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    What Class/Race/Alignment are you Quiz Im a Lawful Evil Human Wizard
    Fight my brute!

    My Handbooks:
    Spell Slot Recovery Handbook
    Aid Another expansion Compilation

    Spoiler: Best quotes

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    57. I needed the experience points.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna
    Welcome to epic optimization. Everything's made up and the stats don't matter. *Said through skype*
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    hgeadsmashg in 3... 2..b 1...n
    6e gtfrr54t b3wws bj67y hjnu.;n b

    back to nose. capital letters arew/ capds loccjk.
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    My character got smitten by Raw, god of rules. *Said through skype*
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    Spectral hand is my favorite right now. Just imagine a hand slowly moving toward an enemy and then bitch slapping it in the face causing who knows what touch spell you are using with it.

    Spoiler: Rise of Ants PC

    Health 20 0 damage taken
    Attack 9 (Modifiers: +2 Power Armor, +2 Flame Thrower)
    Armor 7 (Modifiers: +4 Power Armor, +3 Flame Cloak, +4 Byakugan and +1 Natural Armor)
    Skill 4
    Power 3
    Fear 3
    Surprise 3
    Ruthless Efficiency 4
    Almost Fanatical Devotion to the Pope 3
    Nice Red Uniforms 4
    *Modifiers are not included in stats as the stats given are base stats

    Gear: Power armor (+4 Armor, +2 Offense)
    Spoiler: Unique Abilities
    Echolocation: Can detect things around via sound

    Byakugan: The Hero gains +1 Armor per Skill by using their 360 Degree Tremorsense. This does not replace their vision, and so their heat sense is still active. This ability does not detect silent images, though illusions incorporating sound may manage to fool it. Sound waves may echo around corners and so too does this sense. Xankz can see as far as 60 ant lengths distance.
    Assuming Black Garden Ants average size of 0.6 cm, this would mean he can see 36cm distance with this.

    No, my username is not about flapper, mine is making fun of flappybird and minecraft

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    You don't convince by proving someone wrong. You convince by showing them a better way to be right. The difference may seem subtle or semantic, but I assure you it matters a lot.
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    Lmao Yee
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhantasyPen
    It's still a level of cheese that not even flappeercraft would allow
    I am now a scale for optimization
    Quote Originally Posted by PhantasyPen
    Technically Flap you and PT both are my unit of measurement for how cheesy something is. 1 Flap/PT is something way too cheesy for use in standard play.
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