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    Sakura Frescot

    Gender: Female

    Species: Dryad, Daiva

    Age: 29

    Profession: Mother of nine, GLoG Childcare Coordinator

    Sakura is a young dryad woman with african features. She's very short and has a full, pear shaped figure. Her hair is a very long, voluminous mass of cherry blossom flowers. Her skin is a moderately dark brown and her eyes are golden brown. Her ears are exceptionally long and pointed. She often wears a variety of colourful dresses, and sometimes glasses when she remembers.

    Sakura is a very friendly and loving person. She constantly seeks out the company of others. She's generally very cheerful, and it's hard to keep her spirits down. She sometimes lacks confidence in herself, but on the other hand she puts a great deal of confidence in her friends. She's very trusting, but sometimes it gets her in trouble as she can be naive too.

    Mother Divine - Caring for children comes as easily to Sakura as breathing. Not only do they naturally feel comfortable around her, but she's closely intuned with their needs and desires. Even the laws of reality tend to bend and warp around Sakura when she's attending to children.

    Lifegiver - Sakura creates and nurtures life with remarkable adeptness. From her family to her garden, what she nurtures and cares for thrives, healthy and strong. Neither disease nor injury will linger under Sakura's care.

    Child of the Forest - As a dryad, the natural world seems to subtly bend to Sakura's will. Otherwise inanimate plants will help her along her way, animals will act as her friend, and both are easily encouraged by her words and touch.

    Born to the treant Sarget on the land of Elshar, Sakura was a wanderer from day one. She and Sarget traveled wherever their whims took them, never staying anywhere long. While Sarget was mostly content to just see the world, Sakura wanted to see the people. Even with just short days with people, she could befriend most with ease.

    It wasn't until she was older that she wanted to stay somewhere longer, and that was because of a boy. Adir Frescot, a silly antlered boy that never failed to make her laugh. While they still wandered some, there was always a return trip, until eventually that silly boy ceased her wanderings.
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