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Thread: GitP Monster Competition LIII - The Hunt

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    Lightbulb GitP Monster Competition LIII - The Hunt

    The Hunt

    Illustration by aternox of

    But the truth about that cat and pup
    Is this: they ate each other up!
    - Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat

    Many things are meant to belong together, if only to oppose the other. They are defined by their enemy and their eternal struggle. Their life revolves around their opponent as much as any lover's, and in their own way are just as close. Whether flight or feed, fight or flee, that is the only way they know to be.

    _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

    The contest begins with the posting of this thread and will continue until the 20th of January.

    Soon after a poll will be opened for everyone to vote for their favorite that will last until midnight of the last day of the month.


    This month's competition will have some very different prerequisites than others, so read on carefully.

    1. You will be creating an original D&D creature, but this month you will be working with a partner. You will each be working to make a creature that compliments the other, one the predator, the other the prey.

    This creature is made to evade and defend against the predator entry of your partner. It must be focused on Defense.

    This creature is made to pursue and attack the prey entry of your partner. It must be focused on Offense.

    Prey & Predator
    Your entries could be something as simple as animals who are considered natural enemies, or a race that lives its life in constant avoidance of a hostile race that preys or parasitizes upon them. It may even be a sophisticated political circle, with the aggressive people as the masters, and the defenders the slaves or lower class. The predator need not even be the 'bad guy', perhaps being devoted to extinguishing a devious, underhanded creature.
    This competition is wide open to how you and your partner wish to interpret the relationship of predator and prey. The only thing required is that each one must be their own original creature. They may even have some relation, like a 'higher' version and a 'lower' version of the same creature, but must each have their own stat block and defining abilities and characteristics. You do not need to enter at the same time, though it is encouraged, but be sure to mention who your partner is and what their entry, your opponent, is.

    Votes will have two categories. One for the best entry individually, and the other the best pairing.

    2. The entry must include name, complete stat-block, physical description, basic background information, and detailed combat behavior if any. A plot hook or similar in addition is optional but encouraged. Incomplete entries will be disqualified upon the deadline.

    3. Entries must be 3.5 edition, using the standard format listed below (not that new one seen in the Monster Manual IV-V, except for a lore section which is encouraged).

    4. Post all entries on this thread. Please do not post conversation here until after the voting poll on the 20th has been posted. Any and All Comments and discussions will take place on a separate thread here (this is a link).

    5. One entry per participant. Double teaming is required, and it is encouraged you converse amongst yourselves on the best way to incorporate each idea.

    6. Entries copied from some other source (splatbook, alternate website, etc) will be disqualified. All entries must be a new creation, not one already posted. Adding class levels to an already published or posted creature does not count as a new monster. Nor does adding templates. There must be an original base creature devoid of any template added on as the actual entry. Samples of the original base creature with a template may be posted in 'addition' but will not be judged.

    7. Reserving a post after your partner's entry is allowable, but one of you need to have your entry mainly finished.

    8. Please state if you do not want critiques, otherwise other participants and myself will likely give a rundown of your build in the chat thread.


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