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    Alias: Shadow Guy
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Shadow
    Age: --
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Power Rating: B Rank.
    Description: Fade is a humanoid person. He is just average in size due to today’s human standards. His skin shows of a perfect color (This came from a magical effect. Normally he had a bright skin color typical for a person who lived in a place without a sun.) His body is treated with many scars, which he got in many fights. He has black hair cut short and spiky, while his face is shaved clean. Looking at him might give the impression of a 20 year old man. The thing people can remind him most are his shiny yellow eyes which appear to gloom if you look directly into them.
    His clothes can be more seen as rags. Several layers of black, grey and shadow grey cover his body. While a cape rounds up the outfit. On his side hangs a sword. Poor made, like a man never learned blacksmith before made it.

    Fade's shadow is a copy of him; the only difference is that he is a shadow so he has no different colored clothes.

    For a pose it would be nice to have fade and his shadow stand either back to back or facing each other weapon drawn as if they are ready for battle.

    Personality: .
    Equipment: Clothes and a sword made of shadow

    Some time later, Fade will have the payment for the bounty delivered. The package contains a long, thin sword with an elaborate hilt and cross-guard. Tiny runes run along the length of the blade. The sword is made from high-quality steel, which is far more durable than normal. It's extremely sharp, and can be wreathed in lightning or cold at the wielder's command. Fade will also be able to call it back to his hand if it's separated from him.

    Shadow Copy: Fade 's shadow is able to create copys of other peoples shadows. They include all skills(even learned and born)and minor memories. The copy can only be made if the owner gives Fade the acces. With access to the shadow he copies all there is no exception. If Fade's shadow switch himself to one of the copied shadows he has access to the skills. Fade now is only able to use oine shadow the same moment.
    Current copys: Lewis, Emily, a female Elf mage, a Paladin, a Giant, Zorro Kitsune.

    Shadow Controll: Fade is able to animate the shadow of another person, but this only works on near willless people like zombies. The animated shadow and the real one share there wounds.
    To be a shadow: This ability makes Fade invulnerableto light based attacks. The reason is easy. For his Race the Sun is there mother cause she is rising and falling increases there power. Lightbeams just go trough them without causing anything, also lightbased objects can't interact with Fade.
    Fade kind is called the shadows. They live in a realm that never so a sun like we know. The only thing spending a little light is a blue sunlike object ion the sky. Most of them live there normal live, but some get greate power. There power gives them the abillity to fuse with the shadows and more. But there power has a price. They need a master someone who controlls the light. Cause of the less source of light in there realm all shadows gained that power need to go to exile and never come back. Fade is one of these cursed shadows. He is now on his research for the bright one he will offer his service.
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