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Five black shapes appear from the mist. Five unexpected souls. The kind associated with pure evil. When they come to the village, women flee, children shriek and foolish men run out to fight.
But the five do not stop. They continue through, silently, peacefully, never harming an innocent peasant, or dining on human flesh.
They are the rejected, and the only thing that truly weighs them down is the cruelty of their former master.


The Rejected are a party of "alternative" adventurers for any campaign. The most optimal is one where a great evil has recently (less than one year ago) been defeated. They are approx CR 9 altogether as a challenge, or could be used as PCs in a low-difficulty campaign (Due to lack of high-power magic)



The rejected were formed a year ago, when a powerful mage, Senwith Araman, was defeated. Over ten years Senwith had been slowly creating an alliance of the "Less-favoured" races (Orcs, goblins etc.) in an attempt to destroy the kingdom of Brightshade. He was eventually defeated when a powerful band of noble warriors stormed his fortress, foiled his plans, and destroyed all traces of the notorious villain.
A few members of the alliance survived the attack. They slowly realised what the destruction of their master truly meant to them. Since they were no longer commanded by harsh rules and virtual slavery, they were once more "free".
They decided that they would group together to survive, and to right wrongdoing, should ever someone accept them into true civilisation.



The rejected contain among their ranks a cleric who no longer holds true purity, a kobold of the shadows, an orcish beastlord, a Goblin shaman, and an ex-guardsman. Their true names are shown first, with the names they are called by each other and by bards in brackets.


Kaegan duJean (Blacklight)

Neutral Male Human Cleric10

Hit dice: 10d8 (49)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 20ft, run 60ft
Armor class: 21(-1dex, +9armour, +3shield)
Base attack/grapple: +7/+9
Attack: +1 Heavy mace +10melee (1d8+2) or +1 Light crossbow +7ranged (1d8+1)
Full attack: +1 Heavy mace +10/+5melee (1d8+2) or +1 Light crossbow +7/+2ranged (1d8+1)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Saves: Fort+7, Ref+2, Will+10
Special Attacks: Rebuke undead
Special Qualities: None
Abilities: Str14, Dex8, Con10, Int12, Wis17, Cha14
Skills: Diplomacy +15, Concentration +13, Spellcraft +14
Feats: Endurance, Diehard, Great fortitude, Power attack.
Equipment: +1 Heavy mace, +1 Full plate, +1 Large Steel Shield

"Life? You cannot truly love the joys of life..."

Kaegan is not exactly "human" anymore, but he still resembles humanity. Once a devout follower of Pelor, now he only pays some devotion to his former god. He is about 5 feet 11, 180 pounds and 26 years old, but nowadays he feels much older, thanks to his "Meeting"…

Kaegan was never under the command of Senwith, but rather under the command of his great temple master. He was never a henchman, but rather part of the "Noble warriors". (Whose real name he knows to be "Ellomanakia" supposedly a mixture of elvish and draconic, meaning "Light Bringers") He joined them in the main battle against the Araman Fortress.
Victory was a possession of Ellomanakia on that day, and they were proud when they seemed to have defeated Senwith forever. They pillaged the fortress for most items of worth. Only a few creatures were left alive, and the group assumed they would soon fight each other for the few remaining possessions.
At last only one room was left. Through the process of elimination Ellomanakia had determined it was probably the chambers of Senwith Araman himself. Cautiously, they entered the large room, and saw a large four-poster bed along with two… coffins on the sides.
When they advanced toward the bed, the two coffins slowly creaked open, and two creatures of ultimate darkness walked out. Kaegan attempted to repel them, but the unlife that fueled them was too strong to be broken by such an enchantment, and so they advanced. They attacked Kaegan, and when he fell, unconscious, the two advanced to the rest of Ellomanakia.
Ellomanakia retreated, afraid of these new foes. But the foes did not pursue. They themselves were not sentient, and their only orders were to stop anyone from approaching Senwith's bed. Silently they returned to their chambers and remained dormant.
Frezall was the first to find Kaegan, and soon brought him back to health. But Kaegan's touch with undead changed him, turning him slightly into one of those creatures. He no longer felt truly warm, and his skin had turned very pale. When he now thinks about undead, a small voice inside him says Brothers.
He is not "Human" anymore.


Torko (Blackscale)

True Neutral Male Kobold Rogue 5/ Shadowdancer 5

Hit dice: 5d6+5d6-10 (27hp)
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30ft
Armor class: 19(+4dex, +3armour, +1size, +1natural)
Base attack/grapple: +6/+1
Attack: +1 Short sword +12(1d4) or masterwork composite shortbow +12(1d4)
Full attack: +1 Short sword +12/+7(1d4) or masterwork composite shortbow +12/+7(1d4)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Saves: Fort+1, Ref+12, Will+3
Special Attacks: Sneak attack 3d6.
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft, Improved evasion, Improved uncanny dodge, Shadow illusion, Defensive roll, Hide in plain sight, Summon shadow.
Abilities: Str8, Dex19, Con9, Int12, Wis8, Cha13
Skills: Move silently +17, Hide +17, Perform (Dance) +9, Jump +12, Tumble +17, Spot +12, Balance +17, Escape artist +12, Disguise +14.
Feats: Weapon finesse (Short sword), Dodge, Mobility, Spring attack.
Equipment: +1 Short sword, masterwork composite shortbow, masterwork studded leather,

"Neither Light nor Darkness is my dwelling"

Torko is a young adult kobold, about 8 years old. (Old enough to be fully developed for a kobold, yet still with much to see in his lifetime) He is three foot 2 inches, and he weighs approximately 27 pounds. His skin colour is a deep rusty black with brown highlights, and his eyes are a gleaming red. His hands end in nails sharpened to the point where they resemble claws, and they are painted in deep black.

Torko was the highest of the high, born to the Horned caste of the blackscale tribe. his clutch of kobolds was well kept, and schooled from the egg. But one month after his birth, Senwith's hordes stormed the tunnels of the blackscale tribe.
The kobolds were forced to craft the new lair of Senwith. So as to prevent rebellion, Senwith sent the members of Torko's clutch to his dungeons, threatening to kill them all should an uprising occur.
Torko spent the next seven years of his life in the dankest, but most secure dungeon cell. The kobold slaves attempted rebellion eight times, and each time one member of Torko's caste was slaughtered in front of the masses.
Soon Torko found an affinity for the shadows, and could blend with them, until he could "disappear" in the semi-darkness.
When the "noble warriors" stormed the fortress, they went to the dungeons to search for hostages to release. The cunning one picked the locks of every jail door, but when he looked inside Torko's cell, all he seemed to see was shadows. he moved on, unaware that Torko was there, and hiding for his little life.
Once the heroes seemed to have left Torko escaped the fortress, and met Frezall and Kaegan. Oradyk and Andrew soon followed. Torko was the first to suggest leaving the fortress before more warriors of the kingdom came, and left the rejected did.


Oradyk (Forestmaster)

True Neutral Male Half-orc Barbarian 5/ Druid 5

Hit dice: 5d12+5d8+10 (71hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 20ft
Armor class: 15(+2dex, +4armour)
Base attack/grapple: +8/+10
Attack: +1 Falchion +12 melee (2d4+4) or Shortspear +10 melee (1d8+2) or Shortspear +10 ranged (1d8+2)
Full attack: +1 Falchion +12/+7 melee (2d4+4) or Shortspear +10/+5 melee (1d8+2) or Shortspears +10/+5 ranged (1d8+2)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Saves: Fort+9, Ref+4, Will+8
Special Attacks: Rage 2/day
Special Qualities: Fast movement, Improved uncanny dodge, Trap sense +1, Wild empathy, Woodland stride, Trackless step, Resist nature's lure, Wild Shape 1/Day.
Abilities: Str16, Dex14, Con12, Int10, Wis17, Cha8
Skills: Handle animal +12, Listen +16, Spellcraft +9, Survival +18 (Knowledge: Nature +2)
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon focus (Falchion), Enlarge spell.
Equipment: +1 hide armour, +1 Falchion, 2 Shortspears.
Animal Companion: Sehrahahk. Male Wolverine Use statistics from Monster Manual.

"Nature fuels my fury; Nature is my fury"


Oradyk is a Half-orc of the forests. He is six and a quarter feet tall, 23 years old and the core of sense in the group. If he has a hunch, the whole party is instantly alert, because Oradyk is aware, the enemy is around.

Oradyk was an adopted member of the Karkaj orcish tribe. His existence occurred during an orcish raid on a settlement, and, well, The next bit's not really for the kiddies.
The human mother died during childbirth of Oradyk, and as soon as the inexperienced midwife saw the half-orcling, he was banished from the new village. It took him a day of crawling along the nearby dark forest to come across a hunting party for the nearby tribe.
He was soon accepted into the tribe, if reluctantly by some of the elders, and was apprenticed at an early age to the wolverine master. (Wolverines were used as hunting companions in a similar way to dogs. The wolverine, after all, was the totem animal of the Karkaj Tribe) He joined raids, though for some reason he was discomforted when other orcs decided to desecrate the forests.
At the age of 14 (The coming of age for an orc or half-orc) Oradyk gained the title of Beastmaster. He would lead the wolverines out with raiding parties, and he was responsible should they die in battle.
Two years after the appointment of this title the Karkaj tribe was approached by one of Senwith's representatives. The tribe agreed to a contract presented to them, stating that they would receive food and bedding, as well as land after the "Domination of Brightshade" in exchange for services in battle.
This proved to be a big mistake as the Karkaj tribe was treated like dirt. It soon became apparent that Senwith was only interested in the wolverines and their trainers. After 8 years only half of the karkaj tribe was left, and that half was nearly obliterated when the noble warriors arrived.
However, in the 8 years of service Oradyk realised the importance of nature, but it was only when the noble warriors left him unconscious on the hall did he allow nature itself to ally with his body, and now he fights enemies of nature with his deadly (yet stable) bloodlust: Nature's Fury.


Frezall (fire bringer)

Chaotic Neutral Male Goblin Wizard5/ Cleric3/ Mystic Theurge2

Hit dice: 5d4+3d8+2d4+10 (43)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30ft
Armor class: 14 (+3dex, +1size)
Base attack/grapple: +5/0
Attack: Shortspear +5melee (1d6-1) or light crossbow +9ranged (1d6)
Full attack: Shortspear +5melee(1d6-1) or light crossbow +9ranged (1d6)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft.
Saves: Fort+5, Ref+5, Will+12
Special Attacks: None
Special Qualities: Darkvision60ft
Abilities: Str8, Dex16, Con12, Int17, Wis14, Cha6
Skills: Knowledge (Religion)+17, Knowledge (Arcana)+17, Concentration+15, Spellcraft+17, Sense motive+16
Feats: Enlarged spell, Spell focus (Evocation), Spell penetration, Improved counterspell.
Equipment: shortspear, base spell components, wooden symbol (Campfire), Walking staff.
It is one thing to scar someone. It is another when you make the scar permanent"

Frezall is a goblin, small, inconspicuous, yet beneath his gloved hands lie power to heal… or destroy. He is Three feet exactly, 41 pounds and 28 years old, almost middle age for a goblin.
Frezall was the magic-user to the goblins. He still believes he owes his tribe a debt to the tribe he once worked in. As a young goblin, Frezall has a strange thirst for magic, seeking out those of higher power in spellcraft among the goblins. By the age of 10 Frezall could light a dampened fire, and could remove the pain from those who had been injured. By 16 he had raised to the rank of village shaman, and advisor to the chieftain.
However, when Senwith came with the usual proposal, Frezall, now 23, was concerned about the safety of the goblins. The Chieftain had grown cocky in his long rule, and accepted Senwith's offer of accommodation.
Unlike many of the creatures accepted into the alliance, Frezall's tribe was treated rather well. Frezall was one of Senwith's more trusted shamans, which was ironic considering Frezall's distrust to Senwith.
When the noble warriors arrived the shamans were kept in wooden watch-towers for safety. this was soon revealed to be a mistake as the noble warriors set fire to all the towers. Frezall managed to save himself with a spell that kept him safe from the flames, and when the tower collapsed to the ground he hid in the rubble for a short while.
He then entered the fortress to find Kaegan lying unconscious on the floor, and invoked a strong healing spell to bring him back to conscious. He stayed with Kaegan until the others arrived, and now he never leaves Kaegan's side.


Andrew Faron (Swiftstryke)

Chaotic Neutral Male Human Fighter10

Hit dice: 10d10+10(70hp)
Initiative: +6
Speed: 20ft
Armor class: (+3dex, +6armour, +2shield)
Base attack/grapple: +10/+17
Attack: +1 Bastard sword +16melee (1d10+5) or Mighty composite longbow (+3) +13ranged (1d8+3)
Full attack: +1 Bastard sword +16/+11melee (1d10+3) or Mighty composite longbow (+3) +13/+8ranged (1d8+3)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Saves: Fort+8, Ref+6, Will+3
Special Attacks: None
Special Qualities: None
Abilities: Str16, Dex16, Con13, Int8, Wis10, Cha12
Skills: Handle animal +14, Ride +16
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Combat reflexes, Power attack, Cleave, Improved grapple, Interference*, Accidents happen*, Mounted combat, Point blank shot, Weapon focus (Bastard sword), Weapon specialisation (Bastard sword), Greater weapon Focus(Bastard sword)
Equipment: +1 Bastard sword, +1 Breastplate, Mighty composite longbow (+3)

*=see this (http://www.giantitp.com/Func0009.html) GITP article

"My sword is my strength, my bow my weakness"

Andrew Faron is an adult human, about 22 years old. He is six feet 1 inch, 172 pounds and with a medium build. His main strength lies in his arms, but he is also a very nimble person. He has dark red hair, almost black, and a thick coating of stubble on his chin. He is dressed in armour once worn by an orcish chieftain, making him look gruff.
Andrew lived his early years as son to a farmer. When he achieved the age of 16 he joined the Mothrock town guard, and stayed there for two years, until Senwith attacked the town.
In a desperate attempt to save the citizens of the town, Andrew offered the lives of him and his brother Rupert in exchange for the safety of the other citizens of Mothrock.
Andrew and Rupert spent three years in a barracks with orcs and ogres, being sent out to fight against small settlements. They never truly fought the people, since they were uncomfortable with the slaughter of humans. The only times they put their best effort in was when killing those who had already been grievously wounded.
But Rupert changed. After two years he was easily comfortable with slaying children that had barely been born. Andrew was worried about Rupert, and tried to show him this, until Rupert turned on his brother and attacked.
The entire barracks was eagerly watching the fight where the two brothers clashed, and called for death. When Andrew struck the final blow, he knocked Rupert unconscious and bent down to his brother. He spat on Rupert and waited for him to regain consciousness.
But the orcs had different plans.
They rushed down from their beds and tables to chop Rupert to pieces, and painted their faces with his blood. The sight of it turned Andrew pale, and he ran to his bed.
Half a year later, the noble warriors appeared, and attacked the fortress. Andrew decided to kill the orcs that were guarding the barracks, and waited for their arrival.
They never came.
Andrew eventually emerged from the Barracks to find the rest of the survivors, and joined them. He still wonders if his brother would have survived the attack, had he survived at all…



Should the Rejected be forced into combat, the following tactics are the most suitable:

Kaegan: Melee attack, Support via divine magic (Healing)
Torko: Ranged sneak attacks, followed by primary ranged attacks.
Oradyk: Entangle largest gathering, rage, then melee combat.
Frezall: Fireball entangled group, ranged backup.
Andrew: Melee attack on greatest melee threat.



When playing the rejected as NPCs, a few things should be kept in mind:

>They are grateful for any acceptance by free people.

>Andrew, being the most "accepted" of the Rejected, is the one entrusted with the supply of weapons and armour to the group.

>If the PCs show small bits of distrust, the Rejected don't really notice. The Rejected are used to that kind of persecution.

>If starting an adventure with them, Either have them:

1)Wandering through yet another town alone, or

2)at a small black market weapons store.


They are the rejected. At least, until they are accepted…

2005-05-21, 01:04 AM
Cool Idea. I assume Keagan's last feat is Something like Undead Empathy?

2005-05-21, 06:26 AM
Not exactly. He doesn't really feel sympathetic to undead, he was just... affected by them. The rebuke is the fact undead are scared by this semi-dead man.

His feats represent the fact he no longer goes unconscious, but rather keeps on fighting, due to his semi-deathness.

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And now that the threads are unlocked again....

True Neutral Male Kobold Rogue 5/ Shadowdancer 5

Thought you'd want to know that this class combination isn't legal. Shadowdancer requires 10 ranks of Hide, which would require 7 levels of rogue to acquire.

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