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Pictures can be found here. (http://photobucket.com/albums/y262/Wukei/MCC/)


A few trees grow sparsely about the road as one approach the city from the south. There is a large arced gate in the center of the south wall. It is the only entrance or exit to the city, and the thick, tall wall would be impassable by battering ram or climbing over (unless one to use one of the trees.) Directly inside the city are merchants, waiting for shipments or unsuspecting visitors who will need to pay more than double the price one would pay at another city. This city is unique, however, and the merchants feel that it is easy to ask such ridiculous prices. This is the city of the genasi. In the very center of town is a statue of four genasi (one of each type), fellow adventurers, and the founders of Karista.

Karista (small city, 7, 225)
Population 90% genasi (mixed about evenly, 5% human, 5% other.
Maximum value of item purchased: 15,000gp

As one enters the city, as was mentioned before, they come across the merchants. After travelling further in (about a block) the city streets form a grid pattern. To your left is the library, dedicated to Boccob, and governmental district. To the right are the churches. All of the ones in the open are dedicated to good and neutral deities, with the largest being the temple of St. Cuthbert. There are, of course, a few evil aligned churches, but all of those must stay unrevealed, less they exact punishment from the majority of good and neutral aligned members of the city. Behind the merchants and the churches toward the south wall of the city is located the graveyard. In the back of the city—past the large monument of the founders of Karista to the west—is the residential area, homes of all of the genasi of Karista. And to the northeast are more merchants with specialized talents (wizards, blacksmiths, etc.)

Arts and Culture: The first genasi generation of Karista came from all over the world, therefore the culture is very diverse. All classes are represented equally throughout the city.

Economics: There are no major imports or exports to the city, as the genasi have learned to rely on no one but themselves. Every magic on a weapon is made here, every weapon is made here, and all potions are made here. Meats and vegetables are found from animals and plants in the city or in the outlying areas near it.

Religion: St. Cuthbert and Boccob are the two major religions of Karista. Aure, one of the founders of the city, was a cleric of St. Cuthbert. And Lynne was a practitioner of magic and a follower of Boccob. As such, both of these religions rank highest in the city, though any good or neutral religion is welcomed into the city.

Government: The government is run by a main council of 4, all with equal power, each from one of the genasi groups. Each council member is voted in by their race. They then each choose five advisors who make sure that the main council creates fair treaties. The advisors hold not true power. However, true power is run by the quick-to-anger fire genasi. They threaten the other races so well that they are the only ones that truly have any influence in the government.

Crime and Power Struggles: While there is no large amount of noticeable crime (other than the occasional pickpocket or mugger) the fire genasi do tend to be violent toward the other races of genasi. Instead of hiding their influence in the shadows, the fire genasi have started a war to make their power more present in the system. In fact, the fire genasi are lead by their current council-man, Paytah.

Paytah, Fire Genasi; CN
12th level Rogue(5)/Fighter(7)

The Monument: Each genasi faces in one direction. The fire genasi is to the south. The water genasi is to the east. The earth genasi is to the north. And the air genasi is to the west. It has a plaque on each side at the base of it that reads:

“The great adventurers Pyralis, Terran, Aure, and Lynne founded this city due to the other races inability to accept our people into their culture. They shunned us, so the great adventurers founded a city where we could live without hatred and malice towards our kind. They shall live in our hearts and this town forever.”


The First Adventure
Your band of adventurers has walked into Karista. The merchants at the entrance seem nice enough, though the prices are a little high. As you travel the city, however, you seem to notice angry glares at you. Soon there is a group of young genasi telling you to get out of the city. More genasi act this way toward your group. If you search for the cause, you’ll find in the library an older water genasi librarian who tells you that the genasi hate other races due to the racism against them when they lived in other cities. The librarian, Misu, asks that you please find a way to take some of the hatred for other races out of his people’s hearts.

The Second Adventure
The city is eerily quiet as you enter. As you get further into it (going north) you can hear a loud clamor of many voices. Standing on top of a large statue in the center of town is a fire genasi (Paytah). And surrounding the statue are several armed fire genasi. Paytah speaks to the crowd about a revolution and the rise of the fire genasi as the city’s leaders. Right in front of the travelling adventurers, a civil war breaks out.

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I hate double posting, but this is the only double post I'm going to do, and it's just to place a picture of my monument. This is what direction you'd see it from if you were walking up to it from the entrance of the city.


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