

2008-12-16, 06:41 PM
Meisce - When The Guns Have All Been Fired.

2008-12-16, 07:58 PM
Some Johnny Cash stuff works wonderfully, depending on the scene going on. I've used 'The Man Comes Around' for certain atmospheric and apocalyptic situations before to good effect.

Somewhere Beyond The Sea, Sinatra also works. Ennio Morricones works can also be used pretty damn well for good atmospheric stuff for tense battles or showdowns.

Crafty Banana
2008-12-17, 02:53 AM
This site is a bit of a goldmine for out-of-copyright 40's & 50's music:


The Ink Spots actually have a few songs that take on a strange sense of irony when played in the post apocalyptic future. In particular, try 'I'll Never Smile Again' and 'Castles in the Sand'. It's probably worth throwing in 'Lets Call the Whole Thing Off' as well, just because it's awesome.

2008-12-17, 03:19 AM
Sure, metal and the like would be good for generic battles, but for a final confrontation against a huge force of raiders/slavers or something, there is only one choice.

Louis Armstrong (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5IIXeR5OUI).

After blood-pumping music for all the other generic enemy battles, the dissonance from using Louis Armstrong will help it be a battle to remember. Ideally, it would involve mass slaughter of mooks who the players have good enough weaponry to kill in one hit consistently.

Mark Hall
2008-12-17, 10:09 AM
I just picture playing this in the background of a ruined Johnson Space Center (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9U_d7-V8s4).