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    First appearance

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 25

    Profession: Wizard's Apprentice


    Psychic aura: Xifra has an always-on psychic aura that causes her to be almost impossible for normal people to notice her, or remember her if they do. Anyone with a strong will, or any mind protecting ability can be immune if they choose. Also, once someone pays attention to her, it is easier for others to do so.

    Magic: Training as an apprentice. Abilities will grow over time.

    Equipment: Bag of holding, a coin given to her by Jack

    Backstory: Xifra's blood relatives are partially immune to her ability, which allowed her to survive infancy, but they never gave her very much attention. She is the youngest of three children. Her oldest brother Algu has the opposite psychic condition - an always on aura that makes him especially noticeable and beloved. The middle sister, so far unnamed, has no particular abilities.

    Xifra, like everyone else, adored her brother, and did anything for attention, including stealing magic items for him. But occasionally, in a fit of independence, would leave for a while, trying to get by without being used by him, before her loneliness would drive her back. So desperate was she that when Algu whittled a ring out of wood as a gift for their middle sister, she stole it and pretended it had been a gift to her.

    It was in one of her independent times that she ran into Jack Empty, who was able to see her and notice her, and started training as his apprentice.
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