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    Brianna Corcoran

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human (Scion)
    Age: 26
    Class (or approximation): Scion of Brigid

    Brianna has freckles, flame-orange hair, light skin, and gray eyes. She's quite pretty, but it's not divine beauty as some Scions have. Overall, while she's young, it's apparent once you look at her that she's both tough and intelligent, and she certainly is both. She generally wears a jacket and jeans while outdoors, and when it's socially appropriate, has a sheathed sword on her back.
    Equipment and Abilities:
    In mundane areas, Brianna's a medical surgeon, with all that implies- she specialises in trauma surgery, but is starting to branch out into other fields- and she generally keeps a miniature First Aid kit on her person. In addition, she's quite good with a sword, and that's only increasing as she goes.
    As a Scion, Brianna has a number of divine abilities. Firstly, she's tough. She can power through injuries that would leave most on the floor with pain, is resistant to damage in the first place (although not to a massive degree), and can self-heal to a limited extent (although not to the point of regenerating lost body parts). She's also stronger than she appears, and is very, very smart (with eidetic memory to go along).
    Secondly, she has a number of Boons. Her general boons are in the areas of Fire (she is immune to fire, can remove a fire's need for both air and fuel (or create a small flame about equivalent to a candle) and see out of fire she can see or has bolstered using the previous ability) and Health (assess someone's health with a touch, restore or remove fertility (or ensure a healthy or sickly birth if used on a pregnant woman), and finally heal injuries (although only to a limited extent- she can reduce the severity of serious injuries, or heal lesser injuries entirely.)). Finally, as a Scion of the Tuatha de Dannan, she has several Boons of their Pantheon Specific Purview, Enech (Brianna can read someone's general nature, is bound by a Food-Geas prohibiting her from eating swan meat in exchange for more easily regaining divine power, and can call on Fate to lay a minor Geas on someone).
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