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    Metta Arelis
    Titles: Slayer of Demons, Lord of Hell, Vanquisher of Hope, Enemy of Light, Conqueror of Death, and the owner of a small farm near the forest.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Theoretical Lich
    Terry, what the Hell are you talking about?: Well, he would be a Lich, albeit, a 'half-lich'. Still owns a humanoid appearance, even though he's 'dead'.
    Age: 413 Human years.
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
    Class/Profession: Warlock.
    Power Rating: Rank B.
    Description: Metta is of an average height, about five foot nine, and is fairly thin. Due to him being dead 'in theory', he has an incredibly pale look to his skin, clashing deeply with his eyes, which glow a deep gold. Across his face is a single scar, slicing from his right eye to his left eye, right over his nose. He has thin cheekbones and a slightly pointed nose. He has thinly pointed eyebrows, that appear to be almost sculpted onto his face. In addition, he has some unruly black hair on top of his head, but it's cropped and is cut off around his ears. He usually wears a fairly intricately designed robe, with the sleeves cut off as to not catch his arms in them during combat. He almost always wears a hood over his head, as to not reveal his identity, and covers his face. His eyes and scar are always visible, but one of his eyes is covered by an eyepatch. He wears a pair of well-worn boots as well.
    Personality: Metta doesn't really mind other people, so long as they don't try. Anything. Ever. In addition, he sometimes act remarkably silly for someone so old, making people forget that he survived several wars. And caused several more, and he's incredibly cunning, manipulating people for sheer amusement.
    Equipment: His robe, and a interesting staff he carries on his back. The staff is etched with various spectral insignias, and when he makes a certain series of hand motions, it becomes a scythe. In addition, his eyepatch covers some of his various abilities, memories, and general persona, allowing him to transfer bodies if he 'dies'.
    Abilities: Metta has a general mastery over the arcane, in addition to a set of dangerous abilities involving fire and ice. Besides these skills, he can empower his staff with a variety of elementals, as well as blast his enemies with dark energy. His main weakness is all that is holy.
    Backstory: Metta was once human, but he fell from grace, becoming attached to dark magicks after a close friend died. These magicks eventually stole his humanity entirely, causing him to gain the abilities of a Lich, and raising his friend. But his friend was no longer as they were before, and the only words they said to Metta were two simple ones.

    "Kill me."

    Metta, heartbroken by what he had done, obliged, and swore to never cause such a terrible thing to happen again. He lived through so much of humanity's arrogance, he became cynical, deeply unmoved. And eventually... he snapped, and began to become the one who started the wars, manipulated others. Like a true Warlock, like a true Lord.

    Like a true Lich.

    The Messenger

    Gender: None.

    Race/Species: God.

    Age: Unfathomably old.

    Alignment: True Neutral.

    Class/Profession: God.

    Power Rating: Rank S.

    Description: A diety who does not exist, and merely communicates with his subjects, through papers, packages, and other such items.

    Personality: The Messenger is a god. He regards his subjects with bemusement, and enjoys giving them tasks to accomplish, that will further their knowledge and wisdom.

    Equipment: He is the concept of mail. He has none.

    Abilities: Create letters and packages in front of those who need them, or who he chooses to.

    Backstory: He's a God. What more do you want?
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