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    Ψ - 23
    (Psi - 23)

    Alias: Psi (the Greek letter in her name). Full name: Foreign Interaction Device Ψ, Serial Number 23.
    Gender: Female.
    Race/Species: Cyborg-ish. Appears human.
    Age: Irrelevant. Does not age.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Undefined. She is capable of manipulating energy waves and blasts, as well as resisting energy waves and blasts. She is also a skilled hand to hand fighter. Does not use weapons.
    Power Rating: B- Rank.
    Description: Appears to be a young female with waist-long hair. She wears an open helmet with a "No. 23" written on it. Her armor has a plastic/metallic appearance around her torso, boots, greaves and gauntlets, but it leaves her shoulders exposed. It appears to be mostly aesthetic.
    Personality: Null. Her speech patterns are usually assesment of the situation, suggesting course of action, and inquiries. She often makes comments when she can't understand something, but it's not very easy to hold a conversation with her.
    Equipment: Only her clothes and helmet. She uses no weapons.
    Abilities: Psi can create energy waves and energy blasts in the form of plasma or current. On occasions, these energy waves/blasts can take the form of something almost solid.
    Backstory: Not much is known about her mysterious past. What we know: She is part of a series of similar cyborgs. The people who created her are most likely gone, but their superiors aren't. It is unknown how many others like her still exist, but many must have been destroyed by now. For whatever reasons, Psi is no longer following the orders of the people who were in charge of her.
    Miscellaneous: Contrary to what may appear, Psi IS sentient.
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