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    Aliases: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Species: Demon "Eudai"
    Age: Classified
    Profession: Owner of Mallside, Lawyer
    Power Rating: C

    Description: A well dressed woman with backswept horns, noticeably pink eyes, and three tails. Pink seems to be highlighted throughout her features and clothing, though it manages to look quite at home in her classy attire. Her age is extremely hard to pin down, though most people usually guess she is in her late twenties (at least in terms of how she appears).

    Personality: Grace strives to be professional and polite, though she has some failings in the latter department, often letting her personal (and oft times blunt) opinion bleed through her more official presentation. Overall, however, she appears to be well mannered and thoughtful, though she errs on the side of formal. She is, however, quite prone to being short with those who do not attempt to return her politeness, specifically around the subjects of her employment and nature.

    Equipment: Grace wears a well fitting suit bought and made for her by Celestial Dynamics. It is resistant to tears and punctures (though not enough to serve as decent armor, lamentably), impervious to stains, and will regenerate itself whenever it manages to be damaged, ensuring that it will always look new and fresh.
    In addition, Grace carries around a small silver pen... or is a trident? It's kind of hard to tell, actually, as if existence can't quite keep its nature pinned down. The pen- trident- appears to be a fairly potent magic item. Among other things, it is capable of firing rays of energy, never runs out of ink, can create minor illusions, and also burns with an extraordinarily stubborn fire.

    Abilities: Grace is a fairly skilled combatant, though she has yet to display any talents beyond mundane fighting. She prefers to fight with her trident, but may sharpen her fingers to claws and teeth to fangs as needed, and her three tails are quite strong and prehensile, which she takes advantage of.

    Backstory: Grace is a former Executive Assistant of Celestial Dynamics, a relatively high ranking employee, though insignificant compared to the Arch Executives in charge of running and maintaining the universe. Life was going swell, but even the best employee will trip up somewhere, and in the crowded business of Celestial Dynamics, employee competition is to be expected. Utilizing one of the more arbitrary rules of employee leave, one of Grace's rivals managed to sign her up for a non-negotiable leave, using up all the time Grace had been idly saving away... which added up to a number of years.
    With neither her employers or herself able to retract 'her' request for an extended leave, Grace decided to take a vacation on a more interesting corner of the multiverse, where she at least wouldn't have to worry about assassins attempting to make her leave permanent. She is currently attempting to turn the small investment Celestial Dynamics has in the Nexus become profitable, in the hopes that they'll allow her to take on a more active role, despite her 'on leave' status.
    Grace has come to be a somewhat notable figure in Nexus. She reformed the organization LANTERN, eventually recreating it as Aurora. Though the organization has since faltered, it managed to create Aurora Air (a psychic radio station) and Riftline (a railway within Inside) before it ended. Grace also holds a position as a Council Member of Inside.
    Recent evaluation of Grace's work and situation with Celestial Dynamics has led the company to lay her off, however, leaving her stranded in Nexus.
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