Trahald The Tainted

Alias: I wouldn't be surprised, but not that I know of

Gender: Male

Race: Wereworm

Age: Three hundreds or four hundreds (pretty young for his race), but he'd probably look like a young adult

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Class/Profession: Alchemist

Power Rating: C+, B-? slash 4 or 5?

Description: In human form, he'd be thin and weak looking, sandy brown and dusty hair, brown skin, black eyes, impressively long nose that he'd always refer to as his snout, small fangs, and a nasally voice. He'd wear brightly colored entertainer's clothes mostly, but he also has a brown cloak that's way too big for his human form but made for hiding his dragon one, which isn't too much bigger than his human one, but he's stronger, has good armour in his sandy brown scales, fiery breath, claws, and a tail

Personality: Smart, greedy, self-centered, can be very flattering, mostly acts like a harmless little smart aleck, but he loves egging people on just because it's fun, very weaselly, loves non-magical means of getting things done and is always looking to learn, hates relying on magic and will sometimes destroy or just mess with any magical items that he finds, and he has a taste for female virgins, as in, eating them, whenever he can get away with it

Equipment: Lots of potions and poisons, a bunch of throwing daggers, a sword for sword-swallowing, and a large and colorful wagon with Trahald's Itinerant Apothecary written in large and flowy letters on it, with And Toyshop tacked on at the end in more simple-looking letters, a large horse to pull the thing, a pony tied to the back, and two enchanted minions

Abilities: He can switch between human and dragony-looking dude forms, fly, breathe fire, and telepathically communicate via eye contact, he can hypnotize with his gaze, but, as usual, it would only work if the victim had pathetic willpower or was already mentally weakened in some way, and he prefers not to use such cheap tricks, anyways.

Backstory: Born the runt of the litter to a large brood of Wereworms (basically, just what they sound like, also, they're desert-dwellers), he decided to avoid the bullying by leaving to mess with humans. Having lots of fun, he decided that dragons and other overly powerful type things are pretty boring, so he's trying to act as if he's just another human. Of course, he does have his little dragony quirks.

Miscellaneous: His two minions could easily be characters of their own, but as long as they're under his control, they'll just stay quiet and try to be uninteresting. Thekk is a tall human with balding hair and a fancy-looking sword. Trahald calls him his boss and tells people that he's just not much of a people person. Rimpalome is a three foot tall raven, except that he's also got some arms under his wings to use. Trahald calls him their alarm system, and the guy is usually perched on top of the wagon or the highest place in the area.