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The gates of this costal city seem ordinary enough. The guards seem freindly enough and let you inside. There, a magnificent sight awaits you. Stores and businessmen litter the streets, conducting commerce. There are many information kiosks, all of which have notices for adventures and quests. To either side of the city are grand mountains, where mining, exploring and archeology take place.


Metropolis [25,001+ population]
Population (adult): 70,000 (40% humans, 25% Dwarves, 15% Elves, 10% Gnomes, 10% other)
GP limit: 100,000gp
Primary Exports: Fish, Metals, Ore

Background Information

Physical Description

Aicy was origionally formed by a large band of nomads over 700 years ago. When they first moved into the land, they began to settle, creating huts and living in layers, with the defenders at the edges and the sages, mothers and other members of the non-warrior demographic were in the middle. When other settlers came and built their homes and buildings, they kept to the pattern.

This means that Aicyd is built in a radial structure, similar to Paris, France. In the middle of the city is a giant tower where all of the major polititcs take place. There is a police building in every quarter of every "ring". In total there are 23 "rings" that make up the city. A "ring" is basically a circular block, and all street have signs saying what ring and quarter they are in. This allows newcomers to navigate the city streets with ease. Quarters are known as such: North - Quarter 1, East - Quarter 2, South - Quarter three, West - Quarter 4

At either end of the city, there is a beautiful landmark. To the Northeast there is a magnificent ocean. To the Southwest there is a massive mountain range. Each of these provide jobs for everyone.

Arts and Culture

Littered througout Aicyd are over a dozen theaters and concert halls. Plays performed at the theaters generally are some half wit mage showing off, tradgedies and comedies. Concert halls contain musicians of considerable talent, perfoming classical, contemporary and folk.

Art does not take its place in the gallery, but on the street. It is highly unlikely that anyone can walk for about five minutes without seeing a charicature artist, landscape painters and sculpters.

There are two types of citizens in the city. The first are the rich people who have made their fortune and maintaining a business from behind a desk. They generally walk the streets in the latest fashion and spending their money only on the highest standards of food, perfume and other luxuries. The other is the working class, be it miners, artists, low level politicians or anyone else of that sort. They make average to low pay and take up the majority of the city.


The entire city of Aicyd is controlled by commerce. To the southwest, there are huge ore rich mountains. To the northeast there is a huge ocean filled with fish of all kinds. Though fishing and mining are Aicyd's prime exports, there are many other goods as well. One of the first being adventurers. There are many collectors, employers and other such people who desire things that they cannot recieve. They put out signs and adventurers come flocking to their doorstep. This solves the homeless crisis, and the government has actually set aside a large sum of money to provide perpetual adventurers with the goods to start off.


Followers of almost every religion reside in Aicyd. Most shrines or places of worship are also the homes of some of their highest ranking clerics and preists. Many citizens are upset that these people have been granted larger space for their homes, but the religious communities voice has been heard more clearly in this matter.

The following exceptions to the rule are:
The temple of Perlor in ring 3, quarter 2
The temple of Fharlanghn in ring 9, quarter 1
The Shrine of Obad Hai in ring 19, quarter 3


Aicyd's government is composed of a group of three executive members, a small senate and several commities that give suggestions to the senate. Elections are held once every 3 years, with no limit to how many times an individual can run. There are no political parties to assure that anyone who is qualified to run can. Currently, the government is reachings its 3rd quarter, indicating an election coming soon.

The Executive members are Tormech, a prominent dwarf businessman with much say as what is going on within the cities mining activities, Fervrin, an elven diplomat who has gained high praise for her actions involving law inforcement and Zi, a doppleganger who's interests mainly involve costal activities. The senate is comprised of 250 members, randomly selected at the halfpoint of every term.

There are over 500 commities who are pitching Ideas to the senate, who disucss it with the Excecutive members. In order to form a commity, the group needs to consist of at least 35 people, handed in a 50,000gp deposit and have been approved by the senate or Executive cousel.


As prosperous and peaceful as Aicyd seems, there is still a very high crime rate. Every year on average there are a recorded 850 murders. There are also many crime gangs, cabals and numerous other causes of judicial unrest. Because of the physical nature of most of Aicyd's income, there are many a protest about unfair treatment of workers. About 1/3 of these protests escalate into riots.

The police force is composed of 6000 men and women of every race, and that is often not enough. Many people are afraid to get into a job in law enforcement due to the danger, thus the force is understaffed. It is in debate whether to have secondary volunteer forces dispersed throughout low crime areas to allow the main force to focus on the high crime areas.

The Monument

Aicyd is a marvel to behold on its own, but one of the most recognizable landmarks is the tower in the center of the city. Not only does it house the senate and other political offices, it is one of the most beautifully desingned structures out there. The nomads who lived there before the settlers came and populated the land built a large watchtower in which they could spot and ready defenses against enemies. That tower was stripped down and a new one, over three times the hight of it was built. It has intracate designs and is warded agains magic and teleportation, making it a safe place for the politicians to work.

An image will be displayed in the map section shortly.

Power Struggles

With all forms of politics, there is always a power struggle. In fact, the only politicians who are not in conflict are the ones in the senate, because they are selected at random. The Executive branch, Consisting of Zi, Tormech Blackappron and Fervin Silverleaf, are always watching for conspirators and daggers in their backs. The position of an Excecutive member of government is one that is severely sought after. There has actually been 44 recorded cases of murder in the last 500 years, the motive being calling for a bi-election. Zi and Fervin have both been re-elected several times with very few threats at their life.

The other struggle for power is between the various crime bosses in the city. Several of the big names are Tedo Cleps, Ishmael Trugsy, Nasty Fingers Tomasson and Tesh'ar Areiz'ez. All of these gang leaders have been at war for as long as anyone could remember, and the civilian casualities caused by the gang war total to over 300. Contrary to popular beleif, it is better for the gangs to be distracted with their war. That way none of them can have a big influence of the politics of the city.

Adventure Hooks:

An assasination attempt on one of the Executive members (Tormech Blackapron, Fervin Silverleaf or Zi) is suspected to be the work of a rival candidate looking to secure his place in the cousel. With the PC's as the only witnesses (or suspects), they are sent to find the assasin and bring the people responsible to justice. Will the PC's find out in time, or will a lurking shadow consume them all?
A collapse in a mining shaft has killed one of the city's most prominent businessman. The wife sends out a cry for help to find her husbands body and a cause for the collapse. What will the PCs discover during their investegation? Why is the only witness trying to hide?
A renound performer has a show scheduled sometime this week and has sent out for bodyguards. An ex-lover appears and begins cause all sorts of a ruckus.
Several people begin dissapearing right off the streets. They all fit the same description, red hair, tall and in the 4th quarter of every ring. Suddenly, a body is pulled up in a fishing net, matching the description of the first man missing. What is happening to all of the tall read headed men of the city? Will a potential candidate for the upcoming election be next?
Export transports has been dissapearing for the past two months. Are these simple raids or something more? Why did a recently started city nearby begin start expanding at an excelerated rate?


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Important Figures and NPCs

Police: Police officers in Aciyd are generally Warrior 6 or Expert 10. Warriors are the brute enforcers while Experts generally are the more investigative type. No matter what, all have proficiency with Light Crossbows, Medium Armor and Heavy Maces, and all wield them.

Experts (investegators) have the following statblock before racial modifiers: Str 10 Dex 8 Con 13 Int 16 Wis 15 Cha 12

Warriors (enforcers) have the following statblock before racial modifiers: Str 16 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 13 Wis 12 Cha 8

Gang Leaders: The four gang leaders mentioned in the Power struggles section rarely engage in combat. Still, it does not mean that they do not. Below are the basis for the gang leaders stats.

Tesh'ar: Female Drow Monk 7/ Assasin 6, Str 12 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 11 Wis 20 Cha 16

Trugsy: Half Orc Urban Ranger 5/rogue 10, Str 14, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 17, Wis 14 Cha 11, Crippled from waist down

Tedo: Male Halfling Rogue 15, Str 9 Dex 18 Con 10 Int16 Wis 10 Cha 16

Nasty Fingers: Male Human Fighter 10/Rogue 5, Str 15, Dex 8, Con 17, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 8, Deformed left hand. Uses a golem component

City Leaders

The leaders of Aicyd have been in office for over two years now. Zi and Fervin have held their position for over 10 years now, while Torbach has just been elected in the last terms. Below is a breif description of them.


Torbach started off as a businessman, controlling a small vein of adamantite in the mountains. Things were looking very well until another businessman took over the vein and threw him out. Due to city law, he could not get that land back without legally challenging him, which he obviously could not do. He started a miners commity and a short while after that he was appointed to the senate. He had some valid points, but more voices were being heard. Three years ago during the previous election campaign, Torbach decided he was going to run, counting mostly on the miners who have been affected by poor work conditions and highly aggressive businessmen. Torbach barely beat his predescessor, but got into office. He has lately been focusing on building a successful mining company in the event that he looses the next election. He has made a great contribution to his cause, and hopes to enjoy a second term in office.


For the past 10 years, Fervin has enjoyed her position on the executive counsel. She has been putting a lot of effort into crime suppression causes. During her last two terms, the non organized crime rate has gone down 25% . She has also increased funding to the police force, thus raising their pay and attracting more officers. Fevrin is also spearheading the volunteer police initiative. Fevrin her carreer in a comittee for widows who lost thier husbands to poor work conditions or murder. She was not yet married, but her brother had died in an explosion and her sister-in-law was grief stricken. She could not bare to see her like that. It took 50 years to get what she needed to run, and lost the election the first time. She was appointed to the senate in that election, so she did have a chance. Next election, she was put into office and started making changes.


Zi is the only representation of a minority that the exectutive branch has right now. Zi was born for politics, arguing about everything and trying to find the best solution for it. Every election he has run in, he has done so by a landslide. Zi is just very well liked. There have been no assasination attempts on him to date and he has no affiliations with any other organizations. Zi had no elaborate reason to get into politics other than to make the place better. He is very good natured and is currently focusing his attention on keeping the docks safe and clean.

Places of Interest

Ring 20, quarter three

This particular area in Aicyd is overrun with organized crime and the like. It is not a very safe plave to be if you are alone and unarmed, cause more likely than not, you will be mugged. Almost all of the organized crime families are within this sector, making it a bad place to be almost every hour of the day. Almost ironically, it is also the best place to get information on anyone, or get anything you want, making it figuritively an urban dungeon.

The Docks

With the latest imports coming in from across the sea, this is a perfect place to get wrapped up in an adventure. There are hijackers, corrupt police and most of all, the view. From certain points on the docks, you can see the sea for miles and miles. This makes the docks a popular spot for artitsts and children to come around. Even the big crime bosses cant resist the sea's charms, causing some occasional troubles when fights break out between them.


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good city!

Very playable. My only concern is that the standard stats for npc classes is 13,12,11,10,9,8, not 15,14,13,12,10,8

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Well, they cant do their job if they are standard, now can they? I always have my monsters and other npcs on equal or greater terms than players. Besides, that statblock leaves room for enforcers or investegators with some nasty racial penalties on physical or mental stats.