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    Raenir K. Artemi III

    Alias: Crazy Rae, Crae
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Half Angel, Half Human
    Age: Body is aged 34 years, mind has been around for 12, and the body has been in existence for less than a year.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Denimancer
    Power Rating: A-
    Description: 6'2". Brown hair Chopped off just above his shoulders. Green eyes. Thin, and not very well muscled, his features have come to look more delicate and angular, due to his lack of exercise and fully embracing his angelic nature. Wears black denim jeans, a long, blue denim jacket, and various different colored shirts. Has a pair of large, white angel wings, about a 14' wingspan. He's also sometimes an unassuming duck.
    Personality: Normally quite unpredictable, he acts on instinct and impulse, doing whatever he feels like doing. Generally not mean-spirited. When drunk or sufficiently angry, he begins to be able to think clearly, and acts more like the original Rae, though he is more prone to violence.
    Equipment: Crae normally wears a blue denim jacket which offers the same protection as Mythril chainmail and black denim pants that offer the same protection of steel chanimail. He can make various weapons with denimancy.
    Abilities: Denimancy, channeling his holy energies, and healing quickly, though that last one doesn't always work. Oh, and he can turn into a duck that can lay eggs that hatch into things that start with the letter "B."
    Backstory: Spent eleven years as one-third of Rae's consciousness, until Rae lost control one too many times. Rae decided to get the other two versions of himself out. He cloned himself twice and put the other hims in the bodies, killing one of them. Emily cured Crae of (most) of his suicidal and violent tendencies, and Crae has existed separate of the original since.
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