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    Ramiro Gallo

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human, Tenebras Vampire

    Age: 242, ageless (40 HPME*)

    Profession: Leader of Tenebras

    Description: To say Ramiro is a large man would be an understatement. His girth is expansive. Yet, it does not suggest a life of indulgence, but a sense of power. He has pale skin and a clean shaven face and head. His fangs are prominent and his eyes are a deep red. He generally wears a black suit with a blood red handkerchief in the pocket.

    Personality: Ramiro is an ambitious man, but possesses boundless patience. But when he does want something, he'll take it no matter who stands in his way. Ramiro is more often than not perfectly polite and cordial, but disrespect will not be tolerated. He is cold hearted and willing to use unsavory methods to get what he wants.

    • A ring that grows warm in the presence of magic. It can be directed to detect magic in a particular object.



    Abilities: He possesses the typical abilities of a vampire found here and favours the Seducer path. In addition, Ramiro is incredibly strong, even for a vampire. He can break bones with little effort and can kill with a single mighty blow.

    Backstory: Ramiro spent his life amassing his fortune and expanding his merchant company. Until recently it was the biggest in Gul-Thadar. The High Council resisted his company by setting up additional tariffs and tolls. Eventually his company was bankrupted. He came with Gabriel to the Nexus in order to escape the constraints of the High Council and reestablish himself.

    Miscellaneous: N/A

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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