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    Default Is this Race... acceptable? [3.5 Race, PEACH, WIP]


    James, a wafer Saccharid

    Saccharids are an unusual race, if they are even considered as such at all. Their origins are shrouded in mystery oftentimes, even to themselves.

    Saccharids aren't born in the usual sense of "birth". Instead, they are created by turning a non-living sugar-rich matter, such as a fruit, a milk product, a confectionery, a pastry, or a candy, into a living organism. This requires a sufficiently advanced technology to do (attributed by some to an esoteric concept referred to as Gramarie), or emulated by a sufficiently power magic (such as Wish, Miracle, and other similar effects).

    Even then, answering the "how" is far easier than figuring out the "why". Some scholars have speculated that Saccharids were created originally as simple, harmless, practical experiments in animating and awakening objects, while some have concluded that they are mere products of mad scientists for no reason other than obsessing over sweets.

    There are far more sinister speculations however, claiming that Saccharids are wolves in sugary sheep's clothing (with cherry on top). These perspective look at Saccharids as tools of destruction masquaraded as gifts to civilization, spreading inert diseases, poisons, and other potent alchemical effects to subdue all life.

    Saccharids are, by all accounts, very sociable people. Due to their nature of having no concept of bloodline and family, the unique sense of belonging that are normally felt only for family members are felt by Saccharids for every creature that they are mostly around or associate with. They have the utmost appreciation for social events and gatherings, such as parties and festivals.

    On the other hand, Saccharids aren't the most insightful of races. Common sense is a rare treat for Saccharids, with emotions and impulses usually being the driving factors for their decisions and actions.

    Physical Description
    Saccharids come in varying shapes and sizes, although most of them stand at around 3 feet to 6 feet tall. Their main body is an enlarged version of their original confectionary form, inheriting the same physical appearance such including color, the smell, and the taste (they are very much edible). In addition, they have the general features of humanoids, consisting of a head with two eyes and a mouth, as well as a pair of upper (arms and hand) and lower (legs and feet) extremities.

    An important thing to note is that, despite their origins, no two Saccharids are exactly alike. They may differ in terms of color, size, body orientation, gender, original flavor, or other more subtle characteristics.

    Saccharids are generally neutral in alignment, with their natural naivete making them less susceptible to championing (or capable of understanding) extreme causes or ideologies. It's also not unusual to have Saccharids who have a vastly different unusual basis for doing what they perceive as moral or ethical actions.

    There are currently no such thing as a "Saccharid land"* or community, which may be attributed with the fact that Saccharids never belong to core units such as a family in the first place. Nowadays, Saccharids can be found scattered in civilized lands of various hospitable races.

    * The rare few Saccharids who reached more than a thousand years of age occasionally mumble about once living in a prosperous utopian kingdom eons ago, developed and led by a well-beloved "sciency" princess. There's not enough proof for the validity of these statements, and so are often discounted or waved off as a footnote in Saccharid descriptions.

    Saccharids speak Common, although their personality allows them to easily learn any other languages.

    Since the beginning of being widely spread in many different cultures and civilizations, there are many different terms used to denote Saccharids: Confectari, Sweetling, Sugarfolk, Candykin, and Ambrose are just a few of these terms. On the topic of etymology, the term "Saccharid" itself was only heard used by one Saccharid a long time ago to describe himself, and the terminology simply stuck.

    On the other hand, a Saccharid's personal name is, not surprisingly, based on their original form. People usually refer to them as such, with an attached proper honorifics or age/gender qualifier based on how the individual Saccharid express themselves as. However, some Saccharids who have better sense of self or being give themselves their own unique names, which are usually borrowed from the nomenclature of races that they are living or familiar with.

    Examples (based on original form): Doppelgum (Kid), (Lady) Apple Pie, (Mister) Dragonmint, Druidbread (Lass), (Doctor) Moonberry Cake, (Princess) Devilfruit, Wafer (Guy)

    Racial Traits
    • +2 Cha, -4 Wis: Saccharids are very cute, charismatic, and sociable, but are very much gullible, slow, and lacking in common sense. Their size also improves their ability scores as described below.
    • Abberation: Saccharids are not subject to spells or effects that affect humanoids only, such as Charm Person or Dominate Person.
    • Size: Saccharids are made in various shapes and sizes, and thus receive the appropriate penalty and bonuses (as well as level adjustment) based on size.
    • Saccharid base land speed is 30 ft.
    • Saccharids (unlike most abberations) do not have darkvision.
    • Saccharid Anatomy: Saccharids are immune to critical hits, and while they don't have a skeleton for obvious reasons, their bodies can still be turned into zombies.
    • Saccharid Sustenance (Ex): Their sense of union and belonging to everyone doesn't get more intimate than using this ability. As a Standard Action, a Saccharid can break off a part of its main body to serve as one meal's worth of sustenance. Doing this deals 1 point of damage to the Saccharid. Strangely enough, this means that a Saccharid can sustain itself as long as it can heal off the damage.
    • Automatic Language: Common. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic).
    • Level Adjustment (based on size upon creation): 0 (if Small, Medium, or Large), +3 (if Tiny or Huge), +6 (if Diminutive or Gargantuan), +9 (if Fine or Colossal)

    Additional Ability Score Adjustments based on Size
    Size Ability
    Fine -8 Str, +8 Dex
    Diminutive -6 Str, +6 Dex
    Tiny -4 Str, +4 Dex
    Small -2 Str, +2 Dex
    Large +2 Str, -2 Dex
    Huge +4 Str, -4 Dex
    Gargantuan +6 Str, -6 Dex
    Colossal +8 Str, -8 Dex


    Greater Saccharid Sustenance
    Prerequisite: Saccharid, character level 3rd
    In addition to a Saccharid's produced food providing sustenance, when using Saccharid Sustenance, a Saccharid may instead choose to take 2 points of damage instead of 1, in order for this particular food to also heal 1 point of damage to the consuming creature.
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