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    Blue and his Boy

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Asexual and Male

    Race/Species: Glaucei and Human?

    Age: 428 and 18

    Alignment: Neutral (just cares about Boy) and Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: Giant amphibious monster and his pet human.

    Power Rating: Boy is probably a 2 or a 3, while in terms of brute strength and survivability, Blue is around a 5 or 6. However, Blue has no powers (aside from his method of eating and his nematocysts) or anything and only fights to protect Boy.

    Description: Blue appears to be a humanoid Glaucus Atlanticus. He is a bit bigger than an ogre. His very back fins and tail are prehensile, his middle fins have lengthened and grown wider to become large, clodding feet, and his front fins have lengthened to become large arms that hang from his shoulders like an ape's. He stands hunched over so that his head is only a foot or two above human eye level and his eyes can extend down to that level. It (why did I keep calling it 'he'?) has a broad back that Boy rides on, and carries a large knapsack made from assorted marine mammals that holds the jellyfish it eats. It is deep navy blue, almost black, and has silver stripes and tentacle tips, and little blue swirls all over its body. Eats by unzipping its body and covering the food with its stomach, then pulling it in.

    Stands at five seven, and has light brown hair that has been bleached by the sun. He has a deep tan as if he's been outside all his life, though beneath his tattered brown trousers he's startlingly pale. He wears no shirt, and is covered in tiny scratches and bumps and sting scars from various sea critters, as well as one large half circle of tooth marks on his side. His eyes are brown and tend to shine with 'fun' ideas. He's well muscled, but not unsightly so or buff.

    Personality: Blue: Calm, rested, and generally quiet. Loves to see Boy happy, and will do anything for Boy, as it has taken upon itself the job of protecting and raising Boy.

    Boy: Fun loving, constantly excited, and rather innocent. Acts like a child due to being raised by creatures that live for thousands of years. Loves the outdoors, and water, and chasing things, and climbing, and people, and just about everything else that's interesting. Won't let anyone hurt Blue (not that anyone has tried. Blue's HUGE!).

    Equipment: Boy carries about 30 ft of strong rope and a harpoon.

    Abilities: Boy has no special abilities, but Blue can wrap things up in its stomach and inject poisonous nematocysts on contact. The microscopic beasties cause extreme pain and in some cases, paralysis.

    Backstory: Blue (at the time nameless because its species doesn't name) was swimming around his home one day when he noticed sharks going about a feeding frenzy. Interested, he swam over to find a rapidly sinking vessel with several humans inside. The sharks were feeding on the panicking humans, and Blue grabbed as many as it could and swam to the surface. Unfortunately, the sharks would not give up. They tugged at the humans and one of them bit Boy's side. Boy's lung was punctured, and with no help or land for miles, Blue took the humans to its home where the other Glaucei performed strange surgeries that allowed the humans to breath underwater. Boy was six at the time, and was so frightened that he couldn't speak straight. The Glaucei just called him Boy, and the name stuck. Then, each of the Glaucei in that small coral village took one of the humans as its own, and Blue chose Boy, amused by the child's energy. Since then, the two have been inseparable.
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