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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Specter

    Age: 18

    Profession: Cleric of Dalachrech

    Power Rating: E

    Description: Samantha has incredibly pale skin, it almost seems like you should be able to see through her. She has long, black hair and jet black eyes. She looks quite delicate and slender. She wears the rope of her order. A headband with a red flower adorns her head.

    Personality: Samantha is very shy and doesn't like to talk about herself, almost as if she is hiding something. She is quick to conform to others' ideas and opinions, likely because she has no past expirience to base her own opinions on. Of course as of her joining the faith of Dalachrech, she will more often than not take the opinions of the church first. Furthermore she is very strong in her faith.

    All of Samantha's possessions are incorporeal.
    -Holy book of Dalachrech.
    -Bow enchanted to freeze the target.
    -Everlasting quiver.
    -Orb of brotherhood necklace. Allows her to communicate with anyone else touching an orb.

    Abilities: Her touch will cause a chill in anything living.

    By holding her hand within an object and concentrating Samantha can make the object incorporeal. This change is permanent. In addition to changing the object she gains knowledge from it. The knowledge doesn't immediately get revealed to her. Instead it will be sealed in her mind, like a forgotten memory. Then when she hears of it or learns it, it will be like recalling the memory.

    Backstory: She has no memory of her past.

    Miscellaneous: Cannot touch corporeal objects as well as vice-versa.
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