Simon Kelkech

Alias: N/A

Gender: Male

Race/Species: Human

Age: 28

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class/Profession: Cleric

Power Rating: 4 (Lv. 7)

Description: Simon is a pale human with green eyes. He is quite tall and lanky, but not athletic or muscular in build. He has black hair down to his shoulders, which is generally kept very neat. He constantly wears his Barik'egeria robes, which are black with a red hand emblazoned on the front, a pair of gloves of the same design, and a pair of sturdy black boots.

Personality: Through his training in Barik'egeria, Simon is supremely disciplined and focused, able to think about any problem analytically. He also has a strong sense of justice, following a strict code of right and wrong. However, his training has given him a tendency to be dogmatic about this, and he is often prepared to go to extreme lengths to uphold "right" and "wrong".

Equipment: He still possesses a set of Barik'egeria robes, which he wears all the time to avoid detection, protecting him from their spells. He also has a pair of their gloves, which have powers of telekinesis. The weapons he carries around are a longsword and two daggers.

Abilities: Simon is a Level 7 Cleric, and is capable of casting all spells available to a cleric of that level. He is somewhat proficient with wielding two daggers, or a longsword and shield. Aside from this, there is the powers derived from his Barik'egeria clothes - namely, being able to avoid detection by the cult's senior members and being able to fire telekinesis rays from his hands. However, he is clumsy with armor, and rarely wears it.

Backstory: Simon was formerly an initiate of a religion named Barik'egeria, in the eastern deserts of his homeworld. Their god, Barik, was a god of war and destruction, preaching the message that sinners can only be redeemed through fire and blood, and that their warriors had to follow a strict code. Simon was an eager follower of this, believing himself to be right, until he discovered how the high priests of the order maintained their eternal youth - through the blood sacrifices ever 100 years of young women with special magical power (aka "Lifebringers") whom they were taking from all over the world, supposedly to groom them as members of the religion. Horrified, Simon tried to attack the high priests, but they branded him with a curse that would allow them to find and kill him wherever he was if he ever removed his robe. Simon fled after this - since they had already sacrificed three of the twelve Lifebringers (one for each priest), he is hoping to find the remaining nine.