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    Rilayne of the House Baenurden

    Alias: Crazy Aunt Riley

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Drow // Vampire

    Age: About 500 or so

    ~Can turn into a bat, a rat, a wolf, or a cloud of smoke at will.
    ~Has unnatural strength that exceeds that of a normal man.
    ~Can regenerate
    ~Can suck the blood of the living by biting them, and can choose to make her victims vampires or to just suck them dry.
    ~Can hypnotize someone if that person is weak minded enough, but only if she is able to stare them directly in the eye for about 3 seconds.
    ~Is allergic to garlic.
    ~Bursts into flames if exposed to the sun.
    ~Bursts into flames when in contact with anything holy. Only if there is a particularly strong belief in it that is close-by, so she's not going to be harmed by the "holy vampire cloak" of "hocus pocus religion on the other side of the world".
    ~Is paralyzed if a piece of wood (stake or not) goes through her heart. It won't kill her, but she won't be able to move, think, or do anything at all until some nice (re; stupid) passerby removes it.
    ~Can't cross running water.
    ~Can't enter a home uninvited.

    Backstory: Rilayne was only a child when a newly turned vampire with poor control abused the hospitality of her parents and tried to omnomnom the little tyke. Of course Ghar showed up at once, murdered the killer, and then spent the next hundred years researching methods to magically age her to adulthood, physically and mentally. It was lucky he was a bit bored at the time and needed a challenge, or he'd probably have just recommending putting the helpless creature out of its misery.

    His work was mostly successful, but Riley remains a bit off-kilter. She never took to hunting for herself, preferring the taste of bottled blood. She has (undefined for now) some natural powers which make her an asset to the family, despite her nuttiness. She's fond of children, and several generations of the family see her as a maternal figure. They all mostly refer to her as Aunt Riley, whether she's related to them or not. She usually keeps some dominated humans around as blood donors and servants, who she treats as beloved pets. She also has two higher ranking and well-trained servants that she would only allow to be eaten in extreme circumstances: Heidi (the blonde, who has especially tasty blood) and Jenny (the brunette, who is good at caring for the other servants).

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