Ashna Drake-Nerei

Species: Human (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Class or Approximation: Paladin
Description: Tall, serious looking. No shoes. One beaded necklace. One Holy Symbol (A feather and a candle) on a string. One opal necklace. One mithril-sapphire ring, left ring finger.

Powers: Ashna has slight powers granted by Timir: healing that would make a mortal wound merely very serious or undo a small cut. She would know if someone was lying directly to her.
More relevantly, there's the fire. Immunity to it, control over it, creating it. Her powers are nullified by the presence of a mime, and she is also vulnerable to water in greater concentrations than light rain.
The fire burns cold, when she has control of herself or sleeps peacefully, but it wishes freedom to burn, and waits where her feet fall, hoping that it might be free. However much it may like her, freedom would be better.
Furthermore, the lycanthropy. Transformation is required on the three nights closest to the full moon, and possible on night that are not the three closest to the new moon. As a wolf, does not quite remember who she is, or think clearly, but is rarely overly violent. Vulnerable always to silver and mountain ash trees.

Story: Ashna and her younger twin sister Luna were born in Keeriville, in Killissinni, in Droma, in one of many far-off fantasy worlds, named both after the characters from local fairy tales. Lived fairly happily for four or five years.
These being the last days of a Great War, this did not long last, as one side deployed a superweapon and the others, pushed so far, brought out mere nuclear missiles.
Even in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, though, there is hope. The flame spirit that was in her, previously quiet, saw her through it all. It said 'look here for food', and food was found. It said 'hide here from the ghosts in the fog', and they did not find her. It said, 'kill this intruder', and she did. In a while, some uncounted months or short years, for the seasons were unstable, a tribe of amoebakin took her in, and she stayed there for ten years or so, until the Battle of Cobbler Pass, where after holding off the Etran army's advance into the wasteland for several weeks, the four of them were driven out and fled south, into Tower Country.
Horrors from the wastelands were not welcome anywhere, but they eventually found work hunting lycanthropes for their old enemies in the northeast. Risen to positions of power, they pushed through a plan to exterminate the remnants of Machi, who had destroyed Droma on the Last Day.
The world being happily rebuilt, another apocaplot had to come to the NPCworld, and Ashna went forth with other heroes to stop it. The Dark Lord Teel struck them down without much effort, some killed, Ashna merely driven back to Etra with her mind in pieces. Cael sacrificed himself to end the threat, leaving her heart broken too, for he had been a good friend and rival. She spent her days working badly as a smith of dark metals.
A flock of cockatrice had taken to eating her customers, and she went to hunt them into the woods, and became lost, and wandered upon GLoG.
She was reminded that yes, once upon a time she had helped and protected people, and would try again. She spoke with robots and dealt mainly with prisoners. One, Raril, bit her and she saw this as a sign, for lycanthropy had never taken her before, in all the previous battles against the shapechangers in the eastern woods and deserts. Much of her time then went to practicing self-control, and baking. Became friends with Brendan and Runner, and became enemies with Magtok for his lies and kidnapping attempts. Other things happened, but they're down in the digest.