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    Alias: Pronounced O-rick.

    Gender: Not applicable. Voice is more male, due to creator's own personality.

    Race/Species: Psi-Construct

    Age: Only a couple years.

    Alignment: True Neutral. Probably leaning towards lawful, for it does only as it is commanded.

    Class/Profession: Monstrous/magical creature.

    Power Rating: It's big, and tough, but none too bright. Probably counts as a C or B, but with its intelligence, very scalable.

    Description: Probably eight or nine feet tall when standing up straight, walking with a slightly hunched stature. Its lower body is remotely humanoid - a pair of legs as thick as tree trunks, tight brown leather trousers interspersed with uniform patches of metal traveling down to about his calves. Halfway down his lower legs, a pair of huge, brown boots begin, and he tends to stomp around in these pretty much all the time.

    Above his broad belt, Orich's humanoid features rapidly deteriorate. His skin is a chitinous, gleaming, almost metal-like substance. At first glance, his dark-green hulk of a torso doesn't appear to have anything more than a head. But all around his body, sheathed inside tube-like alcoves of the chitin, are four spindly, scything arms. When they extend, the vaguely insectoid arms angle downward and then back up in a single joint, terminating in ridged, scythelike appendages. This scythes can fold apart yet further, into three seperate 'fingers' with which he can manipulate finer objects. Two arms extend from his shoulders/front, while the other two break forth from his shoulders/back. The joints can bend these arms in essentially any direction.

    Atop his mountainous, ridged neck is yet another fine horror. His 'head' is essentially a slanted twisting of some chitinous, tube-like substances. It curls up around the top of what was once a skull, then stops as it uniformly becomes some green, shining scalp. There are no visible features except for his eyes. Between the tubes wrappings, four diagonally-slanted (in one direction) eyes can be seen glowering, glowing a pale silver as they watch the world.

    Several large patches of him have tubes or pumps things that look like mechanical workings.

    Personality: Simplistic. Loyal. Brutish and overprotective of what things he does care about. Gradually developing feelings.

    Equipment: He's wearing those flawless, oversized leather trousers. And those huge dark-brown boots. And that huge belt.

    Nothing else, though.

    Abilities (strengths):

    -Superhuman strength and durability, exceeding that of Yannovick by quite a bit.
    -Scythe-arms have durability similar to steel. They can cut quite well.
    -On each side, two limbs can fold together, and the scythes can fold inward towards the lower arms. When two of his spindly arms are interspersed, they can temporarily solidify and grow heftier, essentially becoming bulky, fingerless fists.
    -Somewhat attuned to psychic energies. Can feed on some psychic power.
    -Slow regeneration.


    -Uninventive and rather dull-witted.
    -Though he can put on the occasional burst of speed, most of his attacks can be seen coming a mile away.
    -Very vulnerable to mind-based attacks. Though if he's not put down quickly in this manner, the brute's likely to home in on whoever did the attacking.
    -Psionic powers can damage him better than magic or physical attack.

    Backstory: Not much to tell. He's been serving as Yannovick Ventrii's bodyguard for the past two years or so, and is very loyal. His creator got the idea from a horror movie he saw one time.
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