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Thread: Is this even possible?

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    Pounce + Battle Jump (a feat from Unapproachable East) + a teleportation effect would work too.

    Pounce allows you to full attack on charge. Battle Jump allows you to treat falling on enemy as a charge, and deal double damage. A teleport (such as, say, the at will dimension door from Blink Shirt [MoI]) would be used to appear above enemy, then drop as a free action.

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    Psychic Warriors can do this with a couple dimension-hopping powers (Expanded Psionic Handbook/Complete Psionic).

    Monk/Horizon Walkers, Monk/Warlocks and Monk/Totemists can do this with the Sun School feat from Complete Warrior.
    Or monk/psywarr. Slap on tashatalora and snap kick.
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