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2005-07-02, 05:05 PM
By day and to the passing traveller, Tagnak Orundir seems to be nothing more than a crumbling ruin. It's broken and battered walls, constructed entirely out of smooth, black granite warm gently in the sun, and moss and vines creep up the sides, covering many stone blocks.

Through the smashed gates is a paved street, cobblestones sticking up at strange angles. The buildings inside are uniformly decrepit, with smashed and caved-in rooftops, all made of the same black stone. Inside, the buildings are coated with a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, and wooden and metal furniture lay in complete disarray, smashed and broken like the rest of the city.

Merely travelling through the streets is a disconcerting experience. Small noises, the clatter of rubble, the moaning of wind through the cracks in the stone, and dreadful whispers instill a growing fear in anyone who treads through the city. Always in the corner of their eye, something is flitting, moving, and someone--something--is watching them.

The cobbled street branches and twists, snaking through the demolished buildings in a confusing and befuddling way. Eventually, however, the streets lead to a wide courtyard, complete with an empty fountain and smashed benches. In the center of the courtyard suddenly rises a strange and horrifying structure: a tower, seemingly twisted right out of the very earth, as it clearly has burst through the cobblestones.

It twists and spirals, in a cone shape, with protrusions of stone sticking out at akward angles, gleaming and glisteningly sharp. The tower, constructed of the same black stone radiates a powerful sense of corruption and evil as it spirals upwards. Around the base there is no door evident, but near the very topmost spire a single window overlooks the city.

If one attempts to trace their path back through the city, it quickly becomes apparent that the streets have moves, switching places, and winding endlessly through the desolate, destroyed buildings. More than one traveller has wandered forever through the twisted, broken streets, eventually descending into madness and death.

At night, however, the city begins to exert its own insidious, malicious will upon anyone inside, and it's inhabitants will awaken from their sleep...

As dusk begins to fall, the sunlight's dying rays cast a reddish glow across the sky, a glow which is echoed in the stone which the city is constructed from. The stones become slick to the touch, colored a deep red. To the horror of any living inhabitants, the stones become uniformly coated with a thin sheen of blood. Fresh blood.

Once night has truely fallen, the city awakens into its own twisted mockery of normal life. From the cobblestones and between the cracks in the walls seep ghostly forms, spirits of every shape and form. Semblences of living things carry on what appears, at first glance, to be a normal life.

Yet on closer inspection, the activities which the spirits engage in are not normal at all. It is a shambled mockery of normal life. Day to day activites are twisted by pure madness. In one house, a woman with a gastly smile on her face will calmly butcher one of her own children, while the rest of her family watches, laughing. A market stall is selling human eyeballs, while a hulking spirit calmly rips the arms off of passerbys.

Every night these horrifying activites continue, each travesty accompanied by peals of horrific, skeletal laughter. As the sun begins to rise, the laughs turn to screams and shrieks of paim, each louder than the last, untill, with a final volley of soul-rending cries, the spirits fade, the blood dries, and the city returns to its normal, placid state.

City Name: Tagnak Orundir, the Cursed City.
City Size: Large City
Population: Varies, between 18,000 and 22,000 (estimated).
Racial Demographics: 90% Spectres, 7% Wraiths, 3% Shadows
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (see below)
GP Limit: 0 GP
Power Center: Magical
Leader: Hazracin'Aladirim; He-Who-Slays-In-The-Dark

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sounds like the perfect holiday location if you ask me :P

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Other stuff to be added approximately when I feel like it.

EDIT: I realized that my city is somewhat similar to several other cities. This was not intentional, and if you feel that I'm stealing your work, shoot me a PM and I'll change what needs to be changed.