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Metropolis [25,001+ population]
Population: 45,000 (67% Human, 8% Dwarf, 10% other Demi-humans, 15% others)


The ship rocks gently back and forth, lazily sailing south. A cool breeze blows on your face, as you watch the unending of cliffs that have followed you since you left port. Then you spot your destination, in a gap in the line of cliffs. Almost a week after rounding the Cape of Chaos you have finally arived at your destination, Port Smith, the city in the stone as it is commonly called. You can see why as you enter the harbour. Beyond the tradtional town surrounding the docks the rest of the city sits, carved into and through the very cliff walls. The cliffs even serve as a defensive wall. Cliff Walls strech from both ends of the harbour to the end of the city. Fifty feet high and over one hundred feet wide they've protected the city from many an attack.

After disembarking from your ship and checking in at the inn, with day till you meet your compatriots and with nothing to do, you decided to explore the city in the stone. It isn't to long before you get lost in the winding maze-like streets. You look around bewildered, wondering which way to go next, when an oddly dressed halfling introduces himself.
"Hello, Gregory Hairfoot at your service, pleased to meet you" He says "I couldn't help noticing you look lost".
"New to town"? he asks, you nod.
"It so happens that I run a tour service for travelers, licensed by the city" he shows you his guild license.
"I can show you the important landmarks, the good inns and shops and even some secret places that few know about".
"For a fine adventurer such as yourself I'll only charge 10 Gold Crowns, half my regular price".
"Are you interested"?
With nothing to lose, you take him up on his offer.
"Before we start our tour, here are a brief facts about the city and it's history."

Background Information:

Physical Description:
Port Smith, offically known as The Free City of Port Smith, has become a major world player due to it's geographic location. Founded nearly 400 years ago by Victoria Smith the famous adventurer/trader, It soon blossomed from a trading post to a full fledged city. Located at a point on the cliff coast where the 'name' river facilites easy trade to the interior, it was able to capitalize on not only trade with interior, but also with the nearby Spice Islands and the Shougunate of Shimoda. One problem faced by the city in it's early years was growth. There was percious little space at the mouth of the river to build. The city founders did the only sensible thing they could they built into the cliff walls. The walls were made of excellent stone, sturdy and easy to build in. Victoria Smith disappered soon after the city was established, supposedly to begen a quest for immortality. Legend has it that when the city is faced grave peril she returns to help, entrusting hope and insight a band of adventurers. She has become the patron deity of the city(see Religion for more).

Their are eight main roads in the city, four on each side of the river, The main roads are 50 feet wide. Smaller side roads about 20-30 feet in width diverge from the main roads. Some side roads connect with other roads, many times narrow alleys and underpasses connect two or more side roads. Eariler city designers didn't have many plans on city layout just build where needed, this resulted in a somewhat chatotic design. Later city officals set guidelines for city building and planing. The further one travels from the center of the city the more organized and navagible it becomes.

The city is divided into nine districts.

Dock District:

The docks, for some the heart and soul of the city. The
The Docks district is the oldest part of the city and almost the only part of town not made out of stone. The harbour

Trader's Market-

Fisherman's Market-

Aquan town-
Located just outside the dock gates, Aquan town is a .. of merfolk.

Little Shimoda-

Stone Fort District:
The Upper class district, it gets it's name from it's close vicinty to the stone fort that is the cities main defense.
Most of the inhabitants of the district are old-money, mostly descendants of the first merchants who traded here.
Almost every house here is large and two-storied with a courtyard and intricatly decorated with sculptures and other fine art.
The streets are clean, swept daily by servants. There are almost no shops and no inns in this district,
the inhabitants of Stone Fort don't want the sort of folks that patronize these types of establishments hanging around here.
Crime(of the violent sort at least) is very low due to the high number of guards here and personal secruity like bodyguards the rich employ.

Universty District:
Once refered to as the Artist's District it was renamed the universty district 80 years ago when the universty was built here.

Business District: Located in the center of town, it borders on every other district. This dirstrict, as the name would suggest,
contians most of the cities businesses. One can find shops of all kinds, inns, taverns and resturants.
The types of businesses encountered varies depending on their relative location to other districts.
For instance near the Stone Fort District you find high end shops that sell fine jewlery, silver cutlery, and expensive clothing.
Bulidings here are usually two storied with no courtyard. Most store owners live above their shops.
Many dwarves live in this district selling traditional dwarven goods like fine stone and metal work.
They are also known for brewing a fine stout dwarven ale called 'Stonewall ale', which has become rather popular outside the city.

Shield District:

South-End District:

Gold District:

Riverside District:

Melville District:

Sewers: Although not a district, it's still an important part of the city. Constructed a century and a half ago to provide santation
and to improve the city's image (i.e. no foul stench from chamber pots being dumped in the streets). In the years since it has
become home to beggars, wererats, used by the Syndicate(see crime) to hide suggled goods, the city guard for secret passages, and for the monster hunt.

The beggars are the best known inhabitants of the sewers. No one how many live there, but most educated guesses are in the 300-600 range. Not every beggar in the city lives in the sewer but many do.
With the city trying to improve it's image more are moving there. A few city councils have tried to remove the beggars from the sewers with little sucess. The beggars know the sewers like the back of their hand
and can easily evade those chasing them. They sneak into the city above early in the morning and beg until late at night, keeping awary eye out for guards.
There are some rumors among the common folk of beggar clerics that curse those that mistreat beggars or are stingy to them, causing fiancal mishap, crippling them or some other nasty misfourtune to befall them. The phrase "under a beggar's curse" refers to an indivdual who has suffered a series of misfortunes.

The Syndicate uses the sewers to

Should the city ever fall to invaders the city Guard have built several hidden store houses

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sounds quite original, built-wise, I mean.