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    Alias: The Banished Fae.
    Gender: Looks slightly male, but has no actual gender identity.
    Race/Species: Ex-Fae
    Age: Around the 6000, looks around 23.
    Alignment: Lawful. The Faerie morality is alien to most, but ultimately Friend is more good than evil.
    Class/Profession: Fender, investigator, GLoG-member.
    Power Rating: D+ to C-
    Description: Black haired, fair-skinned and golden eyed, Friend would look handsome if not for a lack of care taken. Sleep and food are still new needs to the former Fae. Often wears green, particularly in the cloak.

    Picture will be made.

    Personality: Bitter about that whole Ex-Fae thing, but still unwilling to give up the rules of the Seelie Court. Still showing the usual personality traits of a Seelie:

    Curious, loves stories, vengeful and proud and prone to over-reacting.

    Friend is also very impressionable and hold friends highly. But that may just be the initial reaction from arriving to the mortal lands.

    Equipment: A cloak, a mortuary sword, the clothes worn and a suit of mechanical armour courtesy of Magtok.

    Abilities: Fending (both European, Chinese, Mayan and Dancing styles), herbal knowledge, reading and deciphering languages, being immune to direct magic effects and a number of minor trivia skills picked up over the ages. Few are particularly great, however.

    Divine items are not well-liked by the Faerie. Friend has yet to test if they affect ex-seelie.

    Friend has recently acquired a suit of mechanical armour capable of flight, laser blasts from the hands and looking niftily archaic.

    Backstory: Friend, before getting this name, was a Seelie Faerie. Interacting with the humans they whisked to the Seelie Court, Friend-to-be spend most of the millenia learning of the human cultures and hearing the stories from it. The Fae having strong magical powers in their realm, little was necessary of work or war, making Seelie life peaceful.

    However, in an incident the non-Seelie rarely talks about, Friend broke the rules of the Seelie by killing a guest. Banished from the Seelie Court, Friend now lives in the Nexus as a mortal, cursed with never touching magic again.

    Miscellaneous: Not much here yet.

    Angelus Ministra Quaternarius

    Alias: AM4, Mini.
    Gender: Female in aesthetics, but not gendered beyond that.
    Race/Species: Magitech Automaton.
    Age: 4. Looks inhuman, but clearly adult.
    Alignment: Serves any Maestro, Frau or their Messengers. Although cracks have appeared in this Obedience.
    Class/Profession: Servant, tea-maker and occasional fighter.
    Power Rating: B
    Description: Mechanical, the 'hair' is short and black with light 'bangs' in the front. The 'hair' is mostly vents for steam. Eyes are blue as is the power-source in the chest, protected by a breastplate and 'ribs' but otherwise visible. Obviously made in a clockwork and steampower era, as there are no discernible plastics and many gears visible.
    AM4's face is featureless sans the eyes, although it somehow manages to show emotion in the rare cases that it breaks through the Obedience

    This one has picture!

    Personality: Obedient by design, AM4 has little choice in anything and will almost always seek orders. Even if it means self-harm.

    Due to damage and concern showed from a few 'Fraus' and 'Maestros', AM4 is showing some rare instances of independence. Gratefulness has been the most prevalent.

    Equipment: Nothing but own body

    Abilities: Excellent tea brewing and balance, the Etheral generator in the chest provides part-magical energy that can be shot from hands and eyes as well as source through AM4 when damaged.

    Some ability to see magical effects otherwise invisible and strange reactions to anti-magic.

    Backstory: A mechanical servant created in a world where most of the world lie under the Empire With the Eternal Sun (formed from what was once the British Empire and several Germanic nations). A rich elite had almost unlimited power over workers and other "commoners". Social change was often met with harsh punishment and automatons, while possibly sentient, where seen as nothing but tools.

    AM4, as most automatons in this world, was powered by an Etheral Crystal core and still is. Secret scientific research on these lead to AM4's host family, a mostly good family restrained in their efforts to change things by the system, being hunted. Fleeing, the last living members of the family gave those they could, be they automatons, workers or others, what information they could before sending them off.

    Hunted by the Royal Guard, part-machine police of the Royal line of the Empire, AM4 fled to the deep Etheral mines when.


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